Jaguar X-Type successor coming in 2015 - report

Jaguar XJ Ultimate 23.04.2012
Jaguar XJ Ultimate 23.04.2012

Two crossovers could also be in the works

New details are starting to emerge about Jaguar's future product lineup.

First and foremost, the company is reportedly working on an X-Type successor - codenamed X760 - for 2015. It is slated to ride on the premium lightweight architecture (PLA) and be available with rear and all-wheel drive. The model could also spawn a crossover variant in 2016, but nothing is official as of yet.

We can also expect a redesigned XF which is internally dubbed X260. The model will be offered as a sedan and wagon, but there's also word of a third body style - most likely a crossover.

Rounding out the sedan lineup, the next-generation XJ (X360) is slated for 2017. Up to three different versions are planned including a sedan (which may or may not be more conservative than today's model), a Mercedes CLS-like four-door coupe and a high-end variant that will reportedly "be even more desirable than a Bentley Continental Flying Spur for half the price.”

In the short term, we can expect the F-Type lineup to grow to include a coupe, an all-wheel drive variant and a high-performance RS.

Lastly, the next-generation XK is expected to move up market and feature more powerful engines. Little else is known about the model, but it will reportedly be larger than today's car and ride on an updated version of its current platform.

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Comments (5)

Yunha Yunha
I want a hatchback from Jag.... think it will look great if they made a 3door hatchback that resembles XJ in the front and XF in the back
Nov 24th, 2012 7:14am
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HommeStar HommeStar
Sounds good - looking forward to the future of Jaguar. They are certainly back on the scene. Design wise - I would take an XJL over a Flying Spur. Interestingly enough, the XJ does not photograph nearly as beautiful as it is in reality. Cannot wait to see this luxurious reboot..in 2017 ..sounds like 2050.
Nov 23rd, 2012 7:12pm
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ifudge ifudge
Bit slow getting the new X-Type to market, but better late than never I guess. Now for a new XJ220.
Nov 23rd, 2012 1:00am
1 0
Prestige15 Prestige15
Well jaguar has said before they want to make the f-type first before they can work on other models, they badley needed to bring the sports car back when its been missing from jaguar for 50 years.
Nov 23rd, 2012 10:57am
1 0
I'm enjoying Jags resurgence in this immensely competitive market. All the best to them. The more competition the better for us, the consumers.
Nov 22nd, 2012 3:58pm
2 0