Mercedes-Benz CLA revealed ahead of Detroit debut

 Mercedes-Benz CLA revealed ahead of Detroit debut
2013 Mercedes-Benz CLA, 600, 24.12.2012

A45 AMG version arriving September 2013

First official images of the Mercedes-Benz CLA have surfaced the Internet, ahead of its January public debut in Detroit.

After months of preliminary info, rumors, spy photos and videos, we finally get to see the CLA before its arrival at 2013 NAIAS. Looking fairly attractive, the baby CLS has inherited a lot of its design cues from the Style Concept Coupe, including the "floating dots" front grille.

Based on the new A-Class, the CLA is about 4.60 meters (181.1 inches) long and will be offered at first with three gasoline engines and a diesel: CLA 180 with 122 HP (90 kW), CLA 200 with 156 HP (115 kW), CLA 250 with 211 HP (155 kW) and the more frugal CLA 220 CDI with 170 HP (125 kW). In September next year, Mercedes-Benz will reveal the range-topping CLA45 AMG which is rumored to offer 335 HP (246 kW).

The German carmaker has already confirmed a new type of 4MATIC all-wheel drive system for the CLA.

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Comments (19)

Joao Oliveira
This photoshoped version looks great, let's hope the thing in the real flesh isn't as disapointig as the 4 series
Dec 25, 2012 1:32 pm
0 0
This to me is much of a 1 series coupe/2 series BMW competitor. I must say it will have to be reasonably priced and well good looking (sporty) to compete successfully in that segment (and have a lower suspension ala previous 1 series coupe).
Dec 24, 2012 10:52 pm
0 0
I'd rather go for the 1 series coupe than this. And not only because it has RWD and inline 6-cylindre engines - it also looks much better than this ugly piece shown in the pictures above!
Dec 25, 2012 8:05 am
0 0
The concept looked great, this version looks predictably ugly.
Dec 24, 2012 8:32 pm
1 1
Fully agree with you!
Dec 25, 2012 7:58 am
0 0
It's not classy and it's not elegant, it's for young people and it's aggressive and sporty and I absolutely love it!
Dec 24, 2012 11:50 am
2 1
It will be VERY interesting to see what models will MB USA sell: My guess: CLA 250 (211 bhp), CLA 250 BlueTec (193 bhp turbodiesel), and A45 AMG (330 bhp turbo).
Dec 24, 2012 10:27 am
0 0
A45 will not come to US
Dec 24, 2012 1:15 pm
0 0
Ohh yess! It fully meets my expectations. This is great guys ;)
Dec 24, 2012 8:34 am
1 1
looks a bit too aftermarket than classy
Dec 24, 2012 8:31 am
2 2
Dec 24, 2012 8:27 am
0 1
Cool, but looks like a sedan version of A class.
Dec 24, 2012 8:00 am
0 2
that's because it is a sedan version of A class.
Dec 24, 2012 8:28 pm
3 0
Exterior is nice, but the navigation display looks fragile. They should have solved that differently, this way looks like some aftermarket gps that has been added. They should have integrated it in the center console
Dec 24, 2012 7:22 am
0 0
are these really official pictures they look like drawings....i much preferred the concepts headlights...they should have made it look more different to he a class at the front like the cls is from the E class
Dec 24, 2012 7:18 am
0 0
These are kind of overphotoshopped pictures made for the adverstising campaign which Mercedes will launch soon. Nevertheless these are real photographs and they show the real car which will hit the streets. Sadly.
Dec 25, 2012 11:39 am
0 0
I'm a fan of MB. But this...? Meh..
Dec 24, 2012 7:13 am
2 2
Feel the same...
Dec 25, 2012 11:36 am
0 0
No offense, Feel like CLS on a diet!!! By the way, this model is sure to make sale increase!
Dec 24, 2012 6:51 am
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