Another video shows Vettel made illegal pass in Brazil

A video has emerged that clearly depicts Sebastian Vettel overtaking under yellow flag conditions during Sunday's Brazilian grand prix.

It is a separate incident to the 2012 world champion's pass on Kamui Kobayashi at Interlagos, which turned out to have actually taken place under yellow and orange caution flags.

The new video, showing Vettel passing a Toro Rosso with yellow lights flashing beside the track and also in the cockpit of his Red Bull.

Only after the yellow lights begin flashing and Vettel completed the move does the 25-year-old driver pass the green lights.

"It shows that Vettel should have been penalised," said the Spanish newspaper El Mundo.

A penalty might have made the difference between title victory and defeat for Vettel and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso.

El Mundo added: "Now the Scuderia (Ferrari) has until November 30 to appeal."

Alonso late on Tuesday alluded to the controversy by saying in Spanish on Twitter that there are "no miracles", only "rules".

Italy's Corriere dello Sport, however - citing Ferrari spokesman Luca Colajanni - said the Italian team is not planning to lodge a protest.


Published Nov 28th, 2012 11:04am
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A driver is Not, repeat NOT permitted to pass another car under a flashing yellow, even IF the other driver gives way or allows the pass...the only allowable pass under flashing yellows is if the passed driver pulls over to a stop or slows because of mechanical issues...clearly in this case the Toro Rosso car did not stop, but resumed normal race after green...Vettel passed illegally here on lap 4....even his TWO round dash yellow lights and red LED FLAG sign were warning him not to pass, these warning lights go out AFTER he passes Green, they were still lit when he passes the TR RB car.....Vettel must be relegated back by 20 seconds.
Nov 29th, 2012 10:55am
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pumazooma pumazooma
Autosport are reporting that the FIA have said the pass is fine (under the green flag on the left), there's no case to answer and no team lodged a complaint. http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/104644
Nov 29th, 2012 1:19pm
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JedLilly JedLilly
There was a green flag (flag not light) on the left at around 15 seconds, can be seen here: http://i.minus.com/ifCeF4LzTDLqY.gif
Nov 28th, 2012 7:59pm
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adrian.padeanu adrian.padeanu
Regardless if it was legal or not, if there will be a punishment, it will be applied to the first race of 2013 so there's no way Vettel will lose the title.
Nov 28th, 2012 7:49pm
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lt00380 lt00380
when he passed it was flashing green, look on the left at sec16
Nov 28th, 2012 7:45pm
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tom43 tom43
The south-european people never learned to lose. Please accept that Vettel and Red Bull were better than Alonso and Ferrari. This year, last year and the year before last year. Come back next year and we will see...
Nov 28th, 2012 6:27pm
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Ceramic Rabbit Ceramic Rabbit
This wasn't illegal at all, the toro rosso specifically slowed down to let vettel by you can see in the video, as long as vettel didn't speed up to make the overtake it is still legal. You have to slow down for yellow flags, and are not allowed to overtake, but if someone is intentionally letting you by that is different. Imagine if that was Massa, he could have seen yellow flags and slowed way down to hold vettel up. This is why there are stewards guys because rules can be situational.
Nov 28th, 2012 5:25pm
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MatthiasSchwarz MatthiasSchwarz
Actually it wasn't the yellow flag, but the yellow flag with red stripes. This indicates slippery conditions, just that. Overtaking is still alowed though. Alonso is a great driver btw. Ferrari simply didn't manage to build a great car. If the spanish press is to go at someone, why don't they chose Ferrari?
Nov 28th, 2012 3:35pm
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Mikeado Mikeado
That is true of the pass on Kobayashi, but the Toro Rosso pass was done with yellow flag lights on in Vettel's car and before they reached the green all-clear board, having passed flashing yellow boards (yellow/red caution boards stay lit and don't flash). It was illegal. That said, Ferrari probably won't act on it.
Nov 28th, 2012 4:46pm
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chris25 chris25
There is no point now 'cause the championship is over & everyone is gone home for vacation. Ferrari knows that there car is very slow & no point to argue since there is no another race, so start fresh & move on.
Nov 28th, 2012 2:47pm
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loki loki
Point made.
Nov 28th, 2012 6:26pm
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lambocop lambocop
Wow WCF..you guys should forward this video to FIA and the race stewards..(:rollmyeyes:).. Look..the "experts" who are the judges and know their business (not Alonso homers or Vettel haters) spent hours studying every shot and every angle and they said it was "LEGAL"....Now their decision vs alonso homers scrapping for anything (just anything) to prove their delusional hopes...I think I am going to stick with the ones who know what they are looking at and been there and done that.. Alonso homers give it a rest..with the all cheating Ferrari did and order to Massa to help him he stunk up and lost...And Vettel haters..sorry to tell you ...yet again he proves you all wrong and HE is the best driver in the world YET AGAIN :)
Nov 28th, 2012 2:47pm
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Valteralves Valteralves
Go the second 17 and beyond and watch it further really closely and you will see the green light flashing. This is really a big mistake WCF. Cause there is no mistake nor illegality.
Nov 28th, 2012 1:24pm
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pumazooma pumazooma
The green flag zone only starts when you get to that light. So the pass is still within the yellow flag zone. However, it's clear the toro rosso slowed dramatically to let him past. I'm not sure what he's supposed to do then. Slam on the brakes? It's more that the TR let him pass than he passed the TR.
Nov 28th, 2012 1:28pm
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kryst_PL kryst_PL
It is not illegal to make such a pass. It is illegal not to give the place back. So if TR let him pass, he should have let TR pass. It happens all the time (for ex when driver wins a position by cutting a corner)
Nov 28th, 2012 1:54pm
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TomitaBogdan TomitaBogdan
the video is so poor quallity. i see that the green light sign is flashing while the passing is in progress, and can be seen. what does actually yellow light imply? - a car staying behind (even by a nose) the car in front - or keep it's distance. - the overpass should be performed after the green light sign?! or when it's vissible?
Nov 28th, 2012 1:23pm
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freeway freeway
green light, yellow light, the time will tell... but this complaint initiated by Ferrari (namely Alonso as seen on BBC), only shows how desperate Alonso and Ferrari are... and if they win because Vettel will get a 20 seconds penalty, then... there's no honor in this. What Ferrari could do instead is to better prepare for the next year and win the championship on the track not outside the track... And... keep up the good work, Vettel
Nov 29th, 2012 8:43am
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JaviGonzalezBrazales JaviGonzalezBrazales
They should do it, in my opinion, but they won't do it by proud. In the same moment that they loosed the championship, they began to think in 2013's season, and win it proudly and legally. GO ALONSO!!! GO FERRARI!!!
Nov 28th, 2012 1:19pm
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SnakesInMyPants SnakesInMyPants
Because all the championships ferrari won were done 100% legally right?
Nov 28th, 2012 3:11pm
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