Fiat 500C by Diesel debuts in Japan

 Fiat 500C by Diesel debuts in Japan
Fiat 500C by Diesel special edition 12.04.2010

Denim inspired

Fiat has released new information about the 500C by Diesel.

Set to be unveiled at The Fiat Café in Japan, the convertible features 16-inch alloy wheels, yellow brake calipers (only on the 1.4-liter model), and satin chrome accents. Inside, the cabin is outfitted with denim-style fabric, a 'Mohican' gear knob, satin chrome trim, and Diesel branding.

Four engines will be available: the 69 hp (51 kW / 70 PS) 1.2, the 100 hp (75 kW / 101 PS) 1.4 16v, the 75 hp (56 kW / 76 PS) 1.3 Multijet, and the 95 hp (71 kW / 96 PS) 1.3 Multijet II. They will be backed up by a five/six-speed manual or a five-speed Dualogic 'robotized' automatic.

Priced from €18,000 ($24,475 / £15,860), in Italy, the 500C will go on sale in May.

Source: Fiat

Fiat 500C by Diesel, the new cabriolet version of the model jointly created in 2008 by Fiat and Diesel, the famous clothing and lifestyle brand, will debut in Japan on 12 April. The Fiat Café in Aoyama (Tokyo) - an exclusive location, which has become a byword for sociability and Italian style - has been chosen for the prestigious event, which will be attended by representatives of the establishment, the world of culture and the press, in addition to Diesel founder Renzo Rosso and the top managers of Fiat Group Automobiles Japan. The car will then make its European debut on 15 April at the Milan Furniture Fair in front of the splendid Diesel flagship store in the renowned Piazza S. Babila.

The Fiat 500C by Diesel will be marketed worldwide - in Italy from May, with an on-road price starting from 18,000 euros. Nearly 6,500 units of the already available limited-edition saloon version have already been sold. The new cabriolet "by Diesel" confirms the extraordinary capacity of the "500 Project" to continuously evolve with the addition of new versions. This is precisely one of the secrets of the undisputed success of the Fiat 500, a genuine pop icon and expression of the concept of "massexclusivity" ("non-exclusive exclusiveness"), which a few days ago reached the target of 500,000 units produced in only 31 months after having been launched.

In detail, the 500 by Diesel is distinguished by some bold aesthetic features, starting with the exterior. Everything is exclusive for this version, the result of the creativity of two teams of designers: the aggressive 16" alloy wheels, the rear trim with imitation air intake where one of the most famous logos of Italian fashion is set, the yellow brake calipers (only on the 1.4 100 HP version) and the satin finish chrome painted details, including the mouldings which with their bosses evoke the atmosphere of the Diesel fashion world. The interiors are also highly customised, sporting a dark denim style fabric with yellow stitching, a fifth pocket with the unmistakable Diesel brand, the head of the famous "Mohican" on the gear lever knob and the special satin chrome coloured dashboard.

Just like the saloon, theFiat 500C by Diesel also combines two apparently distant worlds: fashion and motoring. In fact, they have some important concepts in common, such as talent, creativity, charm and innovation, the winning ingredients of Italian style, which is famous worldwide.

Finally, according to markets, the Fiat 500C by Diesel range comes with four Euro 5 engine versions (1.2 69 HP, 1.4 16v 100 HP, 1.3 Multijet 75 HP with DPF and 1.3 Multijet II 95 HP); manual 5 or 6 speed gearboxes (petrol engines can be fitted with a Dualogic 5 speed robotised gearbox); and three body and top colour combinations: the distinctive green with black top, the elegant black with black or red top and the original "Midnight indigo" blue with ivory top. The latest two innovations of the Fiat 500 by Diesel stand out: a second-generation 1.3 Multijet II 95 HP (Euro5) turbo diesel with Start&Stop system as standard, with emissions of just 104 g/km of CO2 and "Midnight indigo" blue, an intriguing metal-flake body colour which - with a finer paint texture and almost 3D effect - is reminiscent of the look of stone-washed fabrics.

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Much rather have a normal one
Apr 13, 2010 9:38 am
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loool @ fiat..... ugly as hell...
Apr 13, 2010 6:43 am
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pretty pricey...
Apr 13, 2010 12:23 am
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pretty pricey...
Apr 12, 2010 11:33 pm
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You would have to be pretty brand loyal to buy something like this, becuase i know persoanlly i like a brand for a couple of months and then i move on and its the next brand...
Apr 12, 2010 7:16 pm
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