New VW Polo Revealed on Geneva Billboard Advertisement

New VW Polo on Geneva Billboard
New VW Polo on Geneva Billboard

Seen here for the first time is an image of the brand new upcoming Volkswagen Polo. A billboard poster advertising the new 5-door car is plastered at the exhibition building of the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland. Later on in the year, probably in Frankfurt the 3-door model will be shown. A Polo GTI will follow in 2010 with a 170hp (125kW) TSI engine.

From the looks of it we can see the small VW has grown up a little bit in size. In fact the car is said to be 3.95 metres (155.5 inches) long compared to the 3.92 metres (154.3 inches) of the previous generation. Moreover the Polo is of higher quality and speculation is that it could even pass as a mini Audi. Thus competitors like the Ford Fiesta and Toyota Yaris may be left behind by the new DS3 from Citroen as far as classing the Polo goes.

Engines expected to make the cut are a new 1.6-litre TDI turbo diesel with 75hp (55kW), 90hp (66kW) or 105hp (77kW). There is also a petrol range which is quite familiar. The Polo will be installed with a 1.2-litre of 60hp (44kW) or 70hp (51kW). Stop/ start fuel-saving technology, Polo BlueMotion and the new 7-speed DSG transmission will be available for some models.

The new Volkswagen Polo range is scheduled to start selling by June this year at a price of around €14,000.


Published Mar 2nd, 2009 1:29pm By Thami Masemola

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Comments (4)

alessandro alessandro
Yes. Where A1 is?
Mar 3rd, 2009 2:19am
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122 122
Same platform as the next Audi A1?
Mar 2nd, 2009 9:33pm
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ShinyG ShinyG
Come on people, rumours about quality are lame! There's only one picture of the car, and already it's better in build quality than a Ford or Toyota!? The fact that the Citroen DS3 could be it's only competitor is also a wild guess... The only good thing I see in this car so far is the fact they ditched that awful 3 cylinder 1.4 TDI. That was probably one of the worst engines of the last decade when comfort is concerned. It had the combined rattle of the usual 3 cylinder engine and the shaky nature of the injector-pump Bosch TDI system that people "loved" so much. Good to see VW going for a more stable 4 cylinder setup for their small diesels.
Mar 2nd, 2009 7:53pm
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tom43 tom43
Concerning the lousy interior quality of the Toyota Yaris it should be no problem to predict the higher quality of the VW... ;-)
Mar 2nd, 2009 7:59pm
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