2013 BMW 7-Series facelift revealed [video]

BMW has revealed a comprehensive mid-life cycle refresh for the 2013 7-Series sporting new front and rear ends, upgraded interior, new equipment and new engines.

Starting with the exterior, the flagship sedan features full-LED headlights with hallmark BMW corona rings, kidney grille with nine slats (instead of 12), new front bumper fascia design, new side mirror indicators and a redesign rear bumper fascia with chrome strips and reflectors.

Inside, the upgraded interior receives newly designed leather seats, additional soundproofing and an optional Rear Seat Entertainment package which delivers 1,200-watts through a Bang & Olufsen Surround Sound System via 16 speakers. The Entertainment package also features a new 9.2-inch flatscreen monitor and an illuminated center speaker which retracts into the instrument panel. Up front, the central control display uses a 10.25-inch screen and features new black-panel technology with high-resolution 3D graphics.

New to the 7-Series engine line-up is the new TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder diesel engine which can be found in the BMW 750d xDrive. Billed as the world's most powerful six-cylinder in-line diesel engine, the 3.0-liter features three turbochargers and produces a maximum output of 381 HP (280 kW / 375 bhp) and 740 Nm (546 lb-ft) of torque. The 750d xDrive sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in only 4.9 seconds while posting a fuel economy rating of 6.4L/100km (44.1 mpg) in the EU test cycle. CO2 emissions are 169 g/km.

Also new is the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 in its second generation hybrid drive system which now uses the TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder which produces 320 HP (235 kW / 315 bhp), instead of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine used in the first version. Other hybrid components include the 55 HP (40 kW / 54 bhp) synchronous electric motor, the hybrid-spec eight-speed automatic transmission, a lithium-ion high-performance battery and power electronics underpinning Brake Energy Regeneration and Hybrid Start Stop function. With a combined power output of 354 HP (260 kW / 349 bhp) and peak torque of 500 Nm (369 lb-ft), the new BMW ActiveHybrid 7 accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 5.7 seconds while achieving an average fuel economy of 6.8L/100km (41.5 mpg) and CO2 emissions of 158 g/km. The ActiveHybrid 7 can travel up to four kilometers (just under 2.5 miles) on battery power alone. Top speed in this mode is limited to 60 km/h (37 mph).

The new BMW 7 Series: Sporting poise and luxurious comfort in perfect harmony

  • New full-LED headlights, a prominent BMW kidney grille and a modified front apron define the unmistakable appearance of the new BMW 7 Series range.
  • New to the cockpit are the multifunctional instrument display allowing the driver to select a variety of information and the central Control Display with 3D graphics. New Rear Seat Entertainment package.
  • New and upgraded engine variants raise the bar in terms of output and efficiency. Eight-speed automatic transmission is fitted as standard. Fuel savings of up to 25 per cent are possible.
  • Engine line-up ranges from a TwinPower Turbo diesel unit that holds the title of the world's most powerful straight-six diesel engine to the second-generation BMW ActiveHybrid 7.
  • Advanced features such as coasting mode, proactive hybrid technology and the Driving Experience Control switch with ECO PRO mode enhance both driving comfort and efficiency.
  • Optimised chassis - with self-levelling air suspension at the rear axle - gives long-distance comfort a noticeable boost.
  • New Connected Drive highlights: latest-generation Professional navigation system, BMW Night Vision + Dynamic Light Spot, anti-dazzle LED High-Beam Assistant, BMW Parking Assistant, Driver Assistant Plus, Active Protection.

The new BMW 7 Series is set to reinforce its position as the most innovative sedan in the luxury segment. The flagship model series of the BMW fleet embodies sporting elegance, refined powertrain technology and luxurious comfort in equal measure. And now, by making a clear step up in terms of product substance, the Sedan is set to underline its leadership. New LED headlights, an upgraded interior with optimised soundproofing, markedly improved ride comfort, a comprehensive selection of optional equipment and state-of-the-art safety technology combine to create an in-car experience from the top drawer. A line-up of either new or optimised drive systems, including the world's most powerful six-cylinder in-line diesel engine and the second-generation BMW ActiveHybrid 7, set new performance and efficiency benchmarks.

Body: new LED headlights and subtle new design features.
Dynamic lines and perfectly balanced proportions continue to lie at the heart of the BMW 7 Series Sedan's sporty and elegant presence. The most eye-catching feature of the new BMW 7 Series are the new LED headlights with hallmark BMW corona rings and a smart accent strip, which now ensure the new BMW 7 Series projects a distinctive appearance at night as well. The modified BMW kidney grille with nine slats - instead of the previous 12 - and revised front apron set the new model apart from its predecessor. Elsewhere, indicators integrated into the lower section of the exterior mirrors are among the new features visible from the side. And last but not least, the powerfully chiselled rear benefits from a thin chrome strip connecting the two slim reflectors in the rear apron.

Interior: new leather seats, optimised noise levels, Rear Seat Entertainment package and sound system with extending centre speaker.
Flawlessly executed design, top-class materials, quality workmanship and outstanding practicality define the interior of the BMW 7 Series Sedan. The driver and front passenger can relax into newly designed leather seats offering optimum lateral support and unbeatable long-distance comfort. The rear passengers, too, travel in luxury and are largely cocooned from outside noise. Individual seats are also available as an option for the rear and can be adapted to passengers' needs. And the optional Rear Seat Entertainment package with a new 9.2-inch flatscreen monitor ensures a refreshing diversion is always at hand over extended journeys. The new 1,200-watt Bang & Olufsen High End Surround Sound System delivers unimpeachable sound quality. Its 16 speakers include an illuminated centre speaker which retracts almost fully into the instrument panel.

Cockpit: selectable displays in black-panel technology and central Control Display with 3D graphics.
In the new BMW 7 Series, the multifunctional instrument display behind the steering wheel takes its cues from the driver's needs. Extended black-panel technology opens up a whole new range of display options through the 10.25-inch screen. The instruments are now presented using different colours and graphics depending on the driving mode selected, and provide situation-specific information such as status and function displays. The Control Display in the centre of the instrument panel has also benefited from visual and technical improvements and now uses high-resolution 3D graphics.

Powertrain and chassis: refined power, improved efficiency and enhanced ride comfort.
The new BMW 7 Series Sedan will hit the ground running in 2012 armed with new and comprehensively revised engines which are extremely economical and low on emissions and channel their power to the driven wheels through an intelligent eight-speed automatic transmission. Technology such as the Auto Start-Stop function, Brake Energy Regeneration and the second-generation Driving Experience Control switch with ECO PRO mode and coasting function pave the way for additional fuel saving.

Alongside the flagship BMW 760i with its 12-cylinder powerplant and the entry-level engine in the BMW 730i (not available in all markets), customers can choose from the new six-cylinder in-line engine powering the BMW 740i and the revised V8 petrol engine earmarked for the BMW 750i. The six-cylinder diesel engines in the BMW 730d and BMW 740d likewise offer drivers the combination of increased output and lower fuel consumption. Making its debut, meanwhile, is the new BMW 750d xDrive. Under its bonnet lies the new TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder diesel engine - the world's most powerful diesel engine of its kind. Rounding off the range is the second-generation BMW ActiveHybrid 7 with a new six-cylinder in-line engine and significantly reduced emissions.

An impressive spread of chassis wizardry helps give the ride comfort of the BMW 7 Series Sedan a noticeable boost. Complementing the optimised chassis set-up - with modified rubber bearings and new dampers - and the self-levelling air suspension for the rear axle is the standard-fitted Electric Power Steering. State-of-the-art electronic control systems with likewise retuned software help to enhance the long-distance attributes of the BMW 7 Series Sedan and ensure that the new edition of the car makes travelling on board even more pleasurable - in terms of both dynamics and comfort.

BMW ConnectedDrive: intelligent integration is the key to comfort and assurance at the wheel along with unbeatable safety.
A unique combination of driver assistance systems and mobility services allows the BMW 7 Series to once again demonstrate its innovative edge and technical eminence over its rivals. To this end, the BMW ConnectedDrive portfolio includes impressive new features that enable the Sedan to maintain its leading position in the luxury segment.

Among the systems helping to maximise safety are BMW Night Vision + Dynamic Light Spot with pedestrian recognition technology (unique in the premium segment), the anti-dazzle LED High-Beam Assistant, Driver Assistant Plus with Stop & Go function, Active Protection with automatic fatigue recognition and Speed Limit Info including the No Passing Info display using road sign symbols. A more powerful operating system governing the central Control Display ensures the entertainment programs are simpler to operate, optimises office and online services, and makes using the telephone that much easier. The Professional navigation system, meanwhile, is now more powerful and features new and ultra-sharp map graphics and 3D city mode. An innovative feature allowing convenient hands-free opening of the boot lid rounds off the function-focused highlights of the BMW 7 Series.

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Comments (14)

progressive progressive
Still bes looking car in segment
May 27th, 2012 11:12pm
0 0
droid_dtm droid_dtm
It does admittedly look better, and more distinctive than the cookie-cutter Audi A8. Still can't touch an S Class or Jaguar XJ for supreme comfort or eye catching design, respectively
May 27th, 2012 1:54am
0 0
dayday dayday
I think BMW needs to have a 9 series (I think the original CS concept was going to it) to compete with XJ. haha. Coz that car is like a huge 4 door coupe.
May 28th, 2012 4:00pm
0 0
EvaAdama EvaAdama
I like they way backlights look, but front should have been copied from BMW X5. What you think guys? I don't like these new headlights.
May 25th, 2012 9:30pm
0 0
eddie eddie
Impressive diesel....almost 400 horsepower and 44 mpg!
May 25th, 2012 6:03pm
0 0
adz911 adz911
Another thing I am seriously getting annoyed at this forum. So someone makes a positive comment about a car and some idiot troll keeps disliking the comments. All comments posted thus far have been perfectly reasonable, whether someone likes or dislikes the car. Message to whoever is doing it. Get a friggin life!
May 25th, 2012 6:00pm
0 0
lambocop lambocop
I just LOVE this car. However I don't like the lower part of the the front bumper. If you look at a side photo the bottom line of the whole car is straight from back up until after the front tie where the front bumper just oddly cuts upward..not a good look there and doesn't look on front or rear 3/4 view.
May 25th, 2012 2:39pm
1 1
ifudge ifudge
I don't think it's an improvement at all. I think it's superb just the way it is/was. It didn't need a facelift. This is just change for change's sake.
May 25th, 2012 2:24pm
0 0
Gile Gile
I say it is a successful facelift, it is less ugly than before. I might even say pleasant to look at.
May 25th, 2012 1:13pm
1 1
Ratt Ratt
Great job, looks even better, headlights are amazing and all that technology, thank god there are normal fog lights not stupid LEDs, although this car is a lot nicer than previous Bangle 7, it has one problem - lacking a little soul.
May 25th, 2012 1:10pm
1 1
adz911 adz911
Still attractive, loving the aggression in the headlight design (certainly won't want it creeping up on me in a dark alley) interior looks fantastic as always, and If I could afford one, I would have a hell of a lot of fun playing around with the speedometer if indeed interchangeable. One thing that doesn't make a lot of sense is the diesel produces more power and torque than the hybrid, thus being faster (the diesel won't have to lug around a heavy hybrid drivetrain) so how could they justify the hybrid's existence? I'd have a 750d in black please. Perfect long distance companion, and the DVD set up in the back will be perfect to shut the kids up for a few hours. :)
May 25th, 2012 11:48am
1 1
The front looks like a sly smile
May 25th, 2012 11:24am
0 0
BanfSnieder BanfSnieder
It looks a bit more refined, but nevertheless a tad dated, the Chrysler 200 has similar shaped headlights. I was never a fan of the integration of the kidney grill on this 7, its too big and in conjunction with the sculpted-rather-than-crisp body sculpting, it makes the car look like pig. The back is alright though, IMO, it is the most successful de-leveraging of the Bangle-butt on all of the BMWs.
May 25th, 2012 10:34am
0 0
henaz henaz
Nice aggressive front, still not sure about the back though.
May 25th, 2012 10:21am
1 1