Suzuki remixes 2012 Super Bowl ad with 'Movin' On Up' by 50 Cent

We're in the final run up to Super Bowl weekend and auto makers, the most prolific advertisers during the sporting event, are ramping up their commercials with further variations.

Already we've seen earlier today, Acura's extended versions with Jerry Seinfeld and now Suzuki has remixed its "Sled" commercial, which we already showed you last week, to 50 Cent's "Movin' On Up".

In the ad, an Eskimo trades in his dog-powered snow sled for an all-wheel-drive 2012 Kizashi sport sedan. On the journey home, the Eskimo and his Husky dogs in the back seat are uncharacteristically grooving to the song.

"We are thrilled to show off the Kizashi's fun-to-drive capabilities during the most-watched sporting event of the year," said Jeff Holland, director of social media, American Suzuki. "We feel that 50 Cent's upbeat music brings the Kizashi to life in a way that viewers will relate to."

"Sled" will air in both 60-second and 30-second formats during and after the Super Bowl on February 5th.

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a great touchdown , huskies
Feb 3rd, 2012 2:53am
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progressive progressive
The car is great, but it doesn't look so good, and build so good to have high price in Europe. And there is another problem, there is no diesels. Pity, it could be a great alternative.
Feb 2nd, 2012 11:46pm
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