McLaren P1 spied with less camouflage

 McLaren P1 spied with less camouflage
2014 McLaren P1 spy photo 06.11.2012 / Automedia

To cost around 800,000 pounds.

Our spies have snapped new photos of the McLaren P1 wearing less camouflage.

Previewed in September by a concept, the production version is scheduled for a late 2013 release and will retain “more than 95 percent” of its exterior appearance. The supercar has some big shoes to fill as it is considered a successor to the legendary F1.

There aren't a lot of details about the production model, but we remind you that the concept uses a carbon fiber structure with a carbon fiber roll-bar over the cabin and various other panels made from the same lightweight material. It has a drag coefficient of 0.34 and an adjustable rear wing that can automatically adjust up to 120mm during normal driving or up to 300mm while on a racetrack.

The McLaren P1 is expected to cost approximately 800,000 pounds.

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Comments (14)

This cars looks are challenging. I think they are inspired by the Pagani Zonda. But nonetheless this car is ugly.
Nov 8, 2012 2:49 am
0 1
Im not a fan of what the P1 looks like, its certainly futuristic but not for me. I prefer the more restrained looks of the MP4-12
Nov 7, 2012 11:40 am
2 1
Gorgeous car. And mindblowing performance, no doubt about that.
Nov 6, 2012 6:18 pm
1 2
If the production car will be 95% of what was the concept in styling i'm afraid I won't like the look of it...
Nov 6, 2012 5:59 pm
6 4
...but the performance (should change your mind)? Don't understand how anyone can find issue with it's look other than perhaps its paint scheme. Unless you're not fan of the mp4, you shouldn't have any complaint since it borrows heavily from its design. Things a work of art if you ask me.
Nov 7, 2012 10:31 am
1 3
It is a very ugly car. The F1 was fast and it aged well. This car will be fast, but in two years the Nissan GTR will probably be faster on a track, then all you'll have is a very expensive, very ugly car sitting in the garage.
Nov 7, 2012 11:30 am
1 3
...and you considered the GTR a good looking car? No disrespect but there goes your credibility. Love the bang for your buck factor you get with the gtr but seriously, the design is one big mess. And as great as it performs, your deluding yourself if you think it will come close to even matching this "ugly car".
Nov 7, 2012 12:26 pm
1 3
Leave him alone, it's not worth it.
Nov 7, 2012 2:45 pm
1 0
Where did i say that the GTR looks good ?
Nov 8, 2012 2:29 am
1 0
@edd_lg: Ahahahahahaha, I'm dying here.
Nov 7, 2012 2:44 pm
1 0
But I have to say, all these deep cut lines, looks like everyone jumping on BMW i-cars trend...
Nov 6, 2012 5:54 pm
0 5
NEWSFLASH we already know what the P1 looks like.
Nov 6, 2012 5:42 pm
3 2
NewsFlash, you already know what the concept looks like, nevertheless, it will probably look the same as a production.
Nov 6, 2012 5:52 pm
2 3