BMW secret prototypes come from a place called Plant Zero [video]

Video shows how BMW prototypes are born and tested

They call it Plant Zero.

Somewhere amongst the array of buildings at BMW's Research and Innovation Center in Munich is the place where prototypes are born.

This video shows the people in the Experimental Vehicle Shop (Plant Zero) where first-off prototypes are built and assembled by hand.

Those 'zero' prototypes are made from a solid block of aluminum and the development process is not only meant to create the best possible vehicle, but also devise the most efficient methods to produce the model on BMW's vehicle assembly lines - all highly digitized and robotized.

A secret prototype for a future vehicle appears in the video with its image blurred so that we cannot make out what it is (F30 3-Series).

We also get to see an X6 prototype and learn why BMW prefers that swirling white-on-black camouflage film over black plastic and metal body panels.

Our favorite part of the video...at the 2:10 mark a BMW employee from South Carolina says the word "vee-hicle" in his charming Southern drawl. We just like that, you know.

Source: BMW

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Comments (4)

Garais87 Garais87
i'm sure that Merc and Audi prototypes are built by hand. bmw just as usual wants to show how cool they are :D and by the way this plant ZERO isn't secret any more, now any one now about it, stupid isn't?
Mar 26th, 2011 4:19am
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surubutna surubutna
Bah, there are people that are a bit mentally restricted..
Mar 28th, 2011 12:10am
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Swifty Swifty
hope it's Nissan GT-R competitor because M3 is not enough :D
Mar 25th, 2011 6:56pm
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Soorena Soorena
as you can see it's a four door saloon , not sure how you can relate it to GT-R
Mar 25th, 2011 7:02pm
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