Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition by TopCar

TOPCAR Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition 13.12.2011
TOPCAR Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 Carbon Edition 13.12.2011

Russian tuner TOPCAR has announced a special Carbon Edition version of their Porsche Cayenne Vantage 2 body kit.

On the occassion of the TOP LINE 2011 exhibition in Moscow, TOPCAR has redone the Cayenne II body kit in exposed carbon fiber for a unique look. The body kit includes front and rear bumper fascias, fenders flairs, side kirts, hood, upper roof spoiler and liftgate spoiler.

The exterior has been painted in carbon gray while the interior has been trimmed with carbon pieces just about everywhere you look.

Based on the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, the engine management has been reprogrammed in addition to a new sports air filter, sport exhaust system and a Brembo braking system. Lastly, ADV.1 ultralight forged wheels round out the package.

The exhibition takes place in Moscow from 16th to 19th December 2011.

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Yes, let's replace the oem PLASTIC bumper with CARBON FIBRE bumper on a 4500lb SUV. Because that plastic bumper is the heaviest part of that 4500lb SUV. What a bunch of idiots.
Dec 16th, 2011 7:50pm
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nice car! I like it
Dec 13th, 2011 4:56pm
1 0