Ford Focus RS put on hold - report

2009 Focus RS
2009 Focus RS

Company will concentrate on other models first

In a recent interview, Ford's vehicle line director for the global C-segment platform revealed the company has delayed development of the next-generation Focus RS.

Speaking with Car Advice, Gunnar Herrmann said the model has been put on the back burner to concentrate on the various other vehicles and variants - like the Escape/Kuga and Focus Electric - that also ride on the Focus platform. As Herrmann noted, "It's just because we have other priorities to clean up and, effectively, we have to make a final decision on how we proceed [with the new RS]."

As we have previously reported, the model is expected to feature a turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine with at least 320 hp (238 kW / 324 PS). It will send power to the front wheels through a limited slip differential and a Revoknuckle front suspension which promises to minimize torque steer.

Source: Car Advice

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livc44411 livc44411
Concentrating on Kuga rather than Focus RS :-/ Gutted much
Mar 14th, 2012 9:42pm
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