Stig Approved: Caterham Superlight R500 - for £19.50

Caterham Superlight R500 scale model with Stig figure
Caterham Superlight R500 scale model with Stig figure

Cateram Cars releases remote control version of R500 to fit under the Christmas tree

Well, if the Stig recommends it...yes, of course!

Caterham Cars has released a smaller version of the R500 to make the model more affordable for the average consumer.

How much cheaper?

£19.50...or €21.50


How much smaller?

1:16 scale

Oh, it's a toy.

The Caterham R500 was such a hit on Top Gear last year - with the Stig recording one of the fastest ever lap times on the show's infamous track, and the car going on to win Top Gear's Car of the Year Award for 2008 - that Caterham Cars decided to put out this remote control version.

Available in two color combinations - yellow with black stripes or red stripes on white - the cars will operate on different frequencies so that owners can race each other.

A Christmas gift to rev a Top Gear fan's idling heart. How very thoughtful.


Source: Caterham Cars
Published Nov 28th, 2009 3:00am By Alex Ricciuti

Legendary Superlight R500 - for £19.50

The Caterham Superlight R500 may be small and lightweight, and on many a petrolheads' wish list, but only now is it tiny enough to fit into a Christmas stocking.

Caterham Cars' most rapid road-going vehicle has been recreated to scale complete with remote control and BBC Top Gear's The Stig behind the wheel.

The miniature Caterham R500 celebrates the model's star turn on BBC Top Gear last December.

The full size version demonstrated its blistering speed around the programme's famous test track, recording one of the fastest ever laps, and scooping the show's coveted Car of the Year award for 2008.

At 1:16 scale, with full function radio control, the model makes for an ideal gift for anyone over the age of 8 years.

Not only is the Caterham R500 available in two colours - the famous white and red stripe, plus the yellow and black combination - but both are on separate radio frequencies, allowing owners to race each other.

Exclusively sold from Marks & Spencer stores nationwide, the remote controlled Caterham R500 is priced £19.50.

Alternatively, contact Caterham Cars direct for the full size version, by calling 01883 333700 or by visiting www.caterham.co.uk.


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Comments (7)

well, at least the TMNT is funny... When I was a kid, officially few years ago, me and my friends doesn't have (insert cartoon show name here) everything, cause we all go for cool stuff, not what's on TV... back to The Stig, I don't see how a kid would be interested at The Stig, cause kid who like cars would watch Top Gear for sure, but that kid would be interested in cars, not The Stig. Makes more sense if they make more RC cars btw, to some of you I'm still a kid, a 15 year old one
Nov 29th, 2009 5:59am
0 0
loyo loyo
You're just jealous because they're not for sale wherever you live, and so you can't buy one for your kids
Nov 29th, 2009 5:15am
0 0
I'm getting sick that BBC is using The Stig as a symbol and launch every single thing with The Stig face on it, I walk around a supermarket in the UK a couple of days ago, saw The Stig lunch box, water bottle and shampoo!
Nov 28th, 2009 7:39pm
0 0
sub39h sub39h
and other companies don't do the same? when i was a kid i had Thomas the Tank Engine everything, and one of my friends had TMNT everything. nothing wrong with savvy marketing.
Nov 28th, 2009 8:17pm
0 0
scratchy996 scratchy996
TMNT rule ! i was such a fan :)
Nov 28th, 2009 8:34pm
0 0
Max_Speed Max_Speed
What would you expect in a capitalist trade market ?
Nov 29th, 2009 3:39am
0 0
dbehmoaras dbehmoaras
Ah I see... Stig-Baby's first car.
Nov 28th, 2009 8:14am
0 0