Cargraphic tunes Cayenne Diesel to 290hp

Cargraphic Cayenne Diesel
Cargraphic Cayenne Diesel

Boasts 630Nm of torque

Cargraphic has unveiled a new range of styling and performance accessories for the Porsche Cayenne Diesel.

Under the hood, Cargraphic adds a revised ECU module which boosts the 3.0-liter V6 turbo diesel's output from 240hp (176kW) and 550Nm of torque to 290hp (213kW) and 630Nm of torque. Although Cargraphic did not provide any performance data, they did state the Cayenne's top speed is increased to 221 km/h (137 mph).

The company also offers an extensive body kit which includes a new front valance, a rear diffuser, side skirts, and wheel arch extensions. If that doesn't float your boat, perhaps Cargraphic's modified electronic suspension module will do the trick. It has been specially designed to give the Cayenne a low stance which helps to improve aerodynamics and reduce drag.


Source: Cargraphic
Published Jul 10th, 2009 4:30pm By Michael Gauthier
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Cargraphic offers a 290PS Cayenne Diesel with muscular looks.

Burning Rubber and Oil!

With its interpretation of the Cayenne Diesel, Cargraphic proves the emotional sparks can still fly high, even when the engine doesn't use spark plugs. The tuner from the Pfalz takes the finest cars and raises its pulse, and that of the driver. After the "electronic" stimulation provided by Cargraphic' s Cardiologists, the V6 Turbo diesel pumps out 290PS (213kW) instead of 240PS (176kW).

With more power than 100,000 human hearts pulsating under the hood, the Cayenne could theoretically move a weight of 21.75 tons upwards. But the fortunes of a Cargraphic driver lie on the street. "Here it's the torque, even more than the outright power, that is really impressive," explains Cargraphic CEO Thomas Schnarr. 630Nm peak torque (compared to 550Nm in the standard model) means the Cayenne kicks down like an Olympic sprinter firing from the starting blocks.

The increased efficiency of the motor shows is clear from the constant grin of the driver, as well as on the speedo. The needle only stops at 221km/h, but with the electronic suspension module it could even be a touch faster, thanks to improved aerodynamics and reduced drag. To back up the performance, the optional Cargraphic body kit gives the Cayenne an even more muscular look, without losing the elegant tone. The Sport Design front lower valance is available with two fog and high beam lights and brake cooling channels. Then there's the rear diffuser, wheel arch extensions and side skirts, all produced in high-quality GFK, that complement the German-built light alloy wheels ranging from 20 to 22" in size. That's how easy it is to pour more power into a diesel engine and fuel the flames of automotive passion.


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