2013 Range Rover priced at 71,295 pounds [videos]

Land Rover has put a price tag on the new Range Rover.

The much anticipated and awaited fourth generation of the Range Rover has received its public debut in an event organized at The Royal Ballet School in Richmond, London. The order books for the British SUV are now open and it will be available in 170 markets from all over the world, with sales scheduled to commence at the end of the year.

Customers have the possibility of ordering the new Range Rover with a gasoline 510 HP (375 kW) LR-V8 Supercharged engine or one of the two diesels available, a 3.0-liter TDV6 with 258 HP (189 kW) and a larger SDV8 with 339 HP (249 kW). All three engines are linked to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The LR-V8 Supercharged allows the 2013 Range Rover to perform the 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) sprint in 5.1 seconds (0.8 seconds quicker than previous model) and reduces fuel consumption by 9 percent. The TDV6 manages to be 22 percent more economical, returning 37.7 mpg UK (7.5 liters / 100 km) and has CO2 emissions of 196 g/km.

The starting price of the 2013 Range Rover is 71,295 pounds for the Vogue 3.0L TDV6 and it goes all the way up to 98,395 pounds for the fully-loaded Autobiography 5.0L Supercharged.

In-depth details can be found in the related link and press release below.

Source: Land Rover

  • The All-New Range Rover is revealed to the world at all-star event in Richmond, UK
  • Order books now open with prices starting from £71,295 in the UK
  • Full technical details announced including acclaimed line-up of petrol and diesel engines
  • Diesel hybrid targeting CO2 of 169g/km  – the world’s first fully capable hybrid SUV available later in 2013
  • Lighter, stronger and more refined, the All-New Range Rover is the world’s finest luxury SUV
  • Unmistakeably a Range Rover, a modern interpretation of iconic design cues
  • World’s first SUV with a lightweight all-aluminium monocoque body structure
  • 420kg weight saving over outgoing model delivering improved fuel economy and CO2 emissions
  • An unrivalled breadth of capability with transformed handling and agility
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK

Whitley, 6 September 2012 – Land Rover has announced the launch of the All-New Range Rover, the world’s most refined and capable SUV.

The fourth generation of the iconic Range Rover line, the new model has been revealed to the world via a dramatic event held at The Royal Ballet School in Richmond, London.

The All-New Range Rover is the ultimate luxury SUV, following the innovative spirit of the original design from over 40 years ago.

The world’s first SUV with a lightweight all-aluminium body, the new Range Rover takes the capabilities of the marque’s flagship to a new level, with even greater luxury and refinement, enhanced performance and handling on all terrains, and significant advances in sustainability.

“Launching the all-new Range Rover represents a major milestone for Land Rover, being the first exciting output from an unprecedented investment in premium vehicle technologies,” said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

“The new Range Rover preserves the essential, unique character of the vehicle – that special blend of luxury, performance and unmatched all-terrain capability.  However, its clean sheet design and revolutionary lightweight construction have enabled us to transform the experience for luxury vehicle customers, with a step change in comfort, refinement and handling.”

With order books now officially open and sales scheduled to start in late 2012, the all-new Range Rover will be introduced in 170 markets worldwide.

Designed and engineered at Land Rover’s development centres in the UK, the new Range Rover will be produced in a state-of-the-art new low-energy manufacturing facility at Solihull, UK. Over £370million has been invested in the Solihull plant to create the world’s largest aluminium body shop.

Clean and contemporary design

The all-new Range Rover has a clean and elegant shape which is derived from a fresh new interpretation of Range Rover design cues.  While instantly recognisable as a Range Rover, the new vehicle takes a significant step forward with a bold evolution of the model’s iconic design language.

At just under 5m long, the new Range Rover has a very similar footprint to the outgoing model, but with a smoother and more streamline profile – the most aerodynamic Range Rover ever.

The luxurious interior has a modern and pure character, incorporating distinctive Range Rover design cues, but with a fresh and very contemporary treatment.  The cabin retains the characteristic strong, architectural forms, and these are emphasised by extremely clean and elegant surfaces which are flawlessly executed using the finest leathers and veneers.

With over 118mm more legroom, the rear compartment offers vastly more space and comfort, with the option of the desirable new two-seat Executive Class seating package for the ultimate in rear-seat luxury.

To enable customers to create their perfect bespoke vehicle, the unique luxury ambience of the new Range Rover can be extensively tailored with an indulgent choice of colours, finishes and special details, from the immaculately-trimmed colour-themed interiors of the exclusive Autobiography series, to the stylish range of alloy wheels up to 22 inches in diameter.

Most refined, most capable Range Rover ever

The all-new Range Rover has been engineered from the ground up to be the most refined, most capable Range Rover ever.  With the adoption of the latest body and chassis technologies, the vehicle’s all-terrain performance has moved on to another level, both in the breadth and accessibility of its off-road capability, and its on-road handling and refinement.

Amongst the industry-leading innovations is a ground-breaking next-generation version of Land Rover’s Terrain Response® system, which analyses the current driving conditions and automatically selects the most suitable vehicle settings.

An all-new state-of-the-art lightweight suspension architecture delivers class-leading wheel travel, providing exceptional wheel articulation and composure to deal with the toughest conditions.

Outstanding traction and dynamic stability is provided by the proven Range Rover full-time intelligent 4WD system, with a two-speed transfer box, working in parallel with the sophisticated electronic traction control systems.

The new Range Rover’s unmatched breadth of capability is also reflected in its tremendously strong structure with enhanced body geometry for all-terrain conditions, wading depth which has improved by 200mm to 900mm, and its position as the best towing vehicle in its class with a 3,500kg trailer capability.

To ensure exceptional durability and reliability, the new Range Rover has been subjected to Land Rover’s punishing on- and off-road test and development regime, with a fleet of development vehicles covering countless thousands of miles over 18 months of arduous tests in over 20 countries with extremes of climate and road surfaces.

Refined and effortless driving experience

The All-New model has been engineered to meet the highest luxury car standards for refinement.

With its highly acclaimed line-up of torque-rich engines, the new Range Rover delivers swift and effortless performance.  Customers have a choice of a petrol 510PS LR-V8 Supercharged and two diesel (3.0-litre 258PS TDV6 and 4.4-litre 339PS SDV8) engines, all of which are now paired with a smooth and responsive eight-speed automatic transmission.

True to the Range Rover DNA, the new model features the unique Command Driving Position, placing the driver in an elevated, upright seating position – typically over 90mm higher than other premium SUVs – to provide a supreme sense of confidence and control.

Lightweight construction enhances performance and sustainability

The all-new Range Rover features a revolutionary all-aluminium monocoque body structure which is 39 per cent lighter than the steel body in the outgoing model.

Continuing Jaguar Land Rover’s leadership in aerospace-inspired, high-performance lightweight structures, the all-aluminium body enables the new vehicle to significantly enhance both performance and efficiency.

Combined with weight savings throughout the chassis and driveline, the lightweight structure contributes to a model-for-model weight saving of up to 350kg compared to the outgoing vehicle.

The weight saving helps the 510PS LR-V8 Supercharged model to accelerate from 0—60mph in just 5.1 seconds, a reduction of 0.8 seconds over the outgoing model.  At the same time, fuel consumption is cut by 9 per cent.

The lighter structure has also made it possible to introduce the sophisticated 3.0-litre TDV6 engine into the model line.  With performance just as strong as the previous 4.4-litre TDV8 Range Rover, the smaller engine takes the total weight saving up to 420kg, and delivers a dramatic 22 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, achieving figures of 37.7mpg (7.5 lit/100km) and 196g/km.

The new Range Rover’s environmental credentials will be further enhanced by the introduction of a state-of-the-art high-efficiency diesel hybrid model later in 2013 (target CO2 169g/km).

Premium Range Rover technologies

The all-new Range Rover has been engineered with the latest developments in vehicle technologies, from interior luxury features to advanced chassis and driver assistance technologies.

The interior is packed with a full suite of premium features to provide both front and rear seat passengers with the same peerless luxury experience.  Their well-being is assured by the latest interior technologies for comfort, convenience and seamless connectivity.  The new and improved features include:

  • Convenience – premium features including keyless entry, soft door close with power latching, power upper and lower tailgates, cooler compartments, and electrically deployable towbar
  • High-end audio from British specialists Meridian – exclusive surround sound music systems with audiophile-quality sound
  • Displays – state-of-the-art high-resolution displays, include the stunning full digital instrument cluster and the central 8-inch touch-screen with Dual-View functionality
  • Voice control and connectivity – a seamless connectivity package for mobile devices
  • Climate control – all-new best-in-class climate control systems, including the powerful new premium four-zone system and Park Heater timer facility
  • Luxurious seating – upgraded seating with luxurious new features such as multi-mode massage, and the exclusive new Executive Class rear seating package
  • Interior illumination – the latest LED illumination for subtle and sophisticated ambient lighting, including the ability to change the colour scheme to suit the driver’s mood

To enhance dynamic performance, and to ensure that drivers enjoy a relaxed and stress-free experience behind the wheel, the new Range Rover incorporates a comprehensive range of advanced chassis and driver assistance technologies.  Among the new and enhanced features are:

  • Two-channel Dynamic Response active lean control, and Adaptive Dynamics with continuously variable damping
  • Electric Power Assisted Steering, which enables Park Assist – the latest automated technology to help drivers parallel park their car in tight urban parking spots
  • Adaptive Cruise Control – with new Queue Assist feature which allows the system to continue functioning at low speeds and down to a complete stop
  • Intelligent Emergency Braking (including Advanced Emergency Brake Assist) – to help drivers avoid a collision if the traffic ahead slows quickly or another vehicle suddenly moves into their lane
  • Blind Spot Monitoring – with new Closing Vehicle Sensing feature to detect vehicles which are closing quickly from a further distance behind
  • Reverse Traffic Detection – to warn drivers of potential collisions during reversing manoeuvres
  • Surround Camera System – with T Junction view, Trailer reverse park guidance, and Trailer hitch guidance.


Pricing in the UK starts from £71,295 for the Range Rover Vogue 3.0L TDV6 rising to £98,395 for the Range Rover Autobiography 5.0L Supercharged.

Order books are now officially open with the first months of production expected to fill up immediately. Sales of the outgoing Range Rover remain extremely strong. In the last 12 months Land Rover has sold more vehicles across its range than in any other rolling 12 month period, retailing nearly 280,000 units world-wide.

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Comments (13)

Luxury, sport utility at its finest. Let the rest of the automakers take a lesson on how it has been done for years. Call it what you want.
Sep 9, 2012 9:37 pm
1 1
not a big fan of the LL especially with their reliability record. however, the acceleration of the super charged is a killer. driving a car that big and going faster than most luxury sedans. if I had extra cash I would get one just for having fun.
Sep 8, 2012 10:15 am
0 0
The side vents need to go. Why are they keeping them?
Sep 7, 2012 9:00 pm
1 0
Land Rover is intentionally leaving a wide open niche for a facelift for 2015. Flat grille, side vents back to the 2003 design, plain bumpers, flat fenders. The frame and technologies are awesome but this model looks stripped down. I'll keep my '10 s/c Rover and '10 GL450 until these companies get their models looking respectable.
Sep 7, 2012 7:56 pm
0 1
Nice looking Land Rover Explorer.
Sep 7, 2012 6:43 pm
2 1
completely disagree, but hilarious because I can see where your coming from
Sep 8, 2012 1:42 am
0 0
If Land Rover can forgive me for using street lingo here, that is one sick V8! There's Rolls Royce and there's Range Rover; welcome to the 22nd Century. A masterpiece remastered. Great Jaguar technology featured on the central console, but the bonnet-deep water drive takes the biscuit! Premiership footballers, your Platinum cards please.
Sep 7, 2012 4:29 pm
0 0
You said it right; something about those two auto companies regardless of being bought by others. They set a standard like no other: http://www.autospies.com/news/VIDEO-The-2013-Range-Rover-Becomes-MORE-Earth-Friendly-BUT-The-North-American-Market-Misses-Out-On-ONE-Thing-72358/
Sep 9, 2012 9:48 pm
1 0
Damn. Sorry. the computer went haywire.
Sep 7, 2012 3:37 pm
0 0
I called it ugly after viewing the spy shots. I take that back now.
Sep 7, 2012 3:36 pm
0 0
I called it ugly after viewing the spy shots. I take that back now.
Sep 7, 2012 3:36 pm
0 0
Saw 2 of them roaming on the M6 one white and other maroon. It looked amazing and alot bigger
Sep 7, 2012 1:03 pm
0 0
The steering wheel looks like a pampers
Sep 7, 2012 1:01 pm
1 2