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Malaysian GTI breaks cover

Nazmizan Mohamad. Now there’s a quick Malaysian. Here’s another, the Proton Satria Neo R3. It’s one of 50 units made of the successor to the original 2004 R3 model that took Malaysia like a tsunami. Based on a normal Satria Neo, the R3 has gone through several adjustments which see its power hiked to 100kW/ 135 bhp and torque increased to 164Nm. Achieved by a 1.6-litre engine of normal aspiration, these power numbers are not too bad considering what 1600 cc will get you these days. It would suffer at high altitude cities like Johannesburg and Colorado though. Proton themselves admit to not going after power output, but rather their focus is on dynamic handling where drivers can enjoy a “controlled yet exciting driving experience.”

For Race, Rally, Research, or R3, Incognito Black is the body colour. Don’t ask me why, because as far as keeping what cheating folk would describe as a “discrete profile” goes, this R3 just ain’t crackin’ it. How could it, with those 17-inch tyres, a powerful body kit, Recaro bucket seats, MOMO steering wheel and other special distinguishers?

For the driver’s benefit, upgrades in the lowered suspension and upgraded braking system underpin the “fun” elements of the R3.

At only RM71,000.00 (€15,000) per car, it shouldn’t take too long to cover the next batch of 10 after the first has been snapped up by R3 enthusiasts.

Thanks to Paul for the tip and Zerotohundred.com for the pic.


Source: Proton via Paultan.org
Published Feb 19th, 2008 3:32am By Thami Masemola


Taking an existing stunner one step beyond, PROTON recently introduced into the market limited units of its performance-engineered Satria Neo R3.

Developed by PROTON’s motorsports division – Race Rally Research or R3 – the Satria Neo R3 is street-legal track thoroughbred that is aimed to capture the hearts of motorsports and performance car enthusiasts.

The car is the second successive performance-enhanced model to be introduced by PROTON following the introduction of 150 units of the highly regarded 1.8-litre Satria R3 in 2004. Like the original Satria R3, the new model starts out life as a standard production vehicle and wheeled into R3’s production facility where they are transformed by hand into the Satria Neo R3. Dynamic ability is the focus with any R3-badged vehicle and not outright horsepower. The vehicles are engineered to give the driver a controlled yet exciting driving experience.

The first Satria Neo R3 was recently delivered to its first owner, Japanese expatriate, Hidekazu Misawa at a brief ceremony at the PROTON Centre of Excellence. “I was drawn to this car by its unique blend of performance and style” said Hidekazu Misawa. “I will be bringing it back with me to Japan” he added.

The car is priced at RM71,000.00.

“The Neo R3 project was given the go ahead following the amount of buzz the original Satria R3 had generated,” said Tengku Djan Ley Tengku Mahaleel, head of PROTON’s motorsports division.

“The original project was overwhelmingly successful in that it had not only elevated PROTON into the league of manufacturers capable of offering performance-enhanced cars but had equally over the years developed a loyal and growing following for the R3 brand.

“This was achieved by successfully developing not only a complete vehicle, but a comprehensive range of performance packages and components for the entire range of Proton cars. As far as the local market is concerned, enthusiasts are well aware that if you drive an R3 vehicle, it has to be something special.”

Although based on the Satria Neo, that’s as far as the similarities go in the R3 variant, like its predecessor and as Tengku Djan Ley outlined. Significant differences to both on the exterior and interior give the Satria Neo R3 its own distinct personality.

The Satria Neo R3 retains the 1600cc CAMPRO engine but enjoys significant gains from a freer flowing but still JPJ compliant exhaust system and an altered mapping system that gives it a maximum power of 100kw (135 bhp) at 6100 rpm with a maximum torque of 164Nm at 4200rpm.

The Satria Neo R3 also benefits from a suspension and braking system upgrade. Uprated springs reduces roll and significantly lowers the vehicle. The brakes feature uprated disc and pads on the fronts. The car also comes equipped with 17” inch Enkei wheels wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza RE001 205/40R 17 tyres.

Featuring an aggressive looking all-round 5 piece body-kit, the Satria Neo R3 is easily distinguished by its trademark Incognito Black body colour with the signature “blood” stripe running along the side from the front to the rear.

Inside, the car benefits from the signature R3 black and red interior. It is equipped with adjustable Recaro SR4 bucket seats, a three-spoke MOMO Tuner steering wheel, aluminium steering wheel spacer, gear knob, floor mat and red seat belts.

The engine bay is spruced up with an Aluminum cam valley cover, Alloy Oil Cap and Brake Master cylinder alloy cap.

Like its predecessor, only limited units of the Satria Neo R3 will be built. The first 10 are gone and the second batch of 10 units is already spoken for with a limited production run of 50 planned.

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abugatti abugatti
Feb 19th, 2008 7:34pm
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badrul987 badrul987
dont forget that the old n mighty Satria GTi is a scaring cult on Aussie Production Car Tour 2003/04. they had outclassed those v8s n others. the R3s have more, not only performance, but those lovely handling n suspension will make u'll think it again on that laugh. Race Rally Research, They had defined the limit, and still......
Jun 21st, 2008 1:59am
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