Volkswagen E-Bugster concept and 2013 Jetta Hybrid to debut in Detroit [video]

Photos and first details of the Volkswagen E-Bugster concept and 2013 Jetta Hybrid have leaked prior to their unveiling tomorrow at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Based on the 2012 Beetle, the E-Bugster pays tribute to the Volkswagen Ragster concept by losing three inches (7.4 cm) of height from its roof for a sleeker look. This lowering of the roof is most noticeable when looking at the shortened windows in the photos. The Ragster concept which debuted exactly six years ago at NAIAS also had its roof chopped by six inches (15 cm).

But perhaps as a sign of the times, the E-Bugster also features an electric drive unit. The motor generates 114 hp (85 kW / 116 PS) and 199 lb-ft (270 Nm) of torque from a 695 lb (315 kg) lithium-ion battery pack located in the rear. Typical of electrical cars these days, the driving range is less than 100 miles and recharging can be done via 120- and 240-volts. There's also a quick charge level which charges the battery to 80 percent capacity in only 30 minutes.

Volkswagen is also set to reveal the Jetta Hybrid in Detroit tomorrow. Expected to hit the market later this year, the Jetta Hybrid has a 1.4-liter petrol turbo engine producing 150 hp (112 kW / 152 PS) and 184 lb-ft (249 Nm) of torque in addition to a 27 kW (36 hp) electric motor for a combined output of 170 hp (127 kW / 172 PS). 0 to 60 mph arrives in less than 9 seconds while a combined fuel economy rating is 45 mpg (5.2l/100km).

The Jetta Hybrid is equipped with a 7-speed DSG transmission which can decouple form the engine and allow the vehicle to be powered exclusively by the electric motor for 1.2 miles up to 44 mph. The Jetta Hybrid weighs only 221 lbs (100 kg) more than a non-hybrid Jetta which is approximately 3,310 lbs (1500 kg).



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DanielWatkins DanielWatkins
Why is VW so dumb?? Don't use a 1.4 liter OTTO cycle gas engine! I don't think they are even using an Atkinson cycle OTTO. VW is not very good with gas engines, take the whopping 31MPG hwy new Beetle for example. Come on now! It's real easy. Put a 1.2 liter turbodiesel like you have in the European Polo and mate it to a strong hybrid drivetrain. Bam. Now you have more MPG than any Prius and decent acceleration due to the power of the electric motor. 55-60MPG HWY is within reach. I know VW can make that 1.2L Diesel pass emissions in the USA so make it happen and beat the competition! Don't use the oversized 2L diesel engine that you use in the USA Passat, Jetta, Beetle, use the small 1.2L from Europe!
Jun 18th, 2012 4:47am
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DavidThompson DavidThompson
the mini the beetle they keep getting uglier more and more this new rendering of the beetle looks like the pt cruiser, the mini has gotten fatter and longer wtf???
Jan 9th, 2012 4:48pm
0 0
TomasCorrea TomasCorrea
I hope this car will be provided with a rear view camera as standard equipment.
Jan 9th, 2012 1:24am
0 0
peterjames7 peterjames7
Like it but ragster needs a meaty engine
Jan 9th, 2012 12:33am
0 0
automobile007 automobile007
VW Beetle meets Mini Coupe?
Jan 9th, 2012 12:13am
0 0