Alfa 4C flagship starts production May 2013

 Alfa 4C flagship starts production May 2013
Alfa Romeo 4C Concept 30.08.2011

Fiat has confirmed a new model will be built by Maserati in Modena, Italy alongside the Quattroporte and GranTurismo starting in May 2013. It wasn't confirmed officially, but company sources have confirmed the identity of the mystery is the upcoming Alfa Romeo 4C.

The new halo model was previewed in concept form (pictured) initially at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 before an updated version was unveiled later in the year at Frankfurt.

It featured a mid-positioned 1.8 liter turbocharged engine that generated at least 200 PS (147 kW / 197 bhp) and had a kerb weight of 850 kg (1870 lbs).

Upon launch, we should expect the rear-wheel-drive two-seater coupe to achieve a top speed in excess of 250 kph (155 mph) while the 0-100kph (0-62mph) time should be less than 5 seconds.

If the brand ever completes its belated return to the US market, we should expect the 4C to be part of its product line-up. There is even talk that it could celebrate its world debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January.

The new Alfa 4C will target a MSRP of around €50,000 in Europe and the company intend to shift up to 2,500 units annually.



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Comments (13)

Looks great! Alfa has alot of potential, hope they will be making a whole range of cars in a few years because every single one of their designs are absolutely magnificent
Apr 16, 2012 10:43 am
1 0
A rival to the GT86?
Apr 16, 2012 12:38 am
0 1
Thats what my thoughts were?
Apr 16, 2012 9:03 am
0 1
Yes and no. In concept ok, but this will surley be more upmarket. Which renders the gt86 improbable if you have the money for the 4c
Apr 16, 2012 10:45 am
1 0
Think cayman... But not really because its lighter and hasless power. So somewere between elise and cayman is my guess
Apr 16, 2012 10:49 am
1 0
Alfas are going to find it very hard to shake the reliability factor, they make lovely looking cars, that work for all of ten minutes and then its grab your cheque book time :-)
Apr 14, 2012 3:55 pm
1 0
dude...i own 2 alfas...driving 147 since 2001 and still ok till now..don't give me any headache at all..and my AR brera give no headache at all as well...i think u should own 1 first before gives any comment..it doesn't mean you can trust other ppl bad perception on this brand 100%...actually AR improve a lot in term of their reliability...
Apr 15, 2012 10:48 am
0 0
Soo, that`s the car they wanted to introduce as a little 200 plus racer coming in at 35,000 Euro. Glad we cleared THAT up.
Apr 13, 2012 7:30 pm
0 0
Love Alfas. Just sooooooooo smexy! I miss my GTV V6........
Apr 13, 2012 5:35 pm
3 0
it will be reliable. It's 2012 and Rolls Royces, Bentleys & even Jaguars have become reliable.
Apr 13, 2012 2:24 pm
3 2
Beautiful car but coming from Alfa, reliable?
Apr 13, 2012 11:24 am
0 3
actually they are very reliable today, I'm talking about engines (for example 159 2.4JTD), it's the other things that are annoying like sometimes electronics could go wrong, or some other things like semi-auto gearbox in 147 and some other stupid stuff, but I've heard they're getting better with every new model, good to hear that...cuz I never liked my 156.
Apr 13, 2012 7:01 pm
1 1
Cool car. I like its light weight. Good rival to the Boxter.
Apr 13, 2012 11:04 am
4 0