Lexus LFA not sold out; U.S. allocation still available

2010 Lexus LFA 18.03.2010
2010 Lexus LFA 18.03.2010

Parent company Toyota says there are still some production spots available for the LF-A

Contrary to previous reports, the Lexus LF-A is not sold out.

The Japanese premium brand now says that there will still be some LF-A supercars available for lease to U.S. customers. Parent company Toyota told Inside Line on Thursday that there were still some production spots available for the car. Lexus will make 500 units of the LF-A. It appears that not all U.S. orders were from qualified buyers.

Lexus has created a unique sales model for the LF-A in the United States; units are only available for lease with an option to buy the car after the 24-month lease period is over. Leases are not transferable to a new owner. In Europe, the car can be purchased at Lexus dealers in the usual manner.

Lexus will begin production on the LF-A in December. It still says production will be limited to 500 units in total (available globally).

Source: insideline

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Comments (16)

9TNine 9TNine
So it isn’t sold out, after all?? I doubt the Germans have bought it either. "Only" $375,000...! I can think of better ways of spending that kind of money.
Jun 6th, 2010 5:55pm
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NardoW12 NardoW12
Probably a lot of buyers or potential buyers in the US does not like the business model Toyota have for the LF-A. People like having different options, but Toyota are forcing them into leasing it if they want the car. Sure it's a limited edition car, but come on, it's not like a limited edition Ferrari or something. The LF-A is expensive and probably not qualified for the requirement of the qualified buyers.
Jun 6th, 2010 7:45am
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Panuzzi Panuzzi
Name one sports car selling for $350k or more that's slower than 3.5s to 100km/h, besides the LFA.
Jun 5th, 2010 10:59pm
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997-GT500-STI 997-GT500-STI
Toyota is acting like a car god... Well they can keep this overpriced rubish to themself
Jun 5th, 2010 1:32pm
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scratchy996 scratchy996
of course there are slots available in the US, people just bought the car from Europe. also it's garbage for its price and it will lose value, being a limited edition doesn't always guarantee that the price will go up.
Jun 5th, 2010 1:29pm
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WAY...I mean WAY overpriced..YES it is a tech marvel, BUT..it is one of the UGLIEST PIECES of 2 Seater I have EVER seen...why can't Toyota make the car to look like a Ferrari 458..
Jun 5th, 2010 9:35am
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Robin_McCaffrey Robin_McCaffrey
garbage car
Jun 5th, 2010 8:18am
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M! M!
for those who actually wants to own one and drive one, the company's stragey would help get them into the rightful owners instead of scalpers. re: "qualified buyers", can someone post the requirements?
Jun 5th, 2010 4:44am
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Still not sold out? seems like no one wants it
Jun 5th, 2010 1:23am
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2010S5 2010S5
What an ignorant thing to say. Oh my gawd they havent sold all 500 units yet seems like no one wants it.
Jun 5th, 2010 4:01am
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alamak alamak
if I'm not mistaken, the lease strategy is to avoid people buying it and selling it at a higher price, thus making a profit outright. So if you've been driving it for 2 years, then you might just enjoy it so much that you decide not to give it back, thus buying it back from Toyota. And if you do decide to give it back after the lease period, and the car is worth more than it is today, then you are losing money by giving it back. So obviously Toyota thinks that the car is gonna worth more than it is in 2 years time......
Jun 4th, 2010 10:41pm
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jolz24 jolz24
this thing will depreciate faster than a tonne of bricks free-falling, it somehow lacks the supercar emotion,, i dont think it will be a well regarded collectors item!!
Jun 5th, 2010 7:12am
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mikemikemike mikemikemike
Word. This thing sucks. Better looks and performance out of a GTR at a fraction of the price.
Jun 5th, 2010 7:36am
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apwozniak apwozniak
ah ha the catch. I think the lease is because Americans won't want it after they drive it
Jun 4th, 2010 10:35pm
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carcrazy1234 carcrazy1234
can someone please tell me what the advantage of this "lease only" business is for the US market only? is it to protect the car? orrrr..... so confused lol
Jun 4th, 2010 9:41pm
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