2013 Toyota RAV4 official images leaked

Premiering tomorrow

Published Nov 27th, 2012 4:50pm By Adrian Padeanu
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bert2578 bert2578
Nov 28th, 2012 10:55pm
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Siawa Siawa
I'd like to save my comments before I see it in person but from photos... the back looks a little Acura inspired.
Nov 28th, 2012 5:42pm
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nexuseven nexuseven
Back looks like in new KIA Sorento... fail!
Nov 28th, 2012 10:29am
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Cayman_ Cayman_
it looks like they finally got it right with the designing. the new 2013 avalon is fire, this rav4 is hot as well. classy, looks like a lexus almost and the back looks like a MDX. the interior looks so much better than the last 3 gen rav4's, a little dissapointed about the 3rd row being discontiued, but no big deal. this new design is definenlty a step up for toyota. im looking forward to see what future redeigned/new models are going to look like.
Nov 28th, 2012 9:05am
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Freddy-YS Freddy-YS
Personally I don't really like the styling direction Toyota have taken with their most recent models... Very bland, IMO the Korean manufacturers (Kia, Hyundai) have really taken the lead on their Japanese neighbors on the styling front.
Nov 27th, 2012 10:46pm
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techie69 techie69
We have a Rav4, but this front bumper skirt doesn't do anything for me, its got to go thru some rigorous aesthetics improvement. No 3rd row seats means I am not shopping for this fella, might have to wait for Nissan to come up with the Hi-Cross 4 cylinder competitor w/3rd row. Officially Toyota Rav4 and Ford Escape got the ugliest gaping front design!
Nov 27th, 2012 6:47pm
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oliver993997 oliver993997
i hope it drives well, because it's nothing special to look at. a missed opportunity from toyota.
Nov 27th, 2012 6:16pm
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MatthewKeys MatthewKeys
In the past, the best color for a RAV4 is teal green with purple stripes. This one looks slightly less feminine and more neutered.
Nov 27th, 2012 5:57pm
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bert2578 bert2578
From the third photo, it looks exactly the same as and Acura MDX
Nov 28th, 2012 10:57pm
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bert2578 bert2578
From the third photo, it looks exactly the same as and Acura MDX
Nov 28th, 2012 10:57pm
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