Ferris Bueller's Day Off 2 - Honda's Super Bowl commercial [video]

The long awaited sequel to the cult film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" has finally been released and we have got the entire film for all to see. Admittedly, the video is only 2 minutes and 25 seconds long, but it is good to see the essence of the original has been kept intact.

Alternatively, the video could be introduced as Honda's commercial that will be aired during Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday February 5th. It has been created to mark the launch of the new 2012 Honda CR-V which stars in the commercial alongside Matthew Broderick.

Additionally, if you are a big fan of the original movie, there are over two dozen references to the movie throughout the commercial which Honda wants you to find.

Award-winning actor Matthew Broderick is starring in a fourth-quarter Super Bowl commercial to promote the all-new 2012 Honda CR-V.

"Matthew's Day Off" is part of an integrated, multiplatform advertising campaign that began earlier this month to support the launch of the all-new Honda CR-V. The campaign encourages the active, hip Gen-Y audience transitioning between their carefree twenties and their more focused thirties to conquer their aspirations by completing their own "Leap List."

"Our primary goal is to support the launch of the all-new CR-V, a pillar vehicle in the Honda lineup, while representing the inherent fun and youthfulness of the Honda brand," said Tom Peyton, Honda brand manager, American Honda Motor Co., Inc.

Playing off the Leap List concept, "Matthew's Day Off," directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover, Due Date, Old School), stars Broderick playing himself while drawing on his well-known coming-of-age character that the CR-V target audience grew up watching.

"As with our other CR-V commercials that began airing this month, this fun commercial reminds viewers to go out and embrace life - do the things you want to do, not just the things you have to do," said Joe Baratelli, EVP, ECD at RPA, Honda's longstanding agency of record.

Hidden in the commercial are dozens of "Easter eggs" reflective of the original film. Fans are encouraged to watch the spot closely to see how many references they can find. For example, an iconic vest that was worn in the original movie is visible in a department store window that appears briefly. To view the commercial and comment on the "Easter eggs," viewers can go to http://www.facebook.com/hondacrv.

To build anticipation for Honda's Super Bowl commercial an eight-second teaser, "Coming Soon," was loaded onto YouTube on Jan. 26 and amassed nearly four million views. A pre-game release of a 2-minute 23-second extended version of "Matthew's Day Off" will be supported by public relations, search marketing and social media. In addition, Honda fans will get a sneak peek of the Super Bowl ad on Honda's Facebook page and Google+ page, which was just launched last week. Fans are encouraged to use the hashtag #dayoff online when talking about Honda's Super Bowl commercial. Momentum will continue the week after the game with several large portal takeovers featuring "Matthew's Day Off."


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Comments (11)

alihijazi alihijazi
ugly... yuck
Feb 1st, 2012 1:00pm
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Honest Car Blog Honest Car Blog
Love it and can 't get enough of it
Feb 1st, 2012 4:46am
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Comp1demon Comp1demon
I found all the references. Pencils and White out on the desk. The agent is tossing a baseball - Ferris caught a ball at the game. Horse Chair Ferris Lamp in agents office Framed picture from the fridge Cameron Electric globe Ferris trophy he uses to make his bed mannequin move Froman, Peterson, Frye is the agency's name red phone THe valet calling Broderick just like Ben Stein did calling out attendance in class. Ferris's dog (rottweiler) There's a Porsche (not a Ferrari - parked between the two CRV's) not sure if that means anything. Cameron's jersey on the coaster He is on the car phone with GRACE When he stops at the light there are two people crossing the street one is the flower delivery guy who delivers flowers from the English department. In the scene where Mathew is stopped at the light and you see the front of the car and the Flower delivery guy crossing the street, the license plate of the agents car you can see DER - so His plate says LINDER which is his last name. (Easter egg, but not a Ferris reference) When they cut to ferris in the car - look in the background you will see Camerons Green and yellow T-shirt and Ferris's Sweater-vest (leopard) - It also looks like the suit he dressed up in to pick up Slone (as mr. Peterson) but unsure and the outfit next to the sweater-vest The outfit in the window could be slone's outfit (it is not Jeanie Bueller's) - If you look at what she is wearing in the Museum when standing behind ferris looking at the paining and compare the outfit to the one a :59 next to Ferris's Vest it looks like her outfit. ALSO AT :59 look at the Key chain hanging from the Start Key hole and you will see the rabits foot that Ferris and Cameron were rubbing on the floor of the Cab when Ferris's Dad was in the cab next to them. In-between the two windows is a small version of the CHEZ QUIZ restaurant sign that they almost get pinched at.. Behind the executives car is a man playing the clarinet in a trench coat like Ferris did messing around at home waiting for Cameron. License plate is SOCHOIC (so Choice - the line he used to describe the Ferrari and it is a play on the Ferrari's NRVOUS plate) Goes to the museum again. There is a guy in the museum who looks like he might be wearing Ferris's Sweater vest. He chases the kids and the kids chase him instead of holding their hands in a chain line like the did on the field trip. Could also be the directors way of pointing out 1986 and 2012 as un organized class maintenance (could be me just reading into it) He stares at a walrus - just like Cameron stared at the paining in the art museum. The Walrus also represents the line of the movie where he says "I could be the Walrus - I'd still have to bum rides off of people" I can confirm after playing back multiple times. The man in the Museum is wearing the Sweater-Vest - but I can also confirm he has on the green beret that Ferris wears when he asks the audience "If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away? Neither would I" and then he speeds down the street and throws it off his head. The Museum patron is wearing BOTH. At the race track (horse race) the guy to Mathews right is wearing Mr. Rooney's glasses and the 1/2 bald man behind Mathew has the pineapple glass that Ferris drinks out of in the beginning of the movie in his yard. The Parade is a parallel to the Steuben day parade Ferris was in. The 3 construction workers again make a cameo - dancing to Mathew doing his duet in the parade. I preferred them dancing to twist and Shout. The girl wearing Sloane's white fringed jacket during the parade scene! "Honored Guest" sash - the "judges" at the downtown parade were all wearing those. Mathew is on TV just like he was at the Cubs game when he caught the foul ball as Ferris. Rooney was in the pizza joint cleaning the soda off his face and turns away from the TV just as Ferris was on the TV. The Agent turns away from the TV talking to the studio just as Mathew is on the TV. A1 EZ OK Park sign when he pulls up to CHEZ NEUF is the parking garage he parked the Ferrari at.(CHEZ NEUF is a play on the CHEZ QUIZ restaurant). The Valet is a JOy rider - just like the Valet at the A1 EZ OK PARK garage in Ferris who just wants to go for a joy ride. The Valet makes the CRV jump just like the Guy in the movie jumps the Ferrari. Again we see the SOCHOIC license plate. Mathew tells us all to go away, go home ect.. just like Ferris did after the credits rolled in the movie. I don't think I missed any, if i did please let me know.
Jan 31st, 2012 11:22pm
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Shumy Shumy
Feb 1st, 2012 1:00am
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Comp1demon Comp1demon
I formatted it all neat and the comment script made it one big mess.
Feb 1st, 2012 5:06am
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RobERob RobERob
Hey, at least it's better than driving a classic Ferrari out a window a 2 or 3 floors high.
Jan 31st, 2012 7:31pm
0 0
progressive progressive
Nice car. I would love to have it. Design could be better, but it's not so bad. It's better than RAV4 in any way. Love Honda.
Jan 31st, 2012 12:36am
0 0
Siawa Siawa
Too long and CR-V is plain ugly.
Jan 31st, 2012 12:28am
0 0
DeRay DeRay
Stick a fork in Honda because they are done! An actor takes the day off to go around town in a CR-V... not likely, a sports car yes! They have lost whatever they had in the 90's.
Jan 30th, 2012 9:12pm
0 0
NYyanks NYyanks
i wouldn't care what car company it is, to have FERRIS BUELLER back is all we ever need!!!!!!!
Jan 30th, 2012 9:13pm
1 0
Comp1demon Comp1demon
He Never left, he was just too cool to GRACE us with his presence for the last 25 years.
Feb 1st, 2012 5:10am
0 0