Nissan Tiida Facelift Revealed

2008 Nissan Tiida Facelift
2008 Nissan Tiida Facelift

Also for Nissan Tiida Latio

Also for Nissan Tiida Latio

The Nissan Tiida has been around since 2004 in Japan, and in select European countries since 2007. Today Nissan revealed their new facelifted Nissan Tiida and Tiida Latio.

The 5-door hatchback Tiida and 4-door sedan Tiida Latio have been enhanced with some key changes including new exterior features and interior designs, retuned power steering, powertrain enhancements and a new Plus navi HDD package.

The exterior features a new grille, front bumper, headlamps, taillights, rear bumper and new wheel covers. Inside you find a more modern look as well as better visibility and usability, new instrument cluster design and metallic-finish dash panels.

Under the hood sits a 1.5 liter 4-cylinder or 1.8 liter engine, of which the larger can be coupled to a 6-speed manual transmission. There are also two optional dealer packages available, namely the new Nismo S-tune Aero Package and Nismo Performance Package which really put some 'umph' into the hatch or sedan.

Prices range from 1,323,000 yen (8,5000 Euro) to 1,827,000 yen (11,500 Euro) for the Nissan Tiida Latio sedan and 1,459,500 yen (9,250 Euro) to 1,795, 500 yen (11,300 Euro) for the Tiida hatchback and they have gone on sale in Japan today.

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Published Jan 28th, 2008 5:04pm By Frank de Leeuw van Weenen
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Nissan Releases New Tiida and Tiida Latio Compact Vehicles

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced the sales launch of the new Tiida 5-door hatchback and Tiida Latio 4-door sedan at dealers across Japan.

Since their debut in 2004, the Tiida and Tiida Latio have exceeded customer expectations for compact vehicles – offering a premium-quality, roomy interior and outstanding fuel economy and performance. For 2008, both vehicles have been enhanced inside and out. Key changes include new exterior and interior designs, retuned electric power steering, powertrain enhancements and a new "Plus navi HDD" package, among other improvements.

Modern and Dynamic Exterior Styling
Both Tiida and Tiida Latio feature all-new front-end designs, with new grilles, front bumpers and headlights, which impart a feeling of dynamic modern performance. Tiida also features new taillights and a rear bumper for a more substantial look, and all Tiidas and Tiida Latios feature new wheel cover designs.

Eight exterior colors are available on Tiida, including titanium metallic Silky Beige, metallic Brilliant Silver, metallic Champagne Gold, and pearl metallic Pacific Blue. Tiida Latio offers seven color choices, including titanium metallic Silky Beige and metallic Brilliant Silver.

Revised, Roomy, Sporty Interior
The interiors of both the Tiida and Tiida Latio have been redesigned for a new, modern look, as well as increased usability and visibility. The new instrument cluster design features new illumination colors – changed to an orange hue – and a fuel consumption display function. New metallic-finish “dashboard paneling” is available on Tiida models.

The modern look continues with a revised center stack with redesigned automatic air-conditioner controls and new illumination scheme, as well as new silver finishers (available on 18G, 15G, 15M and 15M FOUR models). Additionally, seat fabrics have been changed on 18G and 15G models, while new seat fabric patterns and stitching colors are available on 15M and 15M FOUR. Stitching color changes also apply to Tiida 18G, 15G, 15M and 15M FOUR models and Tiida Latio 18G and 15G models with a black interior.

Powertrain Enhancements
The new Tiida and Tiida Latio models each receive a variety of powertrain enhancements, including the new availability of a 6-speed manual transmission on 1.8-liter models for a sportier driving experience. The electric-assisted power steering system has been retuned for improved feel at low and high speeds.

Additionally, 2WD models with the HR15DE 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and XTRONIC continuously variable transmission (CVT) attain a fuel economy level 20% higher than Japan's 2010 fuel economy standards, thereby qualifying for the highest tax reduction*1 under the Green Tax program in Japan.

The HR15DE/XTRONIC CVT/2WD combination also features fuel economy figures that more closely match actual fuel consumption, based on tests conducted under the JCO8 test mode, recently adopted in Japan to simulate real-world driving conditions more accurately, as well as on conventional 10-15 test mode data. Also, this powertrain, under the JC08 test, attains SU-LEV certification levels by emitting 75% fewer nitrogen oxides (NOx) and non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC) than the levels required by Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations.

Special Tiida Packages
Tiida 15S and 15S FOUR models are available with a new, affordable “Plus navi HDD” package, which includes an exclusive HDD-based CARWINGS navigation system with a high-speed, large-capacity 30-gigabyte hard disk drive; steering-wheel-mounted switches for audio controls and hands-free phone; a front center armrest with console storage box; rear seat cupholders; fully automatic air conditioning system; and chrome-plated waistline molding.

The new Tiida is also available with two optional dealer packages – a “NISMO S-tune Aero Package” and a “NISMO S-tune Performance Package” for further fine-tuning of the vehicle’s aerodynamics and driving performance. Individual NISMO components are also available separately.

Pricing and Sales Targets

Pricing Range

Sales Target


1,459,500 yen to 1,795, 500 yen
(including consumption tax)

2,500 units/month

Tiida Latio

1,323,000 yen to 1,827,000 yen
(including consumption tax)

1,800 units/month

*1 The Tiida 15G and 15M and the Tiida Latio 15G, 15M and 15B (CVT model) achieve fuel economy 20% higher than Japan's 2010 fuel economy standards and are certified as Super Ultra-Low Emission Vehicles (SU-LEVs) because their exhaust emissions are 75% lower than the levels required by Japan's 2005 exhaust emission regulations. Therefore, they qualify for a total tax reduction of 32,000 yen under the Green Tax program in Japan. This tax reduction applies to vehicles registered by March 31, 2008.

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firedog25 firedog25
Yep, it's a Versa (U.S. market). This is a great little car, deceptively roomy inside. It does carry that Hippo on Rollerskates appearance, but the interior is a very efficient use of space. The rear seats being particularly impressive for it's size. I'm 5'9" and 200lbs. I sat very comfortably in the rear seats even with the front seat in the full rearward position. Fold the seats down and the rear hatch becomes absolutely enormous. This has been selling very well where I live in California. Thankfully it has been spared the tasteless aftermarket abuse that other compact cars have suffered. I have yet to see a Versa adorned with the latest Black Widow Shogun Supermonkey body kit. I have yet to drive it though, maybe when I take my Titan in for it's next service I'll con a drive.
Feb 4th, 2008 3:28am
0 0
unknownuser unknownuser
ITS A VERSA!!!!!!!?????
Jan 30th, 2008 1:24am
0 0
Pentium Pentium
yeah it's a cool small car...!
Jan 29th, 2008 11:18pm
0 0
hay_kay88 hay_kay88
Tiida is very beautiful,sporty,&family car
Jan 29th, 2008 6:59pm
0 0
Get_real Get_real
Jan 28th, 2008 10:59pm
0 0
unknownuser unknownuser
Jan 28th, 2008 10:47pm
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