Aston Martin opens swanky new W-One showroom [video]

The ultimate dealership experience?

Aston Martin has opened a new brand experience center in London's Park Lane district.

Dubbed W-One, the showroom is described as a "high profile destination for aficionados of both design and bespoke sports cars." It will also host a number of events and functions to boost Aston Martin's profile among London's elite.

Besides shilling high-end vehicles, the location will promote the brand's Q customization service as well as offer products from the likes of Jaeger LeCoultre, Bang & Olufsen, Louis Roederer and John Lob.

Source: Aston Martin
Published Mar 28, 2012 5:26 pm By Michael Gauthier
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21 March 2012, Gaydon: Aston Martin W-One is the brand's new central London showcase, a high profile destination for aficionados of both design and bespoke sports cars. The new space has been designed to convey ambience similar to that of a luxury boutique. W-One will also host evening activities, events and salons, extending Aston Martin's profile in London and beyond.

The new space will function as showroom and boutique, providing both an essential introduction to the brand and a location where existing customers and collaborators will find themselves instantly at home. The façade combines stone, timber and glass to make a warm, welcoming destination, distinct from the traditional showroom aesthetic and highlighting the personal one-to-one service offered within W-One.

Aston Martin's Brand Partners will be invited to continue the well established tradition of high-profile collaboration working with names like Jaeger LeCoultre, Bang & Olufsen, Louis Roederer and newly announced luxury shoe makers; John Lobb, all of which share an understanding of the value of good design and craftsmanship. An Aston Martin is a highly-crafted blend of tradition and technology, a powerful synthesis of design and engineering. W-One is a space where these qualities can be explored in depth.

An expansive colour and trim wall in the showroom illustrates the breath of options available, demonstrating Aston Martin's ongoing commitment to an ever-more bespoke service and showcasing the recently announced ‘Q - by Aston Martin' a service that goes beyond the standard palette of paint, leather and trim finishes, taking the company into a new era in personalization. A team that brings Aston Martin's designers together with the company's engineers and highly experienced craftspeople, allowing customers to enhance and personalise their Aston Martin with meticulous attention to detail.

Aston Martin W-One is a new kind of brand space, a showcase of Aston Martin's core values in a bespoke environment that has been tailor-made for the modern city. Each Aston Martin is unique. W-One is a place where the customer's tastes and desires can begin their journey through the skills and talents of the company's people, on the way to manifesting themselves in one of the finest luxury sports cars ever made.

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why don't they open this in China? Europeans are so broke probably they can just afford a drink the whole night looking at the car.. and i have never understood the benefits of 'hand-made' in high precision machine like cars.. handmade just means inconsistent quality and inefficient production.
Mar 29, 2012 6:41 am
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I enjoy and race cars. I presently own a Maserati Granturismo, Lamborghini Gallardo and a Aston Martin DB9 convertible. The Aston does not even come near the other two cars. The Aston has poor fit and finish, even the doors and trunk sound terrible when you close them let alone rub marks on the paint. The Aston has terrible reliability and the handling is average with cowl shake with the convertible. I probably like the Maserati the best, great sound and handling and only goes in for its yearly check up or 12000 mile oil change. Mass production cars are still built better with better technology and reliability.
Mar 28, 2012 7:09 pm
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Park Lane, a great place to see some exotic cars and the only place where I have ever seen an LF-A, koenigsegg and Pagani Zonda all sitting next to each other in one shop window.
Mar 28, 2012 6:05 pm
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