Volvo V40 bio-diesel racecar from Heico Sportiv revealed

Volvo V40 bio-diesel racecar by Heico Sportiv 24.05.2012
Volvo V40 bio-diesel racecar by Heico Sportiv 24.05.2012

Headed to 24 hours of Nürburgring in 2013

Volvo specialty tuner and motorsports team Heico Sportiv has revealed the first-ever racing version of the brand new Volvo V40 which makes its debut at the Auto Mobil International (AMI) in Leipzig, Germany.

As the official Volvo Car Germany partner for road vehicle individualization, Heico states the V40 racecar previews the exterior styling design for a comprehensive accessories program, which will be availability worldwide at Volvo retailers when the V40 has its market launch. Previously, Heico teased a couple of design sketches of the V40 tuning kit.

For the V40 racecar, it features a lightweight carbon fiber body kit with widened wheels arches, a lowered front spoiler and a rear wing for race track application only. It should be noted these fender arches will not be availble for the retail V40 styling kit, however, the rear diffusor already corresponds to the final road version.

Heico uses the "Green Racing" slogan to emphasize that the V40 racecar is powered by alternative fuels. The Volvo V40 racecar is equipped with a racing version of the five-cylinder turbo diesel D5 engine which produces 300 HP (221 kW / 296 bhp) and a maximum torque of 600 Nm. Heico states the V40 racecar will have bio-diesel in its tank when it approaches the starting line at the famous 24 hour race at the Nürburgring.

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sweeet some more diesel work for me hell ya
May 25th, 2012 12:37am
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mechamynd mechamynd
so it is a estate volvo for racing. we missed the good ol' 850 from BTCC
May 24th, 2012 5:26pm
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