Praga R1 full details released [video]

To compete in Praga Cup series

Praga Cars has revealed full details of its upcoming hand-built R1 track racer.

The vehicle is 4144mm long, 1800mm wide and 965mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2527mm. It has a dry weight of 592 kg (1305 lbs) and features a carbon fiber monocoque reinforced by internal ribs and bulkheads. The Praga R1 features carbon fiber crumple zones and has the usual race car safety equipment such as an integrated fire extinguisher system, six-point seatbelts with HANS, 60-liter safety fuel tank, along with polycarbonate windows.

The longitudinal naturally-aspirated, 4-cylinder 2.0-liter engine sourced from Renault Sports Technologies produces 210 HP (155 kW) at 7,500 rpm and enables the vehicle to have a power-to-weight ratio of 356 HP per ton. The 220 Nm (162 lb-ft) peak torque is reached at 4,500 rpm. Power is transmitted via a six-speed Hewland JFR sequential transmission with a KMP pneumatic paddle shifting system.

Stopping power is provided by AP Racing brakes with four-piston calipers, while the suspension consists of a KONI two-way adjustable, mono-tube with adjustable anti-roll bars and custom-made progressive racing coil springs. It rides on 15x8 front wheels with 200/580 R15 and 16x10.5 rear wheels with 265/605 R16 Dunlop racing tires.

For next year's season the Praga R1 will compete in its own Praga Cup series on various European circuits.

Full technical details available in the second page of the press release.

Source: Praga Cars

Praga R1 - affordable racing dream come true

2013 Praga R1 highlights:

affordable two seater (low running costs, high reliability)
ultra light (only 590 kg, 1300 lbs dry weight)
210 HP base model (3,58 kg/kW, 356 HP per tone)
production started in November 2012

New ideas tend to come from unexpected sources. Here is one that just stands out not only in the world of racing. From an unlikely place comes unbelievably beautiful and functional racing car ready to be driven on public roads if required. Praga R1 is ultra-light compact track car that is set to rewrite motorsport books in its most basic rule - cost/performance ratio. Above all genuine design solutions stands its purpose - to provide top track performance and
unprecedented reliability for reasonable price and low running cost. Praga R1 is here to be driven hard and not to spend owner's money and time in the garage.

Might be surprising, but R1 is by far not the first racing car from Praga Cars LTD company. In past three years, small yet strenuous team have created two other cars that made huge impression within the greatest circuits in the world. Small Attack R4 and later Praga R4S managed to scoop several race victories and podium results in 2010-2012 on circuits like Assen, Zolder, Monza, Donington and SPA Francorchamps. Competing against "heavyweight" racing legends like Corvette, Ferrari, Porsche, Mosler and Viper proved right Praga’s new concept and approach. They are the same for all Praga cars - low weight, agility and functional aerodynamics rather than brute power and big engine.

R1 is third race car hand built by the same team, completely from the ground up. Previous models (both still in production) found many satisfied owners over the last years. This newest one beautifully shows creator's competence and deep understanding of design, aerodynamics and construction. Praga R1 is a masterpiece which grabs attention only by looking at its shape and proportions.

As lightweight as it can be, two seater Praga R1 is 4170 mm long, 1800 mm wide, only 995 mm tall with only 590 kilograms dry weight (1300 lbs). Yet pilots of Praga R1 get unprecedented level of passive safety and comfort. Closed cockpit provides safer and more convenient place for pilot and his passenger. Especially in wet and cold conditions. Carbon fibre monocoque reinforced by internal ribs and bulkheads, carbon fibre crumple zones for frond and side crash
energy absorption, 6-point seatbelts, integrated fire extinguisher system, polycarbonate windows and safety fuel tank make it one of the safest racing cars.

Base model uses naturally aspirated 2-litre 4-cylinder engine F4R 832 from Renault Sports Technologies with maximum 155 kW (210 PS) at 7500 rpm. This gives promising power to weight ratio of only 3,8 kg/kW (356 HP per tone). Located longitudinally almost exactly in the middle of the car together with specially prepared Hewland JFR 6-speed sequential transmission operated automatically via KMP pneumatic paddle shifting system gives the car extremely low
centre of gravity and also little polar moment of inertia. Both these are essential for great handling, dynamics and overall performance. During October 2012, first prototype was hard tested on Praga Cars home racetrack Slovakia Ring near Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Thought through balance between beautiful shape and aerodynamics efficiency gives Praga R1 significant downforce which in return means higher cornering speeds and stability.

Praga Cars wants to offer the best, that is why R1 uses only the finest components from world renowned manufacturers such as AP racing brakes, Hewland transmission, Sachs racing clutch, KMP pneumatic paddle shifting, Renault Sport Engine, Cosworth ECU, ATL fuel tank, Koni dampers, OMP fire extinguisher system and many more.

Praga R1 is here to open the door into professional motorsport for those who prefer best price/performance ratio. Modern, sophisticated with cutting edge technologies, trouble free spare parts availability and low running cost. For 2013 season already Praga Cars is preparing first R1 cars to run it´s own Praga Cup series on professional European circuits.

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sensei sensei
Good for them, but building a track car in 2012-2013 is far from as hard as it used to be. Building a road going car, that's where the real engineering is.
Dec 22nd, 2012 2:06pm
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Joao Oliveira Joao Oliveira
Needs more power
Dec 21st, 2012 4:31pm
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