BYD present F3 DM electric research vehicle in Geneva

F3 DM electric research vehicle
F3 DM electric research vehicle / BYD

BYD to be number 1 in China by 2015

 BYD is mostly unheard of in the Western World. Those of you who are not directly involved in automotive engineering industry may have only heard of them if you take a look at your Asian stocks and shares portfolio. BYD are a China based Automotive Manufacturing Company that has grown from its birth in 1995 from only having 20 staff to a rather colossal 120,000 staff. Expansion like this has led BYD to be a leading performer on the Hong Kong stock market.

They produce the compact F3 and mid size F6 vehicles and have sold over 100,000 units throughout Asia and the Middle East. China based vehicle manufacturers still have a long way to go before they can compete with western products in terms of quality and engineering integrity. However with western automotive companies keen to develop partnerships with Chinese companies it is only a matter of time before the Chinese Auto giants start to make in-roads into more developed markets.

When they do, BYD will be there. BYD currently has the capacity to produce over 300,000 vehicles per annum and they are also the world’s leading producer of rechargeable batteries. Point being they have huge resources to rely on and their involvement in the rechargeable battery industry has led them into developing hybrid and electric vehicles. This is a welcome development for pollution blighted China and an insight into BYD’s management and direction. The vehicle in the images is called the F3DM and runs a dual mode Hybrid system.

Possessing 6000 Research and Development staff alone, and holding more than a 1000 patents, BYD should be a name we will be hearing of a lot more in the future. Read on for more information on this company and its products.

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BYD is a major player in the manufacturing segment, although it is relatively young compared to others in the industry. Aggressive marketing and value have led BYD to be the new Asian Star in China which is listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Relying on our international background in quality, efficiency and positive customer feedback, through leadership and skilled labor, BYD AUTO has built a sizable share in the competitive auto industry. Factors that contribute to this success are: aggressive R&D, production efficiencies, world class tooling and sales centers continuing to drive record-breaking sales volumes.

Since its foundation in 1995, BYD has continued to take the lead in manufacturing by innovative technologies, production and quality. BYD is now the leading force in the IT Manufacturing and Auto industries.

BYD started producing batteries with 20 employees and RMB 2,500,000. From simple beginnings, BYD now employs 120,000. BYD is now a diversified manufacturer for IT components and auto. At present, BYD has grown to an estimated value of RMB 35 billion in just 12 years. BYD F3 has been sold over 100,000 units in the first 18 months after launch. With the tradition of BYD industry, the annual growth is over 70%.

In the IT industry, as a world leading EMS and ODM supplier, BYD has a high-level vertical supply chain and provides customers with comprehensive services such as product design, manufacturing, testing, assembly and after-sale product support of rechargeable batteries, mechanical parts and other components. So far, BYD has become the largest rechargeable battery provider world-widely. By means of its continuous innovative technology, R&D and services, today BYD supplies many standard components to most global IT giants. BYD products are used by 17% of the world’s population in their daily life. Further, 25% of the mobile phone world-wide are powered by BYD batteries.

BYD AUTO, a subsidiary of BYD Group, came into existence in 2003 when BYD Group acquired the Tsinchuan Automobile Company, which had a history of several decades. Inheriting quality car manufacturing from the former Tsinchuan Automobile Company, and combining the first-class technology of BYD IT with electronic equipment manufacturing, BYD AUTO has become a world-class automotive manufacturer. BYD AUTO currently has two automotive manufacturing


plants in Xi’an and in Shenzhen respectively, one high-class R&D and testing center in Xi’an and in Shenzhen respectively, one high-class R&D and testing center in Shanghai, and one mould plant in Beijing, which is reputed to be one of the largest and most advanced mould plants in China and supplies moulds for many international auto brands. BYD AUTO possesses advanced automotive production lines with annual capacity of 300,000 units. Its products cover a full series ranging from 800cc to 2400cc gasoline powered vehicles to Hybrid, Dual Mode and Pure Electric Vehicles. Vehicle production and sales have grown exponentially in recent years.

Also, BYD AUTO has its own innovative and effective operation mode on product design, parts manufacturing, testing, marketing and after-sale services, which collectively contribute to the fast development of automotive manufacturing and high level customer satisfaction. Owing to its high tech automotive production, high level mould design, strong manufacturing ability and transcendental “household service” mode, BYD AUTO has grown to be one of the most innovative brands in China. Especially, BYD AUTO aims to be the No.1 automotive manufacturer in China by 2015. BYD AUTO expects its most frequently mentioned and highly exciting Dual Mode EV and Pure EV to lead the way to international prominence. The Pure EV has household plug-in capability while the Dual Mode EV can freely switch between pure electric mode and hybrid power mode. These two vehicles demonstrate that BYD AUTO has realized the integration of energy economy, environmental friendliness, efficiency and convenience.

“Technology-Based and Innovation-Oriented”, BYD has the R&D team of more than 6,000 employees, with over 1,000 applied patents every year. The powerful R&D capabilities, leading technology and large pool of low cost, highly-skilled engineering talents in China secure a growing leadership position in the world. The R&D center focuses on developing new products of global competitiveness and cultivating excellent technology talents. Its basic research involves many fields including materials, surface treatment and modern auto technology. The BYD Telecom & Electronics Institute engages in the research of a wide range of telecom technologies, such as 2G-4G communication technology, blue tooth, Wi-Fi, acoustics, antenna and auto electronics, etc.

The BYD AUTO Engineering Research Institute establishes the quality standard of systematic auto design and the standard of development process, and gradually builds the technology development platform perfectly, combining international trend with its own characteristics. The BYD AUTO Testing Center, which is one of the top class auto testing centers in China, owns 40 laboratories of the integrated auto testing system, such as road simulation laboratory and finished vehicle collision laboratory, where each car is strictly tested in the simulated environment before hitting the market, so as

to ensure high safety and performance standards. Globally in the America, Europe, Hungary, Romania, Japan, Korea and India etc., BYD provides reliable products and maximizes its brand value together with the customer value. In the global capital market, BYD has been a reliable choice for many international blue-chip funds and constantly rewarded its investors with abundant value.

Carrying on the core corporate culture of “equality, factuality, passion, and innovation”, BYD shares its prosperity with all of its employees. Based on the innovative technology, BYD has always devoted itself to being environmental friendly within a sustainable development strategy. BYD is becoming a leading electric car manufacturer in the world, which aims to create a healthy and colorful life for its employees.

BYD, a prominent corporation, takes service as the core of its corporate culture, keeps creating more “customer value”, and insists on this goal as the core of group business. BYD is characterized by its passionate professional team, which pursues the highest customer satisfaction at all times. Currently in the process of integration of all brands of vehicles, BYD constantly surpasses itself, and maintains the competitive advantage of services.

With aspirations to be a major international enterprise, BYD will realize its dream accompanying its global partners.

BYD! Build Your Dreams……


Data shows that exhaust emission of automobile is the major source of air pollution. Faced with huge pressure of energy resources shortage and environmental deterioration, automobile industry has to seek constant development. Therefore, the development of energy-saving and environmental friendly hybrid electric vehicles - HEV, is becoming an important direction and inevitable choice of technical innovation and sustainable development of worldwide automobile industry.

Since the beginning of its establishment, BYD has enhanced and improved the technology of rechargeable battery during 13 years. Meanwhile, BYD applies itself to the research and applications of electric vehicle battery. Integrating world leading technology of rechargeable battery, whole vehicle production as well as its core components, BYD takes the lead in the field of electric vehicle research and development in China. During this period, its electric car series, Flyer BEV, ET Power, F3e and all that, fully demonstrate its achievement in the area of electric vehicle.

BYD Electric Vehicle Project Department was founded in 2002. Hundreds of scientific experts commenced the R&D of pure electric passenger car.

In 2003, the successful trial-manufactured Flyer BEV, a pure electric vehicle interface with BYD Flyer brushless DC electromotor and Li-ion battery established the milestone in the development of BYD electric vehicle. In the same year, BYD AUTO finished the assembly of EF3 (electric taxi) on the basis of BYD 316. Meanwhile in Oct. 2004, the range of EF3 with PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) first time surpassed 350 Km and its top speed reached 120km/h.

In the same period, the second generation of BYD electric concept car, ET Power, got a very special and impressive premiere in 2004 China Hi-tech Fair. Integrating world leading auto technology, ET-Power adopted advanced design, such as independent

four-wheel-drive with four hub motor, double wishbone independent suspension, wire steering systems, aluminum alloy frame, bisected door and non-B column body, which demonstrate BYD R&D capability in EV.

In January 2006, BYD established its Electric Vehicle Institute, which focused on not only the R&D of pure electric passenger car, but also new energy vehicle like hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). F3e was researched and developed successfully in July 2006, equipped with BYD updated and advanced Fe battery with range of 300 km. Meanwhile, Fe battery is characterized by its high safety with only monomer voltage 3.3V. In the car crash accident causing burning or even puncturing of battery, Fe battery keeps safe with no explosion. Furthermore, its cycle life reaches 2000 times/600,000km.

Currently, BYD exerts itself to its unparalleled advantage of rechargeable batteries on the basis of analyzing the current situation and market demands of both domestic and international EV technology. Meanwhile, BYD keeps accumulating automotive vehicle parts and components technologies, focusing on the R&D of DM (dual mode) electric vehicle and PEV (pure electric vehicle).

BYD DM electric vehicle incorporates pure electric driving system and hybrid electric driving system. DM system integrates advanced generator and motor controlling technology, which brings both lower fuel consumption and emission and higher performance in power and drive. It realizes multiple energy supply via both recharging and refueling, which is a real dual mode hybrid system. If we call the pure electric driving system as EV and the hybrid electric system as HEV, then BYD DM is “EV+HEV”. This system will take place of the conventional hybrid system, and become the most popular hybrid vehicle system in the world.

BHS (BYD Hybrid System) is an advanced technology integrating generator and motor control. Charging technology and facility construction of charging station and charging

pole using household 220V AC outlet provide a flexible power refilling solution of both refueling and recharging, which makes it a real dual mode hybrid system. Based on the technology of the gasoline cars like F3, the new hybrid Electric vehicle—F3DM is successfully assembled by employing the self-developed core hybrid power system in 2007. Applying the self-researched L3 1.0L engine, PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) and the Fe battery, and in conformity with the hybrid power system BHS and the manufacture technology of F3, DM is seen as the top-ranking new hybrid in the world. With enhanced power offered by electromotor, the electromotor of DM holds a max torque of 400N.m, and with a large capacity Fe battery, DM can be purely driven by electromotor for 110 km, which is truly zero emission.

Up to 28th, June 2007, BYD AUTO EV Research Institute has got 86 national patents and constituted 174 enterprise standards. It’s incredible that during only 5 years BYD AUTO made a brilliant achievement in EV research and development.

Nowadays, environmental pollution on the appeal is growing in many countries. BYD Group is committed to environmental protection and sustainable development, with IT and automotive industries platform advantages, vertical integration of effective resources. In the field of energy-saving, environmental-friendly vehicles R&D, BYD Group is increasing highlighting its strong advantages of technology and industrialization.

BYD has already been on the stage of low-cost EV manufacture, aiming at our EV strategic markets, Europe. Also BYD is committed to supporting for the environment protection together with European customers. Additionally, we still continue our efforts striving for the stability and sustainable development of the whole society.


BYD always sees responsibility of environment protection as a critical factor in its long-term success. Due to the shortage of energy resources and relative traffic congestion, thousands of BYD engineers took three years to elaborate the strategic model, F1.

F1 is brimful of premium fashion features. Its dynamic shining exterior and warm dark inner decoration are specially designed for new generation. Also with the high quality installation and BYD excellent cost control system, it would be a cool model with best value for money.

Dynamic exterior & human-oriented interior
Smiling front face, vivid headlights and fluent side lines make F1 full of animation. Additionally, it is comfortable and humanized in the design of interior. The white LED index adopted in the combination instrument and the blue backlight illustrate the all-day-long clear identifiability. The integrated rear seats can be completely put down to provide you with spacious room.

Drive & control with comfort
The mature Front McPherson type suspension, stabilizer bar structure, and rear torsion beam type suspension offer the drivers and passengers more comfort.

Eco-friendly power
F1 is equipped with a self-developed BYD371QA engine, which has a new generation small displacement yet high performance. It is characterized by strong power and low fuel consumption.


F3, the first model of BYD AUTO, achieved great success in the global market whose sales volume reached 100,000 units in 18 months since its launch. Nowadays, BYD F3 is running on the road of Asia, CIS, Middle East and many other countries and regions of the world.

As a young player in the automotive industry, looking through the hundred years’ history, BYD AUTO senior management team and the AUTO R&D Center determined to develop a product combined with the most popular factors of the world auto market. The high level engineers and BYD strong technology and capital background assure to finally create the self-developed F3 with reliable quality and elegant sense.

Fashionable elements & perfect integration
Perfect design creates premium performance. This perfect design has exceptional reliability and elegant style.

Human-oriented equipments, powerful engine
Ergonomically oriented equipment coupled with a Mitsubishi engine that is designed for easy handling and the ultimate driving experience. The engine combines MVV technology with ECU ensuring the F3 with fuel efficiency stomach.

Complete safety security
Safety cage construction aligns the latest in steel technology with strengthened armor plating. The braking system allows for control and safety with the added protection of the SRS air-bag and the ABS and EBD system provides navigational safety for the driver

Excellent quality & untiring pursue
Inherited the most advanced manufacture gene of the world, and engrafting international quality control system, F3 is absolutely a brand-new vehicle that owns the top-ranking quality.


Besides the advanced electric vehicle as a “core weapon”, its devotion to the “zero defects” passenger car and “careful and sincere service” is also a powerful engine to realize the dream of BYD AUTO. To achieve such a goal, becoming the No.1 automotive manufacturer in China by 2015, BYD AUTO developed F3R to continue the success of F3. Based on the platform of F3, F3R is created to bring the consumers extra-satisfaction.

Nowadays, hatchback is becoming a trend among young people and small scale family owing to its fuel economy and compact space. F3R complies with this trend and earns high reputation.

Environmental-friendly power
F3R adopted Mitsubishi Super 4G15S engine technology and the latest generation of the electronic EFI Management System of Delphi. Additional with perfect design from 3,000 engineers team, F3R well demonstrating high performance, low fuel consumption and low emission

Roomy interior
2600 mm wheelbase, comfortable interior space; 360 L extremely spacious trunk space

Spanish stamping equipment, high-rigidity body 3H, the overall seamless stamping side panel, and wide comfortable space


In the international market, BYD IT components and electronic components are prestigious in the high end market of the Europe and the United States owing to their high quality. In the automotive industry, BYD AUTO follows its experience of international quality control and progresses vigorously to make the excellent quality products. Backed up by more than 500 sales/service shops, it took 5 years for 5,000 engineers of BYD AUTO to do R&D, and after 50 crash tests and 500,000 kilometers road test, F6 finally presented itself as an excellent model in D segment.

As a surprise to the audience upon its debut, honored “The Best New Car” in the Shanghai International Auto Show, and “the gold prize” in the Industrial Appearance Design of China, F6 has been well evaluated and highly appraised by the industrial experts.

Luxurious design and superior strength
The main design style of F6 is pursuing the Chinese traditional standard of beauty and elegance, which is also in harmony with the fashionable elements in nowadays’ automotive design. Exterior body design includes the popular U shape front with aerodynamic styling.

Brand new engine allows you to drive powerfully and safely
F6 (2.0 L) holds a BIVT variable intake system engine—BYD483QB, which was self-developed by BYD, and a 5-gear manual transmission; while F6 (2.4 L) holds the most latest 4G69 engine using the top MIVEC technology designed by Mitsubishi, and a tiptronic transmission originally imported from Japan. No matter what kind of transmission you choose, the world will run after you.

Drive & control with freedom
The front double wishbone independent suspension and the rear 5-link double wishbone independent suspension make the acceleration and braking more smooth; the chassis and transmission system match with each other perfectly, and servo-braking power steering system makes you control the car more conveniently and freely.


Top & impeccable system specifications
There are many luxuries adopted in F6, such as adjustable steering wheel, high-fidelity 6 loudspeakers multimedia entertainment system, GPS, reversing radar,
dual zone independent control air-conditioner, etc. All these humanization design takes the drivers’ satisfaction and enjoyment into consideration.

All-aspect safety protection
The 3H high-strength body and unitarily pressed body side compose the whole safety system. The four-wheel disc brakes, four safety air bags and the ABS and EBD matched by Bosch Company can ensure your drive safety.

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