2012 Toyota Camry caught on film [video]

Refined styling, improved design

The 2012 Toyota Camry has been unmasked thanks to a video that was apparently shot at the company's annual dealer convention in Las Vegas.

Despite being low resolution, the cell phone footage reveals the car will have edgy styling and a premium appearance. Besides the standard model, we can also expect a sporty SE variant and a fuel-sipping hybrid. Additional information is limited, but Toyota Motor Corp. president and CEO Akio Toyoda has previously said the car will be "best Camry ever", offering remarkable "handling, safety and fuel economy."

Source: Youtube via Indian Autos Blog
Published Jul 5th, 2011 9:15pm By Michael Gauthier
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Comments (20)

kt_10 kt_10
It's a Camry. Just make sure it has a clock and alarm so the owners can wake-up from their nap and make the early-bird special at the diner.
Jul 7th, 2011 4:27am
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Shotokan6 Shotokan6
(continued) If you do not like it, fine, move on. There is nothing to bash here. This car does exactly what it was built for, and does it well. If you want real sports, luxury, performance, look elsewhere, this car was not meant for you and there is nothing wrong with this.
Jul 7th, 2011 3:38am
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Shotokan6 Shotokan6
I am surprised by the level of negativity on this car. Toyota's goal here was to make the ideal passender sedan for the average american family. It was meant to be safe, fuel efficient, roomy, and reliable while conservative/non controversial design. Even though I will never buy one, these car do JUST THAT, reason for their success.
Jul 7th, 2011 3:35am
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AlikMalix AlikMalix
One time a guy pointed to his Camry and said he "...got that sporty version..." I was STUNNED! (sarcasm). I asked him what is it that sets it off that makes it sporty. I thought he'd pop the hood, but instead he pointed to his bumper "...I got them fog light.. right there..." From 9TNine's link, this Camry looks a bit like old Subaru. And for those wondering what the Honda will bring as competition to this will have one of the two following outcomes: It will be the old accord with different lights, or look just like this Camry with different grille. So stop wondering - and go look at some worthy cars.
Jul 6th, 2011 1:15pm
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schizo schizo
Hertz gave me the sporty version of the Camry when I rented a car in Orlando...them bumpers, spoilers, exhaust tips, and fog-lights definitely makes it sporty... It was a shame they forgot to make the suspension, brakes, and engine sporty as well... After driving it like a real car I almost flipped it going off the interstate exit... Horrible car! Even my son called it a weird car...and he's only 4 years old.
Jul 6th, 2011 11:44pm
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buruchaga buruchaga
I looks like Lexus ES
Jul 6th, 2011 11:42am
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nahidrahman nahidrahman
it is the same as an ES
Jul 6th, 2011 3:11pm
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Han Solo Han Solo
The most lamest car I've ever seen...
Jul 6th, 2011 10:12am
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Wojciech Wojciech
what Camry is doing here? the endmost car for car fans.
Jul 6th, 2011 10:03am
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v6s_stink v6s_stink
Ever notice how the last three generations (and apparently the next one, too) of Camry's could easily have their introduction years shuffled without being that noticeable. What I mean is that barring some minor little tweaks to trim and character lines, there is nothing in these dull cars that speak stylistic progress.
Jul 6th, 2011 7:06am
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lambocop lambocop
You mean...boring like all toyotas...including lexuses
Jul 6th, 2011 4:43am
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Broseph Stalin Broseph Stalin
Boring, like all camrys.
Jul 6th, 2011 4:36am
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9TNine 9TNine
Is this it? http://www.motorward.com/2011/07/2012-toyota-camry-first-picture/ The headlights are broadly similar. Hope my paragraphs don't disappear!
Jul 6th, 2011 1:29am
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autoficianado autoficianado
I am hard pressed to see any difference other than more angular styling and the addition of headlight design borrowed from Lexus RX.
Jul 6th, 2011 12:55am
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Douglas6250 Douglas6250
I just love the way Honda and Toyota compete with each other on the Accord and Camry. To be honest I think every time they come up with a new generation they are usually rather big leap forwards, and that leap gets bigger on newer models. Hopefully it really would be the "best Camry ever" and we shall wait and see what Honda has in their cabinet for the next gen Accord !
Jul 6th, 2011 12:47am
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NYyanks NYyanks
still a garbage car! this and the accord can go take a hike! nothing in the mid-size family sedan segment is as visually stunning as the Kia Optima or the Hyundai Sonata.
Jul 6th, 2011 12:45am
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car-o-bar car-o-bar
Looks like the same old appliance camry and most toyotas have always been, what's new. will still sell like hot cakes because most people want a reliable appliance that can take them from point A to point B, unfortunately I am not one of those.
Jul 5th, 2011 10:46pm
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mhectorgato mhectorgato
Didn't you mean "fortunately I am not one of those". I consider myself fortunate :)
Jul 5th, 2011 11:46pm
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bone91 bone91
hey you! you stole my comment from the previous camry article! you just add the "unfortunately I am not one of those."
Jul 6th, 2011 1:04pm
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I don't see major changes. It's just a facelift of 2006 model
Jul 5th, 2011 9:37pm
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