Infiniti wants to offer a Red Bull Racing variant - report

Sebastian Vettel drives namesake Infiniti FX for first time at Goodwood 02.07.2012
Sebastian Vettel drives namesake Infiniti FX for first time at Goodwood 02.07.2012

Would be based on an existing model

Following the recent Infiniti Red Bull Racing title sponsorship announcement, Infiniti's global head of marketing has confirmed a high-performance model could be jointly-developed with Red Bull Racing.

Speaking with journalists at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Simon Sproule said the two companies could create a high-performance model with the F1 team taking the lead on the project. He added, "At the moment it is nothing more than a discussion, but it's clear that the team would like to use its expertise in areas beyond F1 and we'd like to do something performance wise with them. The opportunity is there for the future now we have a long-term partnership and established working relationship in place."

If an agreement can be reached, the high-performance model would be based on an existing Infiniti and would be more sophisticated than the FX Vettel edition which featured minor styling and performance upgrades.

Source: Autocar

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Comments (4)

Joao Oliveira Joao Oliveira
I aprove as long as it is in the Sports car deppartment
Dec 3rd, 2012 1:24am
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LJSearles LJSearles
HHmmm... an M5 beater would be nice. Oh, and that Vettel edition was ridiculously overpriced, which may have painted themselves in a corner a bit if they do an FX version now.
Dec 1st, 2012 10:15am
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Xanavi23 Xanavi23
What if they re-engineered a GT-R to RWD and with more power. Though i get the feeling maybe they want a Mid -Engine car ?
Dec 1st, 2012 5:36am
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Homerlovesbeer Homerlovesbeer
As long as it's not an SUV FFS.
Dec 1st, 2012 4:48am
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