2012 Buick Regal GS gets a power boost [video]

Opel Insignia OPC still shrugs

Buick has released the final performance specifications for the 2012 Regal GS.

While it's no Insignia OPC, the car has a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 270 hp (201kW / 274 PS) and 295 lb-ft (400Nm) of torque - 15 hp (11 kW / 15 PS) more than original estimates. This enables the GS to accelerate from 0-60 mph in approximately 6.7 seconds, when equipped with a six-speed manual tranmission.

According to Mike Anderson, Ecotec global chief engineer and program manager, "The Regal GS 2.0L turbo delivers the highest specific output of any production engine GM has ever offered, and at 135 hp per liter is the most power dense engine ever certified by SAE."

The 2012 Buick Regal GS will start arriving at U.S. dealerships this fall, but there's no word on pricing yet.

Source: Buick

Buick Regal GS Cranks 270 HP and 295 Lb-Ft of Torque

Exclusive Ecotec 2.0L turbocharged engine delivers more launch force than imports

DETROIT - The 2012 Buick Regal GS, which arrives at dealerships this fall, has been SAE-certified to deliver 270 horsepower (201kW) and 295 lb.-ft. of torque (400Nm) for an estimated 0-60 mph performance of 6.7 seconds.

Regal GS's exclusive Ecotec 2.0L direct-injected turbocharged four-cylinder engine delivers more torque than Acura TSX V-6, Audi A4 Sport, Lexus IS 250 and Volvo S60 T5. Torque is the twisting force that gets a vehicle moving and what the driver feels when accelerating.

"The Regal GS 2.0L turbo delivers the highest specific output of any production engine GM has ever offered, and at 135 hp per liter is the most power dense engine ever certified by SAE," said Mike Anderson, Ecotec global chief engineer and program manager. "We've been combining direct injection and variable valve timing with boosted engines since 2006, and there's no question the Regal GS turbo has the responsiveness and acceleration of some V-6s, while delivering the fuel economy you'd expect of a four-cylinder."

Ecotec 2.0L turbo highlights include direct injection, continuously variable valve timing, forged steel crankshaft, twin scroll design turbocharger and an efficient intercooler system. The peak torque of 295 lb-ft is achieved at a relatively low 2400 rpm. There is 95 percent of peak torque available between 2300 and 4900 rpm.

The GS's engine is mated to a standard six-speed manual transmission, and gets an estimated fuel economy of 28 mpg on the highway. A six-speed automatic transmission will be available later. The entire GS powertrain is covered by a five-year, 100,000-mile warranty.

Further reinforcing Regal GS's performance appeal is its Interactive Drive Control System chassis technology, which delivers enhanced vehicle stability. The driver selects among three operating modes that change the suspension settings, and steering sensitivity through the variable-effort steering system. "GS" mode optimizes the car for dynamic driving, tightening the suspension and steering response. "Standard," or the default mode, is the setting for all-around use. "Sport" mode provides a level of performance between standard and GS modes.

Regal GS also features a four-wheel-independent suspension, with a unique High Performance Strut (HiPerStrut) front suspension design. The HiPerStrut system helps reduce torque steer and maintain negative camber during cornering to keep the all-important tire contact patch on the pavement. The driver experiences improved grip and increased cornering power, along with crisper handling, steering precision and feedback.

The four-link independent rear suspension is designed to minimize unwanted toe and camber effects during spirited driving maneuvers, enhancing vehicle stability and tire grip. Both front and rear dampers incorporate active Computer Damping Control, continuously changing damper characteristics in real time to maintain optimal vehicle ride comfort over varying road surfaces and profiles. More aggressive, performance-oriented damping characteristics can also be selected by the driver when choosing "Sport" or "GS" mode.

Braking power comes from a large diameter four-wheel disc brake system featuring big, four-piston Brembo front calipers for optimal feel and modulation. A standard, four-channel anti-lock brake system is tuned to reduce stopping distances over varied road surfaces and conditions. The Regal GS also features standard StabiliTrak electronic stability control with integrated, full-speed traction control.

The GS cuts a sportier stance, too, with a lower ride height than other Regal models and aggressive 19-inch, 5-Twin Spoke alloy wheels and all-season tires (20-inch, 5-Twin Spoke polished alloy wheels with performance tires are optional).

"The 2012 Regal GS is well balanced with dynamic ride and handling, powerful brakes, great acceleration and excellent fuel economy," said Robert Casparian, Regal product marketing manager. "And the fact that one can get such great performance in a gorgeous sport sedan makes it even more attractive."

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Comments (14)

gazer23 gazer23
I wouldn't complain if this car was sold and badged the same as it is in Europe . I wish Buick would go back to building and designing it's cars in America but keep the current quality of this car . This should be sold in America as a Opel/Vauxhall not a Buick . Then I would buy one .Besides the Opel/Vauxhall is so much better looking .The American exterior styling just doesn't fit this car . If I buy American I want it to look American inside and out just like if I buy European I expect the entire car to look European .
Jun 17th, 2011 3:00am
0 0
bmwaddict bmwaddict
A lot of idiots here, taking Opel/Vauxhall name in shame. What you see here is 100% European technology and common sense. I don't know about this engine but I drove the Insignia OPC on the Dudenhofen race track and it was amazing. I know this is not the same, but still it's way more than the crappy cars Buick has made so far.
Jun 16th, 2011 11:22pm
0 0
gazer23 gazer23
270 horse power big deal I'm so not impressed . Big deal who cares .
Jun 16th, 2011 9:28pm
0 0
Cruize is some years old already, technologicly speaking ofc :)
Jun 16th, 2011 10:57am
0 0
I wish the 2.0 270hp engine was also offered in Europe. It would make a lot more sense when it comes to Government taxes than the V6 OPC which skyrockets its price. Oh and give them Americans the big engine, it's the proper thing to do.
Jun 16th, 2011 7:35am
0 0
Han Solo Han Solo
Why do I keep seeing Chevrolet cruze written all over this car? Are they sharing the same platfiorm?
Jun 16th, 2011 7:34am
0 0
LemieT LemieT
Any dude whose screen name is V6s stink must have no taste in cars. As lover of genuinely good cars and proper styling, the Regal is one of the more eye pleasing offerings on the road today.
Jun 16th, 2011 7:26am
0 0
i miss my 96
Jun 16th, 2011 4:02am
0 0
v6s_stink v6s_stink
Enough news about the most painfully styled car since the Aztek..
Jun 16th, 2011 12:50am
0 0
ne1butu ne1butu
Are you high?
Jun 16th, 2011 6:11am
0 0
?? Are you serious man? You know, if you're another brands fan and just turns green when you see this car the proper thing to do is be quiet.
Jun 16th, 2011 7:15am
0 0
blackbox blackbox
Dear Buick Regal brand manager, Can we have a limited run of the euro VXR for the US and call it Grand National? Maybe a hotter version GNX as well?
Jun 15th, 2011 11:55pm
0 0
Vee4you Vee4you
I wish GM should have added 4-wheel drive as they had originally planned one year or so ago. I am a 2007 VW GTI owner, waiting for the 2012 VW R in the fall; but I certainly will be cross-shopping this Buick Regal GS against the VW R before I commit.
Jun 15th, 2011 11:43pm
0 0
autoficianado autoficianado
good job and about time
Jun 15th, 2011 10:51pm
0 0