2015 Ford F-150 gunning to be the lightest, most efficient full-size pickup - report - photos

Could feature new engines and aluminum bodywork

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 techie69 techie69
Well Ford gunning for that is easier than gunning for reliability and lowest cost of ownership. Of course the eco-boost injector nozzles is borrowed tech but they didn't do their homework to properly test the engine not to mention study for any flaws, see issues on it: 1.http://www.autospies.com/news/EcoBoost-F... 2.http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/f57/e... 3.http://media.ford.com/article_display.cf...
December 17, 2012 9:09 am
 eddie eddie
Ford has really been doing great and leaving Chevy in the dust. Chevy seems more interested in making high horsepower cars and not doing much for the rest of their line. They just have been too long in the rental car business where everything they made was purchased and so they stayed with low tech for too long.
December 15, 2012 12:58 pm