Infiniti new nomenclature from 2014MY - Q50 sports sedan debut in NAIAS

Infiniti 2014MY new nomenclature inforgraphic, 600, 18.12.2012
Infiniti 2014MY new nomenclature inforgraphic, 600, 18.12.2012

Q for sedan/cabrio, QX for SUV

Infiniti announced its plans to introduce a new nomenclature strategy that will be applied from the model year 2014.

Each model in Infiniti's lineup will adopt a letter and a number designation based on the body and the vehicle's position in the lineup. The sedan and convertible models will use the Q prefix, while the SUVs will get QX.

As a consequence, starting with 2014MY the M sedan will be known as the Q70, while the G coupe and convertible models get the Q60 name. Infiniti will use the Q50 designation for the upcoming G sedan that will probably be unveiled in Detroit next month.

This name change will affect the entire lineup so the EX will be renamed QX50, while the FX will be sold as the QX70. In addition, Infiniti will sell the JX as the QX60 and the QX as the QX80.

Source: Infiniti


• Infiniti models from MY2014 to carry Q or QX prefix
• New nomenclature symbolizes new brand direction and the commitment to Infiniti under the leadership of Johan de Nysschen 
• The use of Q & QX captures the inspiration within the next generation of Infiniti models, while relating back to Infiniti’s roots of the Q45
• New premium sports sedan to launch at NAIAS 2013 will be first Infiniti to carry new Q badge

HONG KONG, December 18th 2012:   Marking another significant step in its plan to further expand its presence in the premium automotive sector, Infiniti today announced details of a new nomenclature strategy to be applied to its complete product range beginning with the 2014 model year. The first model to carry Infiniti’s new Q badge will be the Q50, an all-new premium sports sedan to be unveiled at the North American International Auto Show in January 2013.
The premium automotive brand will see its model range simply prefixed either by Q – for sedans and convertibles, or QX, for crossover and SUV models. Each model will be further identified by a double digit representing hierarchy within the range. 

This strategic change reflects Infiniti’s desire for clarity and cohesiveness as it embarks on ambitious growth plans, including significant expansion of the Infiniti portfolio. 

Commenting on the revised naming philosophy, Johan de Nysschen, President of Infiniti Motor Company Limited, said: “Over the past few months, we have talked at length with our retailers, our customers, and our business partners about our brand. The need for a new identity and direction to promote consumer familiarity with our model range as we expand the portfolio became evident. To achieve this, we clearly needed a simple and consistent nomenclature framework. After exhaustive research and evaluation, we concluded that ‘Q’ captured the inspiration within the next generation of Infiniti models, as well as emphasizing our performance credentials while harking back to our heritage with the Q45 – Infiniti’s first iconic flagship product in 1989.”

Infiniti’s new nomenclature strategy will be implemented in logical stages within the existing product range, as new model year variants are introduced. The brand’s future plans include a range of next-generation Infiniti models which will carry Q and QX badging from the outset.

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Comments (8)

JoshuaSmith JoshuaSmith
Dec 20th, 2012 12:38am
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slim slim
Thats like changing President Barack Obama's name to simply Tyrone. Its just plain phucking stupid. Infiniti needs to spend their millions of R&D money elsewhere. Like how much overtime did this @sshole burn up coming up with such a copy cat naming scheme. So far Infiniti has been doing everything right. If they leave the naming alone, they will continue producing thrilling products with simple yet unforgettable names. The world knows exactly what a G37 is, and they know it makes up to 350hp, and theres no mistaking its an Infiniti. You know what a GTi or a GT-R is. They are proven cars that kept the names they were born with. When you start screwing up the naming then the vehicles just become another dumb sounding car with potential. XC60, v70, A1-8, 1-7 series, rdx, ilx, mdx, zdx, rlx, mkz, it all just sounds stupid and confusing. Why not just leave US naming alone and change it for China and the rest of the world. This isnt Hollywood. If you do a major blockbuster movie like Batman, you dont follow up in the sequel by changing Bruce Wayne's name to Norman Winkelberry just because it sounded cool when you were stoned out your mind last night. Just an fyi...the name change is supposed to happen with the introduction of an all new model or after the old model leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Therefore if Infiniti made a choice to keep the G name after the G20, then why change it now???? Keep the naming system the same. Bring back the Q45, & the J series. Continue with the G,M,JX,QX56,FX,EX, and work on a GT-R engined IPL. If I want a manufacturer to lack originality and simplify their names as well as body styles to follow one model then I would go to audi. Almost every car is an A model, and every model looks like an A4. No thanks. Keep the naming the same or Im done with Infiniti after 2013.
Dec 18th, 2012 9:50pm
0 1
KurtEdwards KurtEdwards
So wait...the G37x (AWD) will be called the Q50x and the EX37 is gonna be called the QX50??!! So the AWD version of the EX37 will be called what the QX50 AWD. And then there's the M37 (RWD) is the Q70, and the FX37/50 (RWD) is gonna be QX70...how confusing will this be when people go into a dealership!!!
Dec 18th, 2012 7:26pm
0 1
oliver993997 oliver993997
acura had the legend, now they have the mdx. not it's the rdx, no, it's the rl. i'm a devoted car guy with a decent memory and i cannot for the life of me tell you which lincoln is which by the three letters, nor can i tell acura from acura by their designations. infiniti, PLEASE! stop this before it takes hold! one of the great things about having a car with personality is being able to nick name it...."i drive a 3 series coupe" or "i drive a vette" or " i drive a G series infiniti". thanks for throwing that right out the window!
Dec 18th, 2012 4:49pm
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afterace2 afterace2
So, they are going to change names of the existing models just like that? No MMCs to justify it?
Dec 18th, 2012 4:37pm
0 0
MercLeRoux MercLeRoux
Not sure why its so confusing... BMW goes 1,3,5,6,7 and Audi A1, A3, A4 and so on... I think its easier to follow...
Dec 18th, 2012 3:54pm
1 0
Kakumbaz Kakumbaz
There goes confusion..
Dec 18th, 2012 3:29pm
0 0
nahidrahman nahidrahman
oh dear.
Dec 18th, 2012 3:24pm
1 0