Japan Car Crash wrecks 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes & 1 Lambo

A group of car enthusiasts were heading to Hiroshima from Kyushu when one Ferrari driver lost control which caused a massive and extremely expensive supercar pile up. The wreck inlcuded a number of Ferrari 355s, Ferrari F430s, Ferrari F360, Ferrari F512, Lamborghini Diablo and three Mercedes models as well as a Nissan Skyline and a Toyota Prius.

The Ferrari driver reportedly lost control round a wet curve of China Road in Yamaguchi Prefecture when he hit a median creating a catastrophic chain reaction.

Fortunately there were no serious injuries as a result of the multiple car pile up, but the cars weren't so lucky. Check the video above to see images of the wreck from a Japanese TV report.


Source: jalopnik

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Comments (14)

now this is one shameful and expensive moronathon! was beavis and b*tthead driving that Ferrari that started it all? lol
Dec 12, 2011 9:03 pm
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are they still friends after the accident?
Dec 9, 2011 1:33 am
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Could it be that the Prius was an unexpected slow-moving obstacle?
Dec 7, 2011 12:26 pm
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This was not as classy as the million dollar fender bender which included a Bentley, Mercedes, Porsche, Aston and a Ferrari. The best was that no Prii were involved. http://www.autogespot.com/nl/viewimages.php?id=c694021072011203953
Dec 5, 2011 5:15 pm
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Proof that the Toyota Prius causes more problems than it solves...
Dec 5, 2011 1:59 pm
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That Ferrari Testarossa was the only loss, all the other cars are massed produced.
Dec 5, 2011 10:32 am
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The Prius driver must be cracking up
Dec 5, 2011 7:52 am
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Sad and I would hate to be the insurance company.
Dec 5, 2011 7:50 am
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The F355 is one the best Ferraris ever, very painful to see it totaled.
Dec 5, 2011 6:54 am
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"...and a Toyota Prius." LOL ;)
Dec 5, 2011 6:46 am
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its a Chugoku Expressway, not a China Road.
Dec 5, 2011 6:10 am
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Yeah... And that's the whole point, right?
Dec 5, 2011 6:25 am
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Chugoku = China
Dec 5, 2011 9:29 am
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Chûgoku = China, but in this case Chûgoku-Chihô = western part of Honshû to wihich Yamaguchi belongs. Anyway sad news, seeing that smashed white Testarossa hurts.
Dec 5, 2011 11:21 am
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