Volkswagen Tiguan R Line at Essen

Volkswagen Tiguan R Line
Volkswagen Tiguan R Line

R for sportiness

R for sportiness

Last year at the Essen Motor Show Volkswagen debuted its R Line range for the Volkswagen Golf, Touran, Passat and Touareg. From this year's show onward the Tiguan can be beefed up with its own R Line package.

The R badge was initially meant only for the VW high-performance cars (Golf R32, Passat R36), but seeing as car-tuning is all the rage these days and how the Audi S line is so succesful Volkswagen has followed suit. The R Line packages allow customers to adorn their VW's with a sporty interior and exterior, independanly from what engine you have under the hood.

Official information has not been released yet, so stay tuned for the Essen press day on Friday for more.

Source: Volkswagen AG
Published Nov 27th, 2007 2:41pm By Frank de Leeuw van Weenen
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Comments (4)

Diesel_Joe Diesel_Joe
IF it hits our shores with a TDI Im buying one. If not, Im not.
Jan 23rd, 2008 4:15am
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joelynn joelynn
to me white still seems rather tacky 80's especially on bodykitted cars Tickford Lagonda anyone? Might be popular in UAE but I expect their tastes have moved on too. In black though.... now that's a different story
Nov 29th, 2007 8:16am
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sleek interior packaging , bravo , VW ! are you also coming up with a 3dr , 3.6liter , 6 pot 300hp turbodiesel engine upgrade ? you'll gonna have a beeline towards dealers, guaranteed !
Nov 29th, 2007 1:25am
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brunovanaken brunovanaken
Even in the R line accessoires they do not offer a proper typical VW brand front chrome grille. Quite mysterious... it seems that the Tiguan design was frozen before the new Passat and before the facelifted Golf, Polo, Touran an Touareg. They all have chrome grille and some of them led rear lights. So I suppose a facelift for the new "not yet available" Tiguan isn't far away then...
Nov 28th, 2007 9:56pm
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