Dodge Challenger SRT Project Ultraviolet previewed ahead of SEMA [video]

Will feature a new engine

Chrysler has already previewed some of their SEMA lineup, but the company has just revealed another one of their "Moparized" vehicles that will be on display in Las Vegas.

Dubbed Project Ultraviolet, the car will be based on the Dodge Challenger SRT8. It was jointly created with comedian Jeff Dunham and will be built by Alan Palmer.

The first teaser video doesn't reveal much about the car, but SRT Head Designer Mark Trostle presented three proposals to Dunham. Dunham didn't reveal which proposal he liked best, but said whatever gets built needs to "scream fun." He also wants the car to be black and have a retro-inspired design. It was also revealed that car will have a six-speed manual transmission and a new engine with a "few surprises."

Source: Youtube via Autoblog

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jimcbride jimcbride
How about a flex-fuel 4-cyl engine with compound turbos tuned to actually use the 105 octane in E-85? Dodge makes some powerful V-8's and some high MPG 4-cyl entries, but we need an engine that gives us both power AND MPG. Just do it!
Oct 17th, 2012 11:53pm
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