Scion tC Release Series 7.0 announced for U.S. [video]


Scion has unveiled the tC Release Series 7.0 for the United States.

Fully Zeus-approved, the limited edition model has an exclusive "High Voltage" exterior with a TRD body kit and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Inside, designers added two-tone seats, a leather-wrapped steering wheel (with yellow stitching) and an individually-numbered plaque. There's also a push-button ignition and a new Pioneer audio system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Production will be limited to 2,200 units and pricing starts at $21,625.

Source: Scion

Scion tC Release Series 7.0 - Zeus Marketing Campaign

Scion announced today the upcoming arrival of the 2012 tC Release Series 7.0 (tC RS 7.0). Available at dealer showrooms this summer, it marks first limited edition release series for the second generation sports coupe.. The launch of the Scion tC RS 7.0 will be coupled with a new advertising campaign, starring a very lighthearted Zeus. Perched on his Mount Olympus throne, Zeus describes himself as the God of Awesome - and then creates the High Voltage tC using his legendary lightning bolt. With the help of a lovely Muse, Zeus has a great time driving the tC and highlighting its features. See the :30 spot by visiting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sa1XbhJDN8k

In addition, six viral videos will be released today as part of a viral social media campaign. Also starring Zeus, these comedic behind the scenes vignettes show viewers a side of Zeus that makes him more the God of Awkward than the God of Awesome. See all six of the behind the scenes videos at the links below. These videos will also be hosted on Scion's new Brand Channel on YouTube, featuring a new easy-to-navigate video carousel.

The tC RS 7.0 campaign marks a new direction for Scion's product marketing. Past campaigns have focused on urban, cool, or cutting-edge themes set to a darker tone. This series is more lighthearted, making it the first time Scion has taken a comedic route to increase awareness of a new model.

Scion will only build 2,200 units of the tC RS 7.0. The limited edition model will carry a manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $20,905 and $21,905 when equipped with a manual and automatic transmission respectively (The MSRP does not include a delivery, processing and handling fee of $720).

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Comments (4)

who else pronounces TRD as turd when they read it in their head?
Jun 28, 2011 6:26 pm
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Drove this car and what a joke . Ugly looks,cheap interior, poor quality , performance was nonexistent, handling was very poor and the platform and technology in car or way past outdated outdated. This car should have been replaced years ago . This car was terrible when it came out and it was passed by it's competition years ago and they make it look worse and worse every new model year . Enough pointless unspecial special editions already just replace this aged model already .
Jun 28, 2011 2:01 pm
0 0
don't judge a book by it's cover. Although I'm not a big yellow fan, I like the over all look. one thing's for sure. it does NOT look like a corolla. But the upper grill does look like the old school toyota's from the 90's. And nowhere does it even try to impersonate a Koup...eww. Have you driven both vehicles? lol lemme tell you the Koupe SX, even though it has 173 hp, still doesn't have the pick up or handling compared to MY 2005 tC, when it was stock. It's accelerator is very unresponsive. And the materials feel sooooo cheap. I do like the overall look of the Koup, too. Just not a fan of the rims. The new 2011/2012 tC handles a lot better, and pick up is even greater than before. the tC feels more solidly planted than the Koup. I do wish Scion id more with the styling, but the look is still nice, where it's the same yet different than the previous 1st gen style. Personally, what I find disappointing, is the Honda Civic. the "whole new redesign" isn't all that new. And they STILL haven't upgraded or evolved their platforms. sad really.
Jun 28, 2011 8:59 am
0 0
Ghastly thing. Looks like a Toyota Corolla from the front and a bad impersonation of the KIA Forte Koup from the rear. The bright color doesn't keep me from snoozing. Toyota had real potential with the performance upgrades and AM inhouse custom modifications but they managed to dumb it down to a red starter button. Disappointing really.
Jun 27, 2011 1:13 pm
0 0