DMC unveils J Speedster-inspired Aventador LP900 SV with 900 HP [video]

Limited to 10 units

DMC has revealed the limited edition Aventador LP900 SV, following an initial teaser released last month.

Featuring an Aventador J Speedster-inspired styling, DMC's bespoke model will be limited to only 10 units that will be sold to customers chosen by the tuner. They have developed entirely new and more aggressive front and rear bumpers made from carbon fiber.

Its front fascia also features a wider, sharper nose and two "J"-style poles for better aerodynamics. The side skirts have the tuner's diffuser panels, while at the back there's a large spoiler and a wing base. That rear bumper has a lower "tunnel" system with a center opening under the custom exhaust.

In terms of horsepower, DMC is able to increase the output of the engine to 900 HP (662 kW) thanks to 12 bespoke single intake throttle plates, with one for each of the engine's 12 cylinders. DMC also replaces the Aventador's fuel pumps and lines, injector nozzles and pressure modulators. In addition, the electronics are further optimized, along with entirely new wiring and an electronic load pressure control. There's also a titanium exhaust system that is 90 percent lighter than the stock one, tipping the scales at only 3.45 kg (7.6 lbs).

Full details are available in the press release below.

Source: DMC

OFFICIAL: DMC LP900 SV (10 of 10)

When DMC showcased their first Aventador package last month, everybody was stunned, but also assumed that the German Luxury Tuner was now done with the bull from Sant'Agata, Italy. Today we learn just how wrong that assumption was, as the refiner, who became famous for its craftsmanship on Lamborghini automobiles, introduces STAGE 2: The DMC Aventador LP900 SV LIMITED EDITION

So the question is, will they top their first Kit, which was already called the sickest Aventador on the tuning scene? As crazy as it may sound, DMC was able to pushthemselves onto an even higher level, because their new SV kit continues where the STAGE 1 package ends, improving an already sound base. The high-tech manufacturer has tuned the Italian super-sports car with German perfection - dramatic appearance , efficient technology.

But first things first - this kit, which is strictly limited to only 10 sets worldwide, cannot be bought by money. It's limited nature dictates only a chosen few will be able to get the DMC SV, which took heavy inspiration from the Aventador J, a one of a kind itself, which was introduced by Lamborghini in Geneva earlier in 2012. You must be the owner of DMC's regular Molto Veloce Kit, and apply - that's right - to get access to one of the 10 kits dubbed as the LP900 SV.

"Money is not the issue for our clients", says Thorsten Grebers, Marketing Manager at DMC Germany, "this is a kit that you can't get by using your credit card.". Applications will be carefully scrutinized by DMC, and only approved if the car, the location, the owner and the color match DMC's "10 of 10" criteria. Each of the kits will only be available in one shade or body finish, no two DMC SV will be the same.

Shocked? Wait until we finish inspecting the new kit, then you are officially allowed to be shocked … because so were we: DMC developed a brand new front and rear bumper, completely manufactured in 100% carbon fiber. Necessary? Certainly not, but the exclusivity of the product is the only base for the best materials available. The front fascia receives the most significant change with a wider, sharper nose and the two "J" style poles, responsible to further improved aerodynamics. It's also the place where the brand new "DMC" badge proudly shows by-passers that this Lamborghini has now been turned into a DMC LP900 SV. The front is perfected with two Formula1 Canards mounted on either side that further break the airflow for the pilot’s driving perfection.

The side skirts feature DMC's diffuser panels, which we first saw on the original Molto Veloce Kit, as well as the massive rear spoiler and corresponding wing base. The rear features a brand new rear bumper that includes the lower ‘tunnel’ system seen on the Molto Veloce rear diffuser. The latter not only receives three aggressive GT fins, but also features a new design: the tunnel now shows a center opening, under the custom exhaust, which hasn't been seen before. Once again form and function are joined … DMC’s Titanium Exhaust system might be spitting flames on occasion, these could damage the beautiful carbon fiber - hence DMC redesigned this tunnel.

Performance wise, DMC has a sporty modification up their sleeve, and YES, the car now has got 900 HP. While traditional Lamborghini engine design features combined overhead throttle valves per cylinder bank, DMC has decided to use 12 unique single intake throttle plates, one for each individual cylinder. Gasoline pumps and - lines, as well as pressure modulators and injection nozzles will be replaced by own new components. Optimized engine electronics, an electronic load pressure control system and a completely new wiring will be added. The engine will then be rebranded as LP900. The power-mod is supported by a brand new Titanium Exhaust system, which weighs only a 1/10 of the original unit. Putting only 3.45 KG on the scales compared with the 34 KG stock exhaust was only possibly by using high-tech Titanium, a material also used in space-ships.

The DMC LP900 SV (10 of 10) is a celebration of DMC's passion for Lamborghini“ says Thorsten Grebers. “We love the brand, the car, the designs, and respect the work that has been done, the SV is clearly our homage that allows us to show what is actually possible when it comes to improve perfection.”

All body components can be installed by one of DMC Germany's global dealers, located globally in North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. If you opt for the engine modification however, it would be highly suggested to fly your LP700 to the company‘s workshop in Germany or Switzerland.

While the STAGE 1 Body Components retail for EUR 25.000, the brand new Interior costs EUR 10.000. DMC’s wheel package starts at EUR 10.000, and the Titanium Exhaust brings an additional EUR 5.500. If you are one of the chosen 10 to be accepted for the STAGE 2 SV package, make sure to pay EUR 12.500 for the new front bumper, and 12.500 for the new rear bumper.

P.S. But there is one more thing, STAGE 1, STAGE 2, ............ Stay tuned

About DMC:

Located in the beautiful German city of Duesseldorf, DMC Exotic Car Tuning is currently leading the race for high-tech quality carbon fiber production on an industrial level. The company's founders have been actively involved in tuning Ferraris and Lamborghinis for many years before deciding to start DMC. Nowadays, the company's focus is on the refinement of luxury automobiles by creating dynamically enhanced body kits & car interiors. A strong focus on carbon fiber and special leathers like Ostrich define the German tuner's design character. We welcome you to visit http://www.DMC.ag to learn more about our line of carbon fiber designs for Lamborghini and Ferrari automobiles.

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Comments (2)

dmanero dmanero
Looks fantastic, DMC you outdid youselves once more. Though Loose the rims, personelly doesn't suit the car. As for gain 200hp, I dont think that will be a problem for them.
Dec 12th, 2012 7:58pm
1 1
Joao Oliveira Joao Oliveira
900hp sounds a bit optimistic... gaining 200hp with little modifications
Dec 12th, 2012 5:29pm
0 1