MINI Paceman revealed in leaked images

2013 MINI Paceman
2013 MINI Paceman

The Paceman looks better than its five-door Countryman brother.


These are the first images with the upcoming MINI Paceman without wearing any sort of camouflage. The images were taken by Motoringfile from the MINI Space, which is the online version of MINI’s print magazine. This is the two-door version of the Countryman and it is expected to make its public debut at the end of the month in Paris, before going on sale next year.

It has the same wheelbase and platform as the five-door model but comes with a lower stance as it is 0.4 inches closer to the road, while its roof is sitting 1.7 inches lower compared to the Countryman. In addition, the new model is 44 pounds (20 kg) lighter and comes as standard with the ALL4 all-wheel drive system. It will be offered with all the versions available for the Countryman, so expect a Paceman Cooper, Cooper D, Cooper S and Cooper SD.

No official details regarding the price tag of the 2013 MINI Paceman but most likely in Germany it will be 1,500 Euros more expensive than its five-door sibling.



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Comments (15)

chris25 chris25
BMW is seriously ruining the image of mini. I like but at least change those front looks.
Sep 11th, 2012 12:19am
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TomasramonCorrea TomasramonCorrea
Nice,but I have mixed feelings about Minis. A friend has one (Cooper S) Lots of fun to drive,almost go-kart quick on its toes, but has been facing a lot of reliability issues and the dealer is not very helpful.
Sep 10th, 2012 10:14pm
1 0
SDman SDman
Awesomely cool
Sep 9th, 2012 8:44pm
0 0
charlemagne charlemagne
I want it.
Sep 8th, 2012 2:55pm
0 1
peterjames7 peterjames7
So this is wat rape of a memory is like....next super ted will be sodomised
Sep 8th, 2012 4:45am
0 1
sideskraper sideskraper
So it's a shrunken version of an enlarged version of a car that was meant to be small but is really quite big?
Sep 7th, 2012 8:17pm
0 0
Ceramic Rabbit Ceramic Rabbit
no it's just the two door variant, it has the same dimensions. and it's not really that big especially for americans, it's hardly larger than the new golf
Sep 8th, 2012 1:04am
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lilsumo lilsumo
The Back end looks familiar to the citroen DS3
Sep 7th, 2012 8:00pm
0 0
Earthling Earthling
Looks like its trying to be a Rover Evoque from the side profile, how the rear slants and windows shrink.
Sep 7th, 2012 6:41pm
0 0
Cale24 Cale24
Nicer looking than a Countryman (parked outside clubs and away from country- nice work PR) but still not sure the atrocious Mini badge on the back is big enough.
Sep 7th, 2012 4:42pm
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CDspeed CDspeed
I like it, but I don't understand it I get the Countryman it's a four door crossover Mini. But why buy the Paceman over a normal Mini or a Clubman? I guess it's all about interior room and all-wheel drive.
Sep 7th, 2012 4:31pm
1 0
djcocum djcocum
It's all about looks. Because I don't think the Paceman is roomier inside than the regular Mini. And because all wheel drive will be surely an option
Sep 8th, 2012 7:13pm
0 0
katsudon88 katsudon88
Sep 7th, 2012 4:18pm
0 0
pumazooma pumazooma
Ooo dear that's terrible. The side profile is awful and dumpy looking.
Sep 7th, 2012 4:09pm
0 1
dayday dayday
I like!!
Sep 7th, 2012 3:51pm
2 1