Fioravanti Celebrates its 20th Anniversary With the Hidra

Fioravanti Hidra in Geneva
Fioravanti Hidra in Geneva

Concept will appear in Geneva

Last year, Fioravanti has presented the Thalia Concept at last year’s edition of the Geneva Motor Show. It was basically a five-door coupe that aimed to propose a new way to store alternative sources of energy. For 2008, the year in which Fioravanti completes 20 years of activities, Geneva will witness the appearance of the Hidra Concept, basically a five-door coupe that aims to propose a new way to store alternative sources of energy. We know that “déjà vu” is a French expression, but it will suit the Italian design studio just fine. Apart from the different tops, Thalia and Hidra look exactly the same. Maybe this is because the official press release is not in Fioravanti’s site so far (anyone willing to get more information could solve the problem with Thalia’ pictures and information).

Since we have mentioned info (technical specs, engines etc.), we are sorry to say there is none besides what VirtualCar.it and CarBodyDesign.com have brought us: the car will present revolutionary solutions for glass surfaces and will be an MPC (Multi Purpose Coupe). More information on the vehicle will only be released at the Geneva Motor Show.
Published Feb 22nd, 2008 7:40am By Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

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Comments (2)

xLumino xLumino
Yes, that's an very postmodern design. The ideas for some shapes are so impressive. I want to see it on the road.
Feb 24th, 2008 2:02am
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Alfafox5 Alfafox5
Rarely do we see such forward looking lines, elegant simplicity, and dynamic proportions. Some may not like wagons or anything like them, I however am a fan. What strikes me about this design is that while many cars try very hard to look futuristic, this design does it effortlessly. The floating surfaces, the open space, the blackout design, and minimal cut lines all lend themselves to a strong form that will age well. It would be great to see such a modern tourer on the road, instead of so many beefed up, wagon/ute/SUV/crossover vehicles; many riddles with laborious kinks, pinches, curves, kickbacks, and swoops. Thank you Fioravanti for such a seamless design. Peace!
Feb 22nd, 2008 3:13pm
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