VIDEO: Saab Performance Team Shows Tricks Plus New 9-3X

Shows 9-3 Convertible driving on two wheels

Despite Saab's fall from grace and fact that their future is in doubt, the company has released a new video showing their performance driving team in action.

The footage was shot in northern Sweden and it starts out with a pair of 9-3's running through a snow covered course at a high rate of speed. The clip's climax comes at the halfway point as a 9-3 Convertible does an amazing stunt where the passenger side lifts up and the car continues to drive with only the driver side's two left wheels touching the ground. This is nothing terribly unusual for Saab's Performance Team, but it's one of the few times that the stunt has been preformed on a snow covered surface.

Fancy driving aside, the video's real purpose is to promote the brand's new 9-3X which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show later this week. Although the wagon is only shown for a few seconds, it does offer a glimpse of what the Audi A4 allroad competitor will feature in terms of capability and appearance.


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Damn you GM!!
Mar 3rd, 2009 12:17am
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afterace2 afterace2
Good to see them having fun considering the crisis they are in. BTW. it's a bit strange for me they haven't released a car of 9-3x's kind ever before, taking into account the Scandinavian climate, and how a car of this type fits there.
Mar 2nd, 2009 11:23pm
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