Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid Features KERS System Developed by Williams F1 [Video]

The flywheel-based KERS system developed by Williams for formula one will instead be fitted to Porsche's new 911 GT3 R Hybrid race car.

The Grove based team told the media on Thursday that its energy recovery system, developed throughout 2009 but disallowed as part of a FOTA agreement this year, will be unveiled in the Porsche at the Geneva Motor Show next month.

"We hope that this will be just the start of the evolution of hybrid systems developed for formula one moving across to applications where they can contribute to cleaner and more powerful vehicles," said Williams' chief operating officer Alex Burns.

Williams said the technology will also be available to buses, trains, ships and wind power generation.

Aboard the Porsche 911, however, Williams' KERS will see some racing action, with the German carmaker announcing it will contest May's Nurburgring 24 hour race.


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Published Feb 12th, 2010 6:00am
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Oxford, UK, February 11, 2010. Williams Hybrid Power Limited is pleased to confirm that the energy storage system as part of the new Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid, which was announced today by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, has been developed and supplied by Williams Hybrid Power. The 911 GT3 R Hybrid with innovative hybrid drive will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Further details from Porsche follow in the attached press release.

The energy storage system was originally developed for use in Formula One by the AT&T Williams team but Williams Hybrid Power is now focused on applications in road vehicles.
The technology will also be developed for larger, infrastructure applications by Williams F1 at its new research facility in the Qatar Science and Technology Park.

Ian Foley, Managing Director of Williams Hybrid Power said, "We are delighted to see our technology being adopted by one of the world's leading engineering companies and most prestigious automotive manufacturers in one of their racing cars. Partnering with Porsche on this project has been a very positive experience and we are grateful to them for choosing to work with us."

Alex Burns, Chairman of Williams Hybrid Power and Chief Operating Officer of Williams F1 said, "This is a milestone for both Williams Hybrid Power and Williams F1. Together we have worked to bring this technology forward to the point where it can be tested in a racing car and deployed in a road car. We hope that this will be just the start of the evolution of hybrid systems developed for Formula One moving across to applications where they can contribute to cleaner and more powerful vehicles."


Williams Hybrid Power Ltd (WHP) has developed a novel, patented electromechanical composite flywheel system that provides a high-power, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for mobile or stationary energy storage and recovery, originally developed for Formula One. Through development of a flywheel for Williams F1's Kinetic Energy Recovery System, WHP has proved its world-class engineering capabilities in the composite flywheel field as well as radically improving aspects of the technology in the process. WHP is today making the technology available to meet the high-power energy storage needs in a variety of applications including hybrid passenger vehicles, hybrid buses, electric trains, diesel-electric ships and wind power generation. In November 2009, the company announced its involvement in a mild hybrid road car programme with Ricardo, CTG, JCB, Jaguar Land Rover, SKF and Torotrak. The project aims to demonstrate the potential of flywheel-based hybrid systems with the potential for 30 per cent fuel savings (and equivalent reductions in CO2 emissions) at an on-cost of less than £1000, to enable mass-market uptake of hybrid vehicles in price sensitive vehicle applications.


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Comments (7)

RzGTmorio RzGTmorio
nice car is this Porsche 911 GT3 R HYBRID
Feb 13th, 2010 1:28am
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designads designads
it's not a Hybrid like you see on the streets....it's not electric! I'd like to see how this flywheel-based system works and what's the gain vs the added mass.
Feb 12th, 2010 11:33pm
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scratchy996 scratchy996
it is electric, but it doesn't have batteries. it's lighter, recharges faster than batteries and gives more power. the downsize is that it requires more space. then again, the 998 will be bigger, maybe they will end up using it in road cars, at least in the two seaters, GT2 and GT3.
Feb 13th, 2010 12:00am
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prokopec prokopec
Don´t cry for Porsche Argentina! The true is the German brand is just repeating its own history - one of the Ferdinand´s first cars was Löhner-Porsche with electro hubs in front wheels. And this "hybrid" system is actually only based on KERS without classic hybrid bateries etc. So for the endurance races this is the great achievement - let´s just see the reliability.
Feb 12th, 2010 11:19pm
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Zonda Addict Zonda Addict
I am not a huge fan of porsche, but I can`t say that the hybrid 911 isn`t a great idea for the 24 hour race at the Nurburgring.
Feb 12th, 2010 8:03pm
0 0
nederina nederina
Cut the horrific song on the Youtube video and give us the engine/KERS soundtrack instead!
Feb 12th, 2010 1:49pm
0 0
Dragos_DreS Dragos_DreS
A tear drops my eye
Feb 12th, 2010 1:30pm
0 0