Nowack releases BMW M5 Hans Nowack Edition

BMW M5 N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition 29.06.2010
BMW M5 N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition 29.06.2010

Boasts 718 hp (535 kW / 728 PS)

To celebrate the retirement (aka impending death) of the BMW M V10 engine, Nowack Motors has unveiled a specially modified M5.

Dubbed the N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition, the car features two bespoke intake air collectors, which are painted to match the exterior of the car, and a remapped ECU. More importantly, the company replaced all the internal engine components with specially designed high performance parts. This enables the 5.0-liter V10 to produce 718 PS (528 kW / 708 bhp). While no additional performance specifications were given, the "N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition" will likely accelerate from 0-100 km/h faster than you can say its entire name.

Since the HNE is just an engine makeover, all current M5s / M6s can be converted into a N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition. Furthermore, since every engine is brand new after conversion, the company offers a 12 month warranty without a kilometer limitation.

Source: Nowack Motors

A farewell celebration for the naturally aspirated V10 masterpieces of the BMW M GmbH: NOWACK MOTORS created a world unique state-of-the-art masterpiece to celebrate the end of the era of high revving naturally aspirated BMW M engines, the N635S 5.8 "Hans Nowack Edition", offering an unmatchable maximum power output of 718hp at 9.000rpm.

NOWACK MOTORS, the world's no. 1 specialist company for engineering and manufacturing unique high performance engines on basis of all BMW M engines (4-, 6-, 8- and 10-cylinder) unveils a world unique naturally aspirated masterpiece, the N635S 5.8 "Hans Nowack Edition".

The N635S 5.8 is a tribute from Oliver Nowack to his father Hans, creator of world famed race and road engines and one of the inventors of what is nowadays called ECU-Tuning. Hans Nowack was an overall technical genius who always had his own approach when engineering and building high performance engines, resulting in numerous glorious victories of his cars in international motorsports, like e.g. the victory of the European Touring Car championship with a BMW 635CSi with driver Helmut Kelleners. He never stopped to invent world-class high performance engines, and after his active career, he continued to be a mentor for his son Oliver, who followed him in his footsteps most successfully. Hans Nowack died in 2005, and Oliver created this engine to pay tribute to the lifework of his father.

It definitely is the pinnacle of all high performance engines ever built on basis of the M GmbH's 5.0ltrs. V10 offering a standard maximum power output of 507hp.

Classic mechanical tuning techniques, the usage of the latest, most advanced coating materials and techniques combined with a most sophisticated, individual remap of the ECU were always NOWACK MOTORS' no. 1 choice when increasing power and torque of naturally aspirated engines, further enhancing the thrill that only a naturally aspirated high performance engine provides. Forced induction, neither by supercharging nor turbo charging, never was an option to increase the performance of the 5.0ltrs. V10 engine as it does not suit the engine's overall technical layout and characteristics. Furthermore, a forced induction engine based on a NA engine never offers the refinement and reliability of a perfectly engineered and manufactured naturally aspirated high performance engine. Thus, it is the ultimate challenge for every high performance engine manufacturer.

Each NOWACK MOTORS N635S 5.8 ?Hans Nowack Edition" is equipped with two NOWACK MOTORS bespoke intake air collectors with a higher air volume in order to provide the engine with sufficient intake air quantity.

The colour of the paintwork for the air collectors is being determined by the exterior colour of the car.

Only this time, the name differs from all other NOWACK MOTORS creations. The name does not reveal the actual maximum power output of the engine, clearly separating this unique showcase of highly sophisticated manufacture of internal combustion engines from the N700 4.8 with 715hp, the latest high performance engine creation based on the new 4.4ltrs. BMW M Biturbo V8 engine of the new era being used in the X5M and X6M. As we all know, this engine will be used to propel the upcoming new M5 of the F10 series by next year.

All internal parts of the engine are being replaced by NOWACK MOTORS' high performance parts, thus every M5/M6 (also cars with a higher mileage), can be converted to a NOWACK MOTORS N635S 5.8 "Hans Nowack Edition".

As every engine is brand new after the conversion, NOWACK MOTORS provides an engine warranty of 12 months without kilometer limitation.

Please visit NOWACK MOTORS' website at: www.nowack-motors.com for further informations.

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Comments (7)

m3 m3
this good but u should change the body
Jun 30th, 2010 12:27pm
0 0
997-GT500-STI 997-GT500-STI
Wheels got to go!
Jun 30th, 2010 11:17am
0 0
moodyaaa moodyaaa
Too Late ,, the new shape is comin up
Jun 29th, 2010 11:35pm
0 0
Soorena Soorena
That's why it said `To celebrate the retirement`
Jun 30th, 2010 10:48am
0 0
M! M!
wouldn't running the thing at 718PS accelerate its death?
Jun 29th, 2010 10:34pm
0 0
Truly disgusting, :-( the e39 ///M5 N500 was a beaut!
Jun 29th, 2010 9:19pm
0 0
chris25 chris25
"This enables the 5.0-liter V10 to produce 718 PS (528 kW / 708 bhp). While no additional performance specifications were given, the "N635S 5.8 Hans Nowack Edition" will likely accelerate from 0-100 km/h faster than you can say its entire name." yea but how many secs? 3.2 secs or 4 secs? even though it has 708 bhp.
Jun 29th, 2010 9:11pm
0 0