Lotus sues former CEO Dany Bahar, says he misused funds and did an abysmal job

Lotus CEO Dany Bahar
Lotus CEO Dany Bahar

Company seeks to recoup 2.5 million GBP

The legal battle between Lotus and Dany Bahar is heating up as the automaker has sued the former executive for living a lavish lifestyle on the company's dime.

The lawsuit alleges that Bahar was overpaid and made unauthorized expenses including a chauffeur, house repairs and helicopter / jet rentals. The filing goes on to say that Bahar did an "abysmal" job as CEO because he "excessively extravagant" and "preoccupied with his own interests." All told, Lotus is looking to recoup £2.5 ($4.0 / €3.1) million that Bahar reportedly took from the company's coffers.

As we have previously reported, Bahar was fired in June following an investigation into his misconduct and misuse of company funds. Bahar responded by filing a £6.7 ($10.7 / €8.2) million wrongful termination suit against the automaker.

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9TNine 9TNine
So, the guy got the job because he LOOKS the part, not because he can DO the part...!?
Dec 3rd, 2012 3:47pm
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