Special one-off Lamborghini Aventador J Speedster officially unveiled

Following an unwelcome leak over the weekend, Lamborghini has taken the wraps off the the Aventador J speedster at a special preview event for the Volkswagen Group this evening.

It is described as the most uncompromising super sports car that the brand has ever made. There is no roof, there is no windscreen and it can hit speeds of more than 300 kph (186 mph). Therefore, it doesn't take an Einstein to know that anybody driving this model is definitely going to need additional protective gear.

Whilst many could be forgiven for thinking the "J" of the super car's name pays homage to the legendary Jota from the 1970s, it is actually derived from the technical sporting rules of the different races under the FIA umbrella.

As we have already mentioned, the body does not feature a windscreen or roof and results in dimensions that measure 4890 mm long, 2030mm wide and a height of just 1110mm. It results in the Aventador J being the lowest model that Lamborgini has ever built.

The front is dominated by the huge carbon fiber air scoop that features winglets on the outer edges which has been designed to give the aura of a Formula 1 car when viewed from the side. Additionally, we can also see the 20-inch five-spoke aluminum wheels as well as the ultra thin doors that open upwards in true Lamborghini style and feature very small side windows.

The open-air style of the exterior naturally influences the interior. The red exterior livery flows through the interior with a red stripe that runs from the front hood, between the driver and passenger seats all the way to the rear end.

The brutal power is achieved with the help of the 6.5-liter V12 engine that has been sourced from its production coupe sibling. Output is rated at 700 PS (690 bhp / 515 kW) and 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) of torque and it is mated with Lamborghini Independent Shifting Rod (ISR) transmission and a permanent all-wheel-drive system.

Are you one of the many people wanting to get your hands on this special model. Unfortunately, the opportunity has already gone as the special one-off Aventador J speedster has already been sold for more than €2.2 million.

At the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, Automobili Lamborghini is presenting the most uncompromising open super sports car of its entire history. The Lamborghini Aventador J is a force of nature on wheels – supremely powerful and supremely open. The Aventador J offers its pilot and co-pilot an utterly indescribable experience of power and dynamics. At the same time, the 515 kW / 700 hp two-seater is a first class technology showcase, combining innovative solutions and brand new materials and demonstrating Automobili Lamborghini’s enormous expertise in carbon fiber technology.

The Lamborghini Aventador J is a radically open automobile – exterior and interior meld into each other. The designers and engineers in Sant’Agata Bolognese have not only dispensed entirely with the roof, but also with the front windshield. This requires that drivers of the Aventador J must have the right equipment for driving at top speeds higher than 300 Km/h.

This kind of driving at the limit is a highly exclusive experience – the Lamborghini Aventador J is fully functional for road use. It is an absolute one-off: a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

“With the Lamborghini Aventador J, we have molded our brand DNA into its most definitive form to date. This automobile is as extreme and as uncompromising as only a Lamborghini can be,” says Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. “The new Lamborghini Aventador J is the most radical open supersports car of Lamborghini’s history. Its name comes from our tradition and combines an unconventional design with technology innovation. Nowadays we are confronted with several regulations that we face in the spirit of challenge. The Aventador J is the proof that, despite the rules, Lamborghini will always make people dream, even in the future.”

Continuation of a glorious tradition
With the Aventador J, technically based on the Aventador, Automobili Lamborghini is carrying on its glorious brand tradition. The 1970 Jota, for instance, was the stuff of legends – a Lamborghini Miura with improved performance and virtually redesigned in every detail. It remained a one-off; although some owners subsequently had their Miuras modified to look like the Jota.

The letter J is derived from the sporting rules of the FIA world motorsport organization. Its “Appendix J” defines the technical specification of race cars in the various classes.

The Aventador: Extremely open, overwhelming power
The Lamborghini Aventador J is a super sports car of positively dramatic single-mindedness and openness. It combines the overwhelming performance of the Lamborghini Aventador with the most intense experience of power and dynamics imaginable in an automobile.

The technical basis for the Aventador J is the Aventador LP 700-4, Lamborghini’s new twelve-cylinder model. Presented in 2011, the Aventador has been acclaimed by customers and journalists alike. The Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4’s technology package is unique – its structure is based on an innovative monocoque made from carbon fiber reinforced polymers that combines systematic lightweight design with optimum stiffness and safety. The new twelve-cylinder with a displacement of 6.5 liters and 515 kW / 700 hp combines the best in high-revving thrills with mighty pulling power. Its super-fast ISR transmission, permanent all-wheel drive and push-rod suspension combine this potent power with the utmost handling precision.

Systematic lightweight design – considerable weight reduction
Naturally, the Aventador J benefits enormously from this unique technology package. Yet the Aventador J has a significantly different interpretation to the Aventador coupé. In this open version, the monocoque has a largely new design, including the two safety bars behind the seats. The absence of a roof, of the large windshield, of the air conditioning system and of the navigation system obviously takes it to an even lower weight. With a dry weight of 1575 kilograms, the series production Aventador LP 700-4 is already extremely light for its performance class thanks to its carbon fiber construction.

Carbonskin, a brand new carbon fiber material
The unique expertise of Automobili Lamborghini in the field of carbon fiber reinforced polymers is evident not only in the hi-tech monocoque, but also in the research into further innovative solutions. Unlike traditional seats, in the Aventador J seats are made of Forged COMPOSITE®, with inserts of flexible carbon fiber fabrics: a result of an innovative Lamborghini patent.

The specialists at Lamborghini have developed an even more amazing version of carbon fiber material for the Aventador J. In its first automotive application, this carbon fiber fabric called “Carbonskin” is made of woven carbon fibers soaked with a very special epoxy resin that stabilizes the fiber structure and keeps the material soft. Like a hi-tech fabric, the carbon fiber mats fit perfectly to every shape. In the Aventador J, the complete cockpit and parts of the seats are clad in this material and shimmer in matt carbon fiber black. It’s conceivable that in future there will be many potential applications for this freshly patented and extremely fine-looking material, even very high-end clothing.

The Design: uncompromisingly Lamborghini
An extreme Aventador obviously needs an equally single-minded design, which goes without saying at the Centro Stile Lamborghini. Every single model from Sant’Agata Bolognese bears the unique design of the brand. Clear, precise surfaces, as well as sharp, often broken lines are among the unmistakable styling tools. They consistently emphasize the power and enormous presence of these Italian super sports cars. Not one line is ever accidental – the defining principle is always ‘form follows function’.

This function is very clearly defined for the Aventador J – explosive dynamics, extreme driving fun, a unique experience. Every kilometer with the Aventador J is extreme fun: something plainly evident from the very first glance.

Rear view mirror like a periscope
Virtually every part of the outer chassis was redesigned for the Aventador J, yet it shows the spirit of Lamborghini in its most concentrated form. The car’s dimensions are extreme: the overall length is 4890 mm, the overall width (excluding mirrors) is 2030 mm while the height is 1110 mm.

The highest points are marked by the rear view mirror, which is perched on an arm like a periscope, and by the two safety bars behind the seats. In place of the classic front windshield there are two small wind deflectors. The occupants of the Aventador J are confronted by the element of the wind in much the same way as a superbike rider – therefore the right clothing is prerequisite for every trip.

Front scoop with winglets
The front of the Aventador J is somewhat narrower than that of the Aventador. The front end is dominated by a highly distinctive carbon fiber air scoop, with central fixing braces and upward tilting winglets on the outer edges. Viewed from the side, the front end of the Aventador J looks like a Formula 1 racing car.

Red with chrome effect, wheels with CFRP fan
The black of the carbon fiber parts is visibly evident throughout the car – the significantly wider sill elements and the mighty rear diffuser form a perfect contrast to the rich red body paintwork. The special red color was developed specifically for this Aventador - a highly intensive red with a slight chrome effect.

The wheels, of course, were also developed specifically for this car, with 20-inch rims at the front and 21-inch at the rear. The five-spoke aluminum wheels have a central lock system and an additional carbon fiber insert that functions like a small fan for optimum brake ventilation.

Naturally, the doors on the Aventador J also open upward. They are considerably thinner than on the Aventador and are fitted with a tiny, fixed side window. The muscular flanks around the rear wheels are hallmark Lamborghini and make it immediately apparent where this particular bull keeps his power.

Rear end purely for aerodynamics and ventilation
Because of its ample dimensions, the eye is drawn inexorably to the rear end. It consists in principle of just three elements – the carbon-fiber rear diffuser, the four huge tail pipes and the rear lights with their typical Lamborghini light signature in the form of a Y. The remaining surface area is for heat dissipation and is enclosed only by a black metal mesh. The rear end is crowned by an enormous fixed spoiler mounted on the bodyshell by two arms. ‘Form follows function’ to the nth degree. The spoiler is supported by two pillars connected by the diffuser: clearly inspired by racing.

Special bumpers
In comparison with the Aventador LP 700-4, the exclusive Aventador J has special front and rear bumpers. Both bumpers have been supplemented with carbon fiber fins that act as flow deviators. Their purpose is to achieve a significant increase in the vehicle’s downforce at both the front and the rear.

The outside comes inside
The Aventador J’s exterior and interior forms flow seamlessly into each other. This supersports car turns its inside outward and is as open as it can possibly be. Conversely, the exterior ‘flows’ through the interior – a red stripe runs from the front hood, between the two wind deflectors, over the dashboard, down the console to the center tunnel and back up between the seat backs, before leaving the interior and heading for the engine cover panel.

Interior is minimalist and single-minded
This band of color connects the front and the rear of the car, creates a visual separation between the driver and passenger space and is interrupted only by a small control panel housing the starter button and the switches for lights and transmission. The Aventador J is equipped neither with a navigation nor car audio system, nor does it have the associated screen or air conditioning controls – these would simply detract from its one and only raison d’être as an extreme driving experience. What remains, of course, are two programmable TFT displays behind the steering wheel.

The engine cover also brings the inside to the outside. To be more precise, it is not so much a cover but more a framework. This part has a new geometry (X shape) and is made of carbon fiber. Two large openings lay bare both cylinder banks of the mighty V12 power unit with its 6.5 liters of displacement – a truly stunning sight for every automobile aficionado.

A unique work of art licensed for the road
However, at the end of the Geneva Motor Show, this sight will be the preserve of just one – the future owner of the Lamborghini Aventador J. There is only one of them, no prototypes and no others for the Lamborghini Museum. The buyer can look forward to a truly unique, street-legal work of art. He will possess the most extreme expression of Lamborghini DNA in existence and a real masterpiece of high technology. But the many other fans of the super sports cars from Sant’ Agata Bolognese can rest assured - the Aventador success story has only just begun.

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slim slim
Out of the top ten sexiest cars I've seen to date, this one is within the top 5 for life. So damn evil looking and sexy at the same time. Even Batman told me "yo dog that sh!t is Siiickkk- I can get Catwoman to ....WHILE IM DRIVING DUDE!" This car should be in the next Transformers movie or something. Too bad they only made one. Why dont these manufacturers at least put 1 or 2 of these "factory special one off" cars on each continent so that we can actually have a 1 in 10 million chance at seeing one in person and maybe get a pic or two of it. damn
Mar 8th, 2012 10:56pm
0 0
jazzydev1985 jazzydev1985
i hope the gallardo will have just as good looks as the Aventador
Mar 6th, 2012 10:46pm
0 0
norther norther
this is, the next BATMOBILE
Mar 6th, 2012 8:20pm
0 0
I'm lovin'it !
Mar 6th, 2012 6:10pm
0 0
DrPlacebo DrPlacebo
Why the hell aren't there more speedsters?! There's no reason BMW shouldn't make a Z4 like this or Audi a TT. People will step out and buy convertible SUVs these days, so there should be room for all manner of impracticality in the marketplace.
Mar 6th, 2012 2:37am
0 2
sideskraper sideskraper
Safety regulations for both pedestrians and drivers. The windscreen frame and windscreen are an integral part of the safety cell for the occupants and safety systems for the pedestrians. Not to mention the horrible experience you would get if you drove it in one of the few countries where it actually rains on occasion.
Mar 6th, 2012 7:53am
0 0
CDspeed CDspeed
If I bought one I'd get a helmet just like the Stig's.
Mar 6th, 2012 12:17am
1 1
Looks beautiful and stunning but the interior looks old and cheap from these pictures.
Mar 5th, 2012 11:51pm
1 2
The whole point of this vehicle is to keep such creature comforts, as a proper interior kept to a minimum, thus what they have here might be too much compared to other stripped down racers (look at some of the cars Lotus offers, where you can remove the interior door panels as an option).
Mar 6th, 2012 12:44am
1 1
TheAntichrist TheAntichrist
Absolutely beautiful.
Mar 5th, 2012 11:37pm
1 1
vilivo vilivo
All that wave making for a car that almost no one will ever see again... I suppose no press is bad press...
Mar 5th, 2012 11:20pm
0 2
N20_Purge N20_Purge
If you put the standard car's roof on it, it'll make a pretty good SV.
Mar 5th, 2012 11:08pm
2 2
Han Solo Han Solo
Yap...I totally agree...and I kind of miss the Diablo SV...the car that made Lamborghini famous...
Mar 6th, 2012 5:17am
0 0
lex33122 lex33122
can someone tell me why this comment has a 'thumbs down'? :o
Mar 6th, 2012 9:14pm
0 0
LaFerrari LaFerrari
They made only one car and sold it for just €2.2 million? That's a steal! That one owner can easily sell it tomorrow for 4 to 5 million to some rich Arab and make some nice profit.
Mar 5th, 2012 11:01pm
2 2
Shumy Shumy
wow you have an impressive math skill out there
Mar 5th, 2012 11:06pm
0 2
LaFerrari LaFerrari
They're no match to you observation skills.
Mar 7th, 2012 1:53pm
0 1
This is not mad enough, I want RWD for the ultimate madness. (Just so the owner can't be someone who has little to no skills)
Mar 5th, 2012 10:51pm
1 3
Han Solo Han Solo
Pardon me for asking, but do you mean instead of a 4WD you want it to be purely RWD so that you can drift it?
Mar 6th, 2012 5:15am
2 2
Oh yes, silly me
Mar 6th, 2012 9:35am
0 0
ucplayer ucplayer
Mar 5th, 2012 10:48pm
3 1