De Tomaso chairman arrested for misuse of funds

De Tomaso SLC, 1600 - 27.02.2011
De Tomaso SLC, 1600 - 27.02.2011

Authorities say it was a massive scam

De Tomaso chairman Gian Mario Rossignolo has been arrested as part of a probe into the collapse of the Italian automaker.

Reuters says Rossignolo and two others were taken into custody over allegations that they misused €7.5 ($9.1 / £5.9) million worth of government funds. According to police, the group may have used a fraudulent bank guarantee to obtain public funding and then diverted approximately €400,000 ($487,360 / £315,668) into their own bank accounts.

Rossignolo is currently under house arrest while the Guardia di Finanza (tax police) continues to investigate.

Source: Guardia di Finanza via Reuters and Motor Authority


Defrauding the state - false Bank guarantee of 7.5 million for access to grants

Turin Provincial Command - July 12, 2012 - at 11:39
I am going this morning raids and arrests in Piedmont, Lombardy and Tuscany. Financiers engaged 50 of the Provincial Command of Turin.

The survey, coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Turin and arising from the affair of the "mysterious" Chinese investor that would save the automaker, with the contribution of capital never arrived, the financing allocated by the Ministry of Labour, to start the training of staff, mostly in layoffs since January 2010.

Were in fact paid by State 7 ½ million euros for upgrading the skills of workers, in view of the start of new production lines.

From the findings of Financiers, a first milestone: the courses, funded for all employees (over 1,000) over three years, have never really left, except in small part (they have 67 employees and only started for a few days).
The investigation of the Financial Police has permitted to trace the actual destination of the sums, partly used to pay the salaries of the workers, but also diverted into the pockets of managers, consultants and property. In particular, amounted to about 400,000 euros recognized in three months wages to the members of Family A. and executives of confidence.

With the identification of bank, was then rebuilt the payment of consultancy to a credit broker in the province of Bergamo, which went to 1.7 million euros in compensation for having procured the insurance requested by the Ministry surety to guarantee the loan, then revealed as false.

Arrested the seriously suspects the scam: the owner, finished in house arrest because octogenarian, the manager of the automaker that has personally instructed the practice of financing and professional Bergamo who provided the insurance company false.

The investigations are continuing now to reconstruct the individual steps of money, so find the ultimate beneficiaries of the payments and whether or not they entitled to receive that money.

Under the lens of the investigators, now, an additional funding of approximately 6 million euros granted to the same house from the Piedmont Region for the technological upgrading of production facilities.

In times of "spending review", the intervention of the Guardia di Finanza, always follow the directives of the prosecutors, is part of a broader plan of action aimed at combating waste and embezzlement, as well promoting the optimal use of public resources.

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sensei sensei
They should have done this in America where they'd have a much greater chance of getting away with it.
Jul 14th, 2012 11:35am
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LOL aint that the truth, here in america they would have just bought off the judge and let go on a "technicality"
Jul 14th, 2012 8:28pm
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Now if some one would just arrest that CROOK ecclestone!!
Jul 13th, 2012 4:58am
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The smart thing they should have done, is start selling cars and then steal money from the compagny ;) Sad really.
Jul 13th, 2012 2:36am
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