2013 Mercedes-Benz S-Class comes into focus

2013 Mercedes S-Class spy photo 29.4.2011
2013 Mercedes S-Class spy photo 29.4.2011 / SB-Medien

Could be lighter and more efficient

Mercedes has been tight-lipped about the 2013 S-Class, but new details are starting to emerge about the luxury flagship.

According to AutoCar, the model will be launched late next year with a contemporary design that incorporates aluminum body panels, a wider grille, LED headlights and a more upright windscreen. Overall, the car is expected to be heavily influenced by the CLS and F800 Style / F 125! concepts.

The cabin is slated to feature higher quality materials, aluminum accents and nautical-inspired wood trim. There's also word of a next-generation COMAND system with a free-standing display.

Engine options will reportedly carryover with minor modifications for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. Choices are rumored to include a 250 CDI, a S350 CDI, a S300 Bluetec hybrid and S400 Bluetec hybrid. The S500 (aka S550), S600, S63 AMG and S65 AMG are also slated for a comeback.

To reduce fuel consumption, the car is expected to be equipped with an engine start/stop system, brake energy regeneration, an electro-mechanical steering system, and a nine-speed automatic transmission.

In terms of handling, the S-Class is slated to feature an aluminum-intensive suspension and a Magic Ride Control system that uses cameras to monitor the road and adjust the springs / dampers to deliver optimal ride comfort.

If everything pans out, the 2013 S-Class will eventually spawn five variants: a sedan, a long-wheelbase sedan, a Pullman, a coupe and a convertible.

Source: AutoCar

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Comments (8)

funbobby8888 funbobby8888
HUDSON88 AKA funbobby8888--If it is true that the 2013 S Class will feature a Convert, along with the CL, The S, S-63 & S-65, that would be sweet, and probably call it what they teased a year or so back, the Ocean Drive. I wounder if it would be 5 passenger or staraight coversion of the CL and just seat 4. I hope they offer it both ways. Still itching to see body (side-Front & rear)but all keep talking CLS Lines ??with idtented side panels-wider headlights with string running lights like CLS and same with tail Lights--I hope some are Original to the S so it stands out by itself
Feb 5th, 2012 6:24am
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FirasKB FirasKB
The standard in its segment, it's designing and lunching the technology then other car makers are follow....
Nov 25th, 2011 6:00am
0 0
Nov 18th, 2011 12:46am
0 0
Sickly by engines Sickly by engines
The benchmarker!
Nov 16th, 2011 3:24am
0 0
vilivo vilivo
So, it will be carrying the technology and luxuryall cars will have in 10-20 years? Thats what makes it an S class. Respect the car, I think its the master of its class.
Nov 15th, 2011 6:40pm
0 0
You think? It is actually the master of all luxury car and the most selling car in its class. Van not wait for it.
Nov 15th, 2011 9:08pm
0 0
benz_man benz_man
can not wait!
Nov 15th, 2011 5:24pm
0 0
sris sris
A coupe and convertible? So, the CL becomes the S coupe, and something like the Ocean Drive concept coming out eh? Sweet! Can't wait. It's sure going to be a Tour de Force of new technology like it always is.
Nov 15th, 2011 3:44pm
0 0