Hip-Hop artist 'remixes' Tesla ad [video]

Anthony “Classic Tone” Espanet makes his own pitch for electric mobility by remixing a Tesla ad video

New York composer and Hip-Hop artist Anthony "Classic Tone" Espanet has done his own rendition of a Tesla ad for the Model S, remixing the existing spot and adding his own music.

Espanet's goal here is to pitch his abilities to Tesla and produce music for the company's advertising materials.

We wish Anthony the best and thank him for his contribution!

Source: Classic Tone

2011 Tesla Motors Model S-Alpha Commercial Remix By Classic Tone

Anthony "Classic Tone" Espanet is a Consultant, Humanitarian, Music Producer, Writer, and Vegetarian, born on August 19th 1985, Queens, NY. He was raised in various parts of Nassau County, NY, which gave him a diverse outlook on life, as diverse as his sound and ethnicity. Musically born to the industry as a hip hop baby, his father was the only Latino member "ATA" of one of Hip Hop's most controversial named rap group, Young Black Teenagers (Best known for "Tap The Botttle"). The group was controversial by the name due to the fact no member was physically dark skinned (consistently forgotten there was a Latino member), although clarified by their philosophy.

Music has followed Tone from the time of his birth, yet his awakening didn't come till high school. At the age of 16 he found his passion for Hip Hop culture through his Technique turn-tables and spoken word poetry. The same year he entered a class at his high school, electronic music. Here he received his introduction by his teacher to Propeller Head's Reason music application, changing his life forever, in the art of production. With his high school friends, together they formed their production team titled the "Beat Kings", although still remaining close friends it remained his introduction to the craft. At the age of 18 his close friend and mentor Prince Aka <a href="http://ginogreenglobal.com/">Gino Green</a>, opened his mind and provided him the tools to realize his innate knowledge of self. This is the point of his life that became both the pursuit of music and study of all forms of truth.

At 23, (Spring 2009) Classic Tone (&The Mechanix) alongside Mr.Xclusive (&The Committee) with the sponsorship of Strong Island Hip Hop magazine created Nassau County's first open mic showcase "Roots Soul" to host all genres of music and every demographic of people together in one room. The night gained much attention and respect from all cultures and the community. (Spring 2010) Classic Tone partnered with Chef Nilka Hendricks & SLMPCKNS to start Food4Soul Open Mic Entertainment Showcase. The show continued with the variety of his first show with new life and entertainment for the soul and gained sponsorship from Verizon Fios. His shows have paved the way for over 100 independent New York artist's to take on their first performance with no bias of talent and no overpriced slots, enabling them to harness their craft and take their dream serious.

Musically, Tone has worked with numerous well-respected independent and major artists. Through self-promotion he has garnished almost 2,000,000 views on MySpace, over 60,000 on YouTube, and over 1,000 followers on Twitter. He also has assisted in artist development enabling those performers to open for several major performers. At 25, During the Summer of 2011 he contributed his first published article "Health Now" in KAMOY (Keep Aspiring Minds Of Youth) Magazine, due to Nerissa Irving, released is first yoga album "Yoga Minds" in collaboration with Osho, and directed his first music video titled Which Way performed by Pryclss & GC. He also began volunteering for Charity Water which raises money to provide clean drinking water to the one billion human beings in need. Classic Tone continues to live a life, lead by the Arts, Charity, Love, Health, Knowledge, & Wealth, through networking and connecting with like minded individuals.

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progressive progressive
Great, grat car. I just love this brand.
Aug 19th, 2011 9:40pm
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DeRay DeRay
I have to say I thought it was a great job with the editing.
Aug 19th, 2011 8:41pm
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