Honda announces CR-Z to enter Super GT race series

Honda Mugen CR-Z GT300 race car deisgn rendering, 640, 03.02.2012
Honda Mugen CR-Z GT300 race car deisgn rendering, 640, 03.02.2012

Honda has quietly announced they will enter the GT300 class of the Super GT race series in Japan with a hybrid powered CR-Z. This falls on the heels of Honda's announcement earlier today to enter the WTCC.

No live photos of the CR-Z race car have been released yet, but fellow enthusiast Jon Sibal found design renderings on as-web.jp.

According to the official statement, closely associated tuning and racing firm Mugen will be responsible for the CR-Z GT300 race car.

The brief Honda statement is as follows:

Starting this year, Honda will enter the GT300 class with a CR-Z equipped with a racing hybrid system, and through a joint project with M-TEC Co., Ltd. Honda will support the racing activities of TEAM MUGEN, which plans to enter GT300 from Round 4 (Sportsland SUGO). The development driver will be Hideki Mutoh, who has competed in the IndyCar Series and the GT500 class of SUPER GT.

Source: jonsibal.com

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Comments (2)

Douglas6250 Douglas6250
That makes sense then. I thought I had read articles before stating that Spoon would be developing this car. Now Mugen is doing it. Looking gd !
Feb 4th, 2012 11:06am
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vilivo vilivo
interesting idea
Feb 4th, 2012 3:27am
1 0