Ginetta G40 Debuts at Autosport International

Ginetta G40 live at 2010 Autosport International - 1600
Ginetta G40 live at 2010 Autosport International - 1600

British racing and sports car builder Ginetta has introduced its newest car, the Ginetta G40.  The 850-kilogram car uses a 1.8-liter Zetec engine from Ford that typically produces about 150 horsepower.

However, the engine was reportedly modified, and the exact specs were not released by Ginetta.

Introduced at Autosport International in Birmingham, England, the G40 is optimized for racing.  It has crash zones at the front and back, side impact bars, and a roll cage the company claims is "50 times stronger than minimum 2009 FIA homologation regulations."

"We debuted both the G50 and the G50Z at the exhibition and I'm delighted that Autosport visitors have had the first ever glimpse of Ginetta's stunning new car," said Ginetta chair Lawrence Tomlinson.  "The G40 is the most versatile road and race car on the market today - with safety features that exceed all FIA regulations."

The Ginetta G40 will be produced in an initial run of 26 units.  The car will retail for £24,950.


Top British race car manufacturer Ginetta today unveiled its latest launch, the Ginetta G40, before a rapt audience at the prestigious Autosport International exhibition at Birmingham's NEC.

The car, which was revealed for the first time to the general public by Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson and Autosport's Henry Hope-Frost, will be the UK's first multi-platform road and race car and is set to make its debut on the BTCC-supporting 2010 Ginetta Junior Championship.

Joining Mr Tomlinson on stage was current Ginetta Junior Champion Sarah Moore, who will defend her title this season and karting supremo Seb Morris who recently purchased the first ever production G40 - chassis G40-LT-005.

Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson said: ""I am absolutely thrilled to see the Ginetta G40 launched at Autosport International here today. We debuted both the G50 and the G50Z at the exhibition and I'm delighted that Autosport visitors have had the first ever glimpse of Ginetta's stunning new car. The G40 is the most versatile road and race car on the market today - with safety features that exceed all FIA regulations. We have been completely overwhelmed by demand for the G40 and I just can't wait to see it out on the grid in its first Ginetta Junior race in April. It will kick off the season in style and will be THE car to watch in 2010!"

Featuring an 1800CC sealed Zetec engine and a proposed weight of 850kg, the G40 will not only serve to elevate the current Junior series with a fresh, modern look but will also be eligible for entry into a variety of competitive racing categories - whilst addressing a vast array of safety issues.  Key features of the G40 include:

  •  Safety cage 50 times stronger than minimum 2009 FIA homologation regulations
  •  Front and rear crash zones
  •  Updated side impact bars
  •  Increased occupant safety and visibility
  •  Adjustable interfaces to maximise comfort
  •  Comfortable dual occupancy

Following the highly successful launch of the Ginetta G50 launch 2 years ago, Ginetta is producing an initial batch of twenty six G40's, with pricing set at £24,950.

About Ginetta

Ginetta has been building road and race cars since 1958.

Today the Yorkshire-based company is a major player on the motorsport scene in the UK and abroad. Its own three single-make Championships are renowned for their entertaining close racing plus cater for novices and the career-minded alike.

Multi-marque racing at GT level with the G50 and the Ginetta-Zytek's LMP1 and LMP2 cars complete the career ladder opportunities starting from 14 years old in the Junior car.

Racing pedigree is evident in Ginetta's road cars. Suitable as track day cars or for leisure, pleasure and everyday use, high performance, affordability and drivability is key.

In 2008 Ginetta Cars was awarded the title of ‘Small Business of the Year' by the Motorsport Industry Association and this June, Team LNT raced a Ginetta Zytek GZ09S in the premier LMP1 class at Le Mans.

In September 2009, Nigel Mansell will drive a Ginetta-Zytek GZ09S at Silverstone in the Le Mans Series finale with his son Greg and Ginetta Chairman Lawrence Tomlinson.


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BrianWCF BrianWCF
More info about the model above Racy Rhian: http://www.page3.com/feature/2010/racyrhian/index.shtml Warning: nudity at the link above. Open with caution.
Jan 20th, 2010 3:23am
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sensei sensei
That model looks like she's got a little extra junk in her trunk.
Jan 19th, 2010 10:57am
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radmeister radmeister
Hey don't talk about my wife like that :p
Jan 19th, 2010 3:05pm
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GeeNee GeeNee
Osu sensei
Jan 19th, 2010 4:30pm
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Han Solo Han Solo
Ohhh god...she is hot...I'm in love with that Model...I would do anything to be with her... Whats that thing she is sitting on???
Jan 19th, 2010 9:59am
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Fawzi Mufti Fawzi Mufti
Its a Ginetta G40....
Jan 19th, 2010 4:50pm
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radmeister radmeister
A what? I still don't see what you're talking about.
Jan 20th, 2010 2:04am
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contact_edward contact_edward
...that IS one of the hottest car models that I've seen... and I'm a brunette kind of guy.
Jan 20th, 2010 5:37am
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v6s_stink v6s_stink
Likely attractive to many, but just not my type.
Jan 19th, 2010 8:43am
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dbehmoaras dbehmoaras
So it's ultra safe, but not ultra fast. Was expecting more tbh, but good effort nonetheless.
Jan 19th, 2010 8:16am
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