Opel Adam spied on Nurburgring [video]

The Opel Adam was officially announced for the first time last month and has been caught by our spies on video for the first time. The prototype caught here was doing a round of high speed testing around the famous Nurburgring.

The Opel Adam is being developed as a direct rival to the Volkswagen Up, it will be 3.7 meters which is just 15cm longer than its competitor. A new engine family will be introduced that will include both three- and four-cylinder units ranging in displacement from 1.0- to 1.4-liters.

The design continues to be hidden under a thick layer of camouflage but we expect a fairly retro style when the production stage is reached. Previous reports have stated it will be based on the Opel Trixx concept that was originally introduced in 2003.

The Opel Adam will celebrate its world debut at the Paris Motor Show in September and we should expect the first official photos to be released shortly before.


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Comments (3)

if it looks after its GTC brother, I am getting one
Jun 18th, 2012 7:27am
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peterjames7 peterjames7
Doesnt look very premium to me
Jun 16th, 2012 8:45pm
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kmayb kmayb
Looks like alot of Vertical movement in the suspension... Hope they can sort out that bounce before production...
Jun 16th, 2012 3:36am
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