2012 Next Gen Ford Ranger double cab spied in the Alps

2012 Next Gen Ford Ranger double cab spied in the Alps
2012 Next Gen Ford Ranger double cab spied in the Alps / CarPix

Ford has been keeping away from the Detroit bankruptcy news. Instead the blue oval appears to be going on with business as usual. Spied here is the next-generation Ford Ranger test mule doing testing in the Alps. The Ranger is quite popular in markets outside of the US, a country where the public apparently still prefers pickups that are a little bit bigger.

The spied double-cab Ranger is bigger than the vehicle it replaces but is smaller than what US taste buds are used to. Perhaps in a world of cars that is going small and eco-friendly this may not be such a bad thing. In fact if the rumours are true, this Ranger, codenamed T6, will be a "world car" for all global markets including the US.

It might look like the Thai-built Mazda BT-50 from outside but under the skin lives the upcoming Ranger. We are still some time away from the launch festivities which will happen in 2012. Ford of Australia is designing and building the truck.

An insider said the US is likely to receive a direct injection four-cylinder 1.6-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine with about 175hp (129kW) and 180 lb-ft (244Nm) of torque. The rest of the world will get, among others, the 3.0-litre TDCi with 154hp (113kW) and 280 lb-ft (380Nm) of torque.


Published Jun 5th, 2009 5:24pm By Thami Masemola
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Comments (9)

SpikeMike SpikeMike
I for one would love to see this in the US. I owned an F-150 Supercrew but it was too big and drank too much gas. A Ranger crew cab would be just the ticket. Here in the US, Ford sells a pickup version of the Explorer, but it gets the same gas mileage as the F-150, so what's the point. But a Ranger crew cab with reasonable fuel economy would be great.
Jan 7th, 2010 2:07am
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timax525 timax525
Do you thinck is going to looks like the ranger max concept ,sold today in Ausralia and thailand??? SO Please Ford, don't make it only 4 inline ,petrol and diesel, put the 3.5L ecoboost manual 6 speed or just the 3.5l Normaly aspired but put a v6 into it.
Jun 10th, 2009 12:39pm
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joelynn joelynn
almost nobody outside the USA would buy a TOYOTA Tundra- i have seen one here in Poland and its totally inappropriate... however Rangers and similar sized pick-ups like the L200 and Hilux are popular all over europe
Jun 7th, 2009 9:11pm
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Aygo Aygo
Well judging by the license plate on this mule, it seems like this model is using a 2.2 TDCi 4 cylinder diesel engine taken from the S-Max MPV, Mondeo and Mazda6
Jun 6th, 2009 10:52pm
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ftitus5 ftitus5
I just hope it will do better in crash tests. The Ranger sold in USA is 10 years old, but even the one sold in Europe, just 4 years old I think, didn't do more that 2 stars at EURONcap crash tests... Don't buy one if you have kids...
Jun 6th, 2009 11:21am
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rorycarguy rorycarguy
@TheFox , i completley agree , dont no what hemi426 was on about??? but i wish ford & mazda would design a less conventional truck yet with all the space and practicality of similar sized trucks!!!!
Jun 6th, 2009 5:48am
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TheFox TheFox
@ politz: Can't judge how the truck looks just yet - this is just a mule, an existing Mazda BT50 body hiding the new Ford mechanicals underneath. @ Hemi426: Ford don't even make the Tundra. What on earth are you talking about?
Jun 6th, 2009 4:00am
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Why would anyone buy this? I like the tundra a lot more. If they stop making this, and sell the tundra all over the world, with v8, but also smaller and diesel eingines. I think that would sell better.
Jun 6th, 2009 12:51am
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politz politz
Looks like any other midsize pick up from the last 10 years with a 2000 ford fiesta front end attached to it.
Jun 5th, 2009 11:00pm
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