2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe is based on W204 C-Class Platform

2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe
2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe

Speaking with Wolfgang Bremm, E-Class product manager, Automotive News has confirmed that the 2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe is in fact based on the C-Class platform, not on the E-Class after which it is named. This is the very same C-Class platform officially called the W204. Renaming the car that replaced the two-door CLK as an E-Class is interesting to say the least, but it follows Merc's previous production of basing the W209 CLK on the W203 C-Class platform.

The new E-Class sedan uses a platform codenamed W212 which is clearly not W204. Speculation is that the E coupe's platform designation is C207.

The question may arise as to why Merc would rename the car after the E-Class when it's based on another. Ernst Lieb, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA says one of the answers is that the car performs better for its intended purposes with C-Class underpinnings than it would with E-Class architecture. But more telling a reason is that customers will be far more willing to fork out more money for something called an E-Class Coupe rather than one called a C-Class Coupe, especially at the higher end where the margins are bigger.

Weighing about 400lbs (181kg) less than an E-Class sedan and boasting a slicker body, the Coupe will ultimately handle better and be more efficient than its predecessor.

However, due to the growing media attention of this report, MBUSA officials have issued a statement, according to Left Lane News, saying the E-Class coupe shares more than 60 percent of its "components and technology" with the E-Class sedan. In what appears to be an attempt to excercise some damage control and divert some of the attention back to the E-Class the statement fails to address the inner body structure or platform as being W212 or W204.

We tend to believe the original report was accurate and the E-Class Coupe is indeed based on the W204 C-Class despite its common componentry with the W212 E-Class.


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Comments (36)

Remember that the 'C' in CLK had nothing to do with C-Class, it stood for Coupe Luxury Kompact - ie. a smaller CL (Coupe Luxury). It was a range in it's own right that used bits from models around it in the range (C and E Class). It may have had a C class platform but anyone who's driven it will realise it's not just a 2 door C class. As for the E Class Coupe, I agree with some of the above. What was wrong with CLK?
Jun 25th, 2009 10:34pm
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1995E320Coupe 1995E320Coupe
I believe there is something wrong with a few contemporary Mercedes-Benz coupes (1st generation CLK, current CLS, and the new "E-Class" coupe), so, please, let us define what a genuine Mercedes-Benz "coupe" is by looking at Mercedes-Benz history. First and foremost, a true Mercedes-Benz coupe has no B-pillar, no matter what. That little, fixed window on the new "E-Class" coupe bothers me to no end. Is the convertible version going to have two pieces of glass sticking out of it with the top down?! If they need it there for structural or world-record aerodynamic purposes, then why not offer something stylish, perhaps something like the 1972-1981 SLC coupes' louvered rear window? Or, instead of an old-fashioned window, Engineering today could make the louvers move at the touch of a rear-seat passenger's button and Marketing could emphasize how this louvered structure anticipates a passenger's need to reduce wind buffeting while reminding us how the extra glass flap on the rear window of the 1963-1981 600 limousines quelled the same turbulence. That little thorn of a window on the new car bothers me as much as that “bitch of a bearing wall” B-pillar and fixed (!) rear window on the first CLK. That first CLK and the new “E-Class” coupe are studies in cost-cutting. Don't forget that the 1993 Geneva Coupe Studio (CLK prototype) was presented without B-pillars! Hey, some BMW 3-Series coupes feature a pivoting rear window, at least. Furthermore, the CLS sedan is marketed as a four-door "coupe," but are the designers unaware of the undeniable style of the 1958-1962 300d sedan as it sat with its frame-less doors, windows all rolled down, and removable rear quarter windows plucked? That open 300d sedan look is not just panoramic, it is positively defiant and dramatically cinematic. It really was "engineered like no other car in the world." I know side-airbags are important, but there has to be a more elegant solution than what these supposed coupes offer today. Isn't that what the Concept Ocean Drive promised?
Jun 5th, 2009 5:22pm
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imonev imonev
I don't care on which platform the car is build, because I like E-Class Coupe. My prevuous post was just a fact.
May 26th, 2009 4:19pm
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Bonganie Bonganie
Just because its a Merc every1 is goin 2 make a big deal out of it!
May 26th, 2009 9:25am
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benzboy benzboy
The car is the car Its made and its done Lets just enjoy it and Not be bitter table for ONE!!
May 26th, 2009 4:53am
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moon-fades moon-fades
is that means the Merc cars are going bigger and bigger??
May 23rd, 2009 5:52pm
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imonev imonev
This "trick" is nothing new for Mercedes-Benz. CLK (W208) also was some kind of E-Class(W210) Coupe, but the platform was identical with the C-Class platform. Another "look-hoax" is clearly seen in the current CLC model, wich adopted the new C-Clas face, but technically is nothing more than the old C-Class Sport Coupe (Wich is pure C-Class W203).Cover song ...
May 22nd, 2009 7:10pm
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unknownuser unknownuser
They had to call it the E Class Coupe because calling it an ELK would not be appropriate for a car that is trying to portray a sporty image. But who cares. MB found a good gap in the market to fill the void between a 3 Series coupe/A5 and the CL/(maybe 6 series?) Nothing wrong with using under-pinnings from another model to get the result you want. As pimeov says it's less atrocious than what Toyota does with the Lexus ES. Infiniti atleast learned not to share the Maxima platform anymore and dropped the I series in favor of the GS...which is really a re-badged Skyline. *Maybe MB could've called it the D Class instead???? just joking...
May 22nd, 2009 2:16pm
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pismeov pismeov
1. we know it's based on the c-class platform. 2. so what? does this car suddenly suck or something because of that? sit in it, and you see e-class. look at it, and you see e-class. at no point do you say "hey, this thing is more c-class than anything." until any of us here actually drive the thing, no one can say it'll drive like a c-class either. people these days are too hung up on platform sharing despite the fact that most of them don't know what makes a platform. and people seem so shocked when they learn that this e-class is on a c-class platform even though most don't know what a c-class "platform" exactly is. 3. this is how car manufacturers are these days. it's not a shameful thing to do, so long as the results are proper. the whole infiniti line-up pretty much rides on 2 platforms. not a big deal. the 6-figure m6 shares the same platform as the 50,000-dollar 5-series--not a big deal. what people should remember is that platform sharing is no where near the same as re-badging.
May 22nd, 2009 8:58am
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wjaprep wjaprep
i dont care wht it is, this car is just to cool. i mean toyota lies all the time, calling their overpriced camrys "Lexuses... lexuss... lexi?" anyweigh, you get my point.
May 22nd, 2009 6:03am
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Mbguy87 Mbguy87
I don't care what it's based on. It's overpriced as it is. I think the E-class sedan is genuine, what the E-class coupe is basically again an overpriced C-class. All I want see is a Mercedes-Benz coupe that has a starting price of $30k-$35k. That would be fair and realistic. They make nothing in that category other than the C-class, which is nice but needs more excitement.
May 22nd, 2009 5:34am
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unknownuser unknownuser
at least they disguised the underpinnings better than the last generation. The first CLK was a good cover, second, horrible, third actually looks classy.
May 22nd, 2009 3:06am
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736939 736939
if we compare Mercedes-Benz E-class 2010 and BMW 5-series 2010. Mercedes is like a Beyonce near with ugly Paris Hilton !!!!!
May 22nd, 2009 2:41am
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rcw rcw
This has been common knowledge for so long, Mercedes even stated this a year or two ago. I am surprised this is even news. I was just always shocked when I would see auto journalist and others claiming that this was an E-Class platform. For one thing, it would not be cost effective to shorten the E-Class platform to fit the size for a coupe. The name change is just Mercedes effort to strengthen brand identity and try to regain some of the status that the older Benz models used to have.
May 22nd, 2009 1:38am
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I could tell that right away, it has about the same size and the same wheelbase as the c class
May 22nd, 2009 1:16am
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500lbman 500lbman
Changing the name simply justifies the price Mercedes-Benz charges for this car. The CLK was already expensive. It's not like they changed the name then raised the price. A loaded up CLK was around $56k US. That is the same price as an E350 sedan. Now that the car is redesigned it is actually worth the money.
May 22nd, 2009 12:28am
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sub39h sub39h
i don't see why this is such big news WCF. i myself have mentioned about 50 times in comments that it's based on the C-Class. things like the wheelbase being identical really should have given the game away... i personally think that the CLK name should have stuck. calling it an E Class will harm it's image in the eyes of the types of young buyers that Merc seems to want to target.
May 22nd, 2009 12:01am
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mbcy mbcy
It has nothing to do with a "hoax". Car officially and openly carries its own chassis designation (C207, the same way that the CLK always had a separate chassis designation (C208 and C209) for the simple reason that the new coupe like the CLK before hand is neither a C nor an E-Class, but a combination of the two, both in terms of chassis architecture, and electronics. That is why for example CLK (and E-Coupe) support engines and latest electronics aids available on the comparable E-Class but not available on the comparable C-Class (e.g. V8 engines/ C-Class AMG versions used the CLK front end to accommodate a V8 & Distronic on CLK, Distronic Plus on E-Coupe that are not available on C-class and C-class based cars like the CLC and GLK). Using the shorter, sportier basic chassis set up of the C-class, but with E-class interior/engines/electronics/styling makes perfect sense. (and by the way I preferred the previous CLK designation – it was more prestigious than “E-Class Coupe”)
May 21st, 2009 11:57pm
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53MercOwner 53MercOwner
Mercedes attitude of cost cutting, over-reaching in different markets, and marketing-driven design has deservedly brought this avalanche of criticsm. The S-class is still the best on the road and the new E-class is supposedly an insanely refined drive. Plus, if I were to have the "mother-and-father" of accidents, I hope I would be in a Merc. Mercedes used to CLEARLY make the best when 19 out of 25 grand prix drivers drove 560 SEC's.
May 21st, 2009 11:57pm
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worldcarfan87 worldcarfan87
its a direct replacement for the clk so no surprises its based on the c-class. the name is to move the model upmarket, so they can charge higher prices, similar to what audi did with the A5.
May 21st, 2009 11:54pm
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MB did it to improve individual model sales numbers...the old/new CLK/E class coupe will be counted in the sales of the E class...please stop trying to hang MB out to dry all of you haters...Most of the Lexus models are based on the Toyota CAMRY platform and I don't hear any complaints...
May 21st, 2009 11:25pm
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